2019 Geko Trophy Seedings

1        I McDougal                                                22      G Phillips

2        B Rawle                                            23      C Curd

3        P Ellen                                              24      T Hoiles

4        B Reid                                               25      S Bambury

5        R Bates                                             26      B Layfield

6        J Stiles                                              27      M Bawden

7        A Kirkpatrick                                    28      R Tucker

8        K Hardinge                                       29      P Murphy

9        P Fisher                                            30      P Metcalfe

10      G Williams                                        31      G Westerhof

11      S Maier                                             32      I Knights

12      G Brindley                                        33      P Wynn

13      R Maloney                                        34      C Taylor

14      S Sands                                             35      A Strain

15      T Dyet                                               36      J Ordish

16      N Tomaszewski                                 37      M Baker    

17      D Merrison                                       38      B Bonfield

18      P Gill                                                39      D Roberts

19      B Mace                                             40      P Eltham

20      P Toms                                             41      R Syphas

21      A Wilkins


In stroke play, a competitor waiting to play to the putting green dropped a ball on the fairway and struck it twice with his putter. What is the ruling?

A- The competitor incurs a penalty of two strokes.

B – The competitor incurs a penalty of four strokes.

C – There is no penalty.

Correct Answer A.

Explanation: A Player must not make a practice stroke during the play of a hole (Rule 7-2)


Minutes of the previous AGM meeting

Changes to last years minutes. ‘’Handicaps will be reset’’ and noted that Terry Clark is ‘’Match Secretary’’

With these changes they were signed off

Election of Officers 

The following officers were elected.

Cliff Davies                 Captain

Richard Tucker            Vice Captain

John Ordish                  Secretary

Peter Ellen                     Treasurer  (voted in )

Bill Baker                     Competitions Secretary  (voted in )

Laurence Waters          Away day Secretary

Ray Duckett                 Handicap Secretary

Terry Clark                  Match secretary

Captain  Explained the set of non-voting members of the Committee

Budget Status  

Peter Ellen

Peter presented the accounts and a copy was distributed. They were audited and approved by Dave Wanless who was thanked by the members.

The financial year would be from 1st January 2018.

There were 80 members with 40-45 members playing each week

There was considerable discussion regarding the reporting of the accounts. These comments were noted with possible changes for 2018.

Our expenditure was in excess of income. We would need to improve our income for 2018

The meeting voted to accept the finances. This was carried.

Peter was thanked for all his work during the year.


A full list of the proposals submitted and their outcomes is given in appendix 1 below

Colin Pedley.

The results of the Colin Pedley competition were then announced

Winner Tim Hoiles

Nearest pin   Ray Duckett

Longest Drive Dave Merrison

Nearest in two Brian Rawle.

Lawence asked who Colin Pedley was. He was an Oxford Don and Minister. He played golf with the Seniors.

Captains Report

Gordon reported that we had 46 weeks of roll ups, with an average of 44 members taking part and one week of 58 players.

It had been a good year although there were problems with the mid monthly medal matches.

There were also still some problems with the club house.

Go5rdon made a presentation to Natali and thanked her for all the hard work she had put in.

Gordon also thanked The Committee with special thanks to Richard.

It was also hope that more people would come to social events during the coming year.

Finally, Gordon wished Cliff all the best for 2018 and wished everyone a happy Christmas.

Cliff then presented Gordon with the Captains salver.

The meeting then closed.

Appendix 1

Summary of outcomes of the resolutions at the AGM 2017

Please note the resolutions have been abbreviated for this summary.

  • To set up a small group not meet to make recommendations to the Committee to enable to speed up the typical 18 hole round. (Proposer Greg Phllips/Seconder Jerry Senior)

         Resolution passed

  • That the section of the computer system that generates tee times for players should be abandoned to be replaced by a card based system (Barrie Layfield/Phil Toms)

Resolution Lost

  • That the Eclectic series be based on Seniors Handicaps as of 1st January and not subject to change

(Glynn Williams/Steve Maier)

Resolution Lost

  • Seniors handicaps are not reset at the end of the calendar year but roll over year on year

(Cliff Davies/Bill Baker)

Resolution Passed

  • Do we keep the Open or change to a Seniors Championship over 2 rounds

(Bill Baker/Richard Tucker)


  • Amendment/counterproposal : That the Committee explore the possible introduction of a Seniors Championship.


Signed :                                                                     Date :


Awayday to be held at Oxford Golf Club,Hill Top Road,Oxford.OX4 1PF. Date : Wednesday 24th April 2019


First                              Peter Ellen

Second                        Roger Bates

Third                            Glyn Williams

Nearest the pin        Richard Tucker

Longest Drive            Brian Reid


Format for the 2019 Eclectic Trophy

The format for this year’s Eclectic is to be played over a maximum of 6 rounds and will take place from April to September (inclusive) giving players the  total flexibility to play each round when it is convenient for them.


  1. All players must be paid up members of  Carswell Seniors Golf Club.
  2. Before taking part in the competition all those wishing to play must register with the Competitions secretary with a one off £2 payment.
  3. The format is stableford and played using Seniors Handicap.
  4. All players must register in the pro shop prior to playing any round of the Eclectic and ensure completed cards are returned to the pro shop.
  5. All players must be accompanied by a member of Carswell Golf Club who will mark and sign their cards.
  6. As to ensure all rounds are equal, all players must play off the yellow plates and not the tees of the day. (This has already been agreed with the ground staff)
  7. All players shall Putt Out, unless they cannot score.
  8. If any of the main greens are closed the round is cancelled and be replayed.
  9. Should a player register to play a round and not return their card then the round will still be counted as one of their six.
  10. No card will be accepted if a player fails to register their intention to play an Eclectic round.
  11. Cards will be collected on a regular basis.

Roll Up Roundup – 8th January 2019

Here we go again, the start of a new year’s golf, the signup yesterday resembled passport control the day after we leave the EU. (providing we leave that is).

Apologies for the delayed start, the reason for this was that members were paying for the roll up and their annual subscriptions, 56 players turned up which obviously takes a little longer than usual, many thanks to Peter for managing the situation. 

Just a gentle reminder to those who have yet to pay their subscription for the year please do so a.s.a.p. also those wishing to take advantage of the golf insurance please contact Terry Clark.

The BorB on the 6th proved too difficult for all those who tried so better luck next week on the 8th

Some members may be unaware that Natali leaves us on Friday.  Over the past couple of years Natali has been instrumental in ensuring that the clubhouse kept functioning when Adrian left. I’m sure we all wish her the very best in her new position of deputy Manager at Mollies, try and come along on Friday and wish her well.

This week’s roll up results are:

1st           Chris Curd                           Mervyn Evans                   Martin Clark                       60.0

 2nd         Gordon Westerhof         Steven Sands                     Chris Smyth                        64.2

3rd           Tony Scrivens                    Peter Pitts                           Barrie Layfield                   64.9

Next weeks competition is individual stableford.

Roll Up Roundup – 4th December 2018

Hi Everyone

Evidently, when the sun was shining this morning you must have thought it was spring as 49-senior members braved a rather chilly start – although not necessarily from the correct tee!!!!!!!

As I’m sure that you missed them last week, a couple of announcements this:

  • The quiz night was a great success with some 58-guests wracking their brains over questions devoid of ‘soaps’, interspersed with a fine meal and the all-important Christmas Jumper competition – and did that produce some sights:


Carswell Quiz (4)

Who’s the chap in the garlic seller’s beret????


Many thanks to Richard for organising such an enjoyable evening, and Brian Reid’s team for winning the quiz – looking at his expression, do you think he knew something?

  • On a rather more serious topic, the closing date for your AGM proposals has now passed, and the agenda together with any proposals received will be posted on the seniors’ website & notice board on/before 15th Remember, the AGM will follow the first roll-up of 2019 on 8th January, and there will be an optional buffet-lunch available at an extra cost of £8, and finally for now:
  • Good news for some of you as the committee have decided that the Eclectic should be restructured for next year in an endeavour to accommodate more team-games during the summer months, more on this in the weeks to come.

As the expression [nearly] goes, you are waiting weeks for a BoB winner, and then several come along – well two anyway.   Yes, we had another winner this week when Ian Nights produced a blinder on the 17th, meaning that we start again [again] next week, this time on the ever-popular fourth.   While in the roll-up it was another team game, Yellow Ball, the results of which were:


Yellow Ball
Position Name Net score
1st Rod Maloney 82 c/b
Peter Metcalfe 82 c/b
Dave Roberts 82 c/b
2nd Graham Brindley 82 c/b
Brian Rawle 82 c/b
David Stroud 82 c/b
3rd Gordon Blake 81 c/b
Peter Ellen 81 c/b
Alan Wilkins 81 c/b


Congratulations to this week’s winners.

Next week as a warn-up to the Colin Pedley we have another Individual Stableford, and if the forecast is to be believed, it will be sunny but chilly with light winds, I expect to see you in droves.

Talking of the ‘Pedley’, the cut-off date for entries is 11th, so if you don’t want to miss the action and/or the lunch and the all-important annual presentation of awards that follows, either come along to next week’s roll-up and register or get in touch with one of the committee – cost of entry is just £10 to include your golf, lunch & presentation.

All the best.



The Seniors have a camera.

What is it? It is a Panasonic Lumix DMC -TZ80. It is a point and shoot camera with a Leica 30x Optical Zoom and 18.1 megapixel resolution. It cost £229 – for the careful spenders this amounts to around 60p per year per member over 5 years.

Why was it bought? To allow the website to carry high resolution pictures. The website was created for free, saving an estimated £600, and requires in the region of 2 hours per week upkeep. The website works better with pictures of a good quality and size. The Committee thought it unreasonable to expect the website manager to continue using his own camera at his own risk for this purpose.

Were there alternatives? The Panasonic is good value for money. Mobile Phone cameras have typically 60% of the resolution of the Panasonic and none of the flexibility of its zoom lens so were deemed not to be adequate for this purpose. In any event it is just as unreasonable to expect a club member to carry around his personal phone let alone his camera for this purpose.

Where is it kept? Currently it is retained by a Committee member.

(Posted 4th December 2018 amended 24th March 2019)

Roll Up Roundup – 27th November 2018

Hi Everyone

Despite the cold & windy start to the day 43 of you set out this morning, only for 9-players to call it a day when the rain set in – do we blame them, ugh, NO!!

A short & sweet report this week as with the Quiz Night a sell-out; the Pedley very well supported; as we are also about to close the book on proposals for the AGM, we have just about run out of appeals.

Instead a quick cartoon to brighten the page, and then it’s on to the results.

Ecstatic Golfer

Jerry when he thought he had the Bob


It has finally happened, we have a BoB winner – congratulations go to Nick Tomaszewski, but commiserations to Jerry Senior who barely missed an 8-footer.   Just so that you don’t geting too complacent, next week we progress to the 17th.

As for the roll-up, a high scoring game in both divisions despite the conditions, the results being:

    Individual Stableford    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Graham Brindley 15.5 45
1 2nd Tony Dyet 20.2 40 c/b
1 3rd Ray Duckett 8.8 40 c/b
1 4th Brian Mace 18.2 39 c/b
2 1st Phil Figgins 21.5 41 c/b
2 2nd Richard Dewar 25.9 41 c/b
2 3rd Tim Hoiles 21.1 39 c/b
2 4th Gordon Westerhof 25.7 39 c/b

Congratulations to Nick again, and to all our roll-up winners.

Next week we return to our bi-weekly team game that is becoming the norm for the winter months, this time it’s Yellow Ball.   As for the weather, a little warmer and breezy than this week, but with the possibility of a light [that’s what it says] shower – well come on, it will be December!!!!!

I look forward to seeing many of you on Friday at the Quiz-Night!!!!

Roll Up Roundup – 20th November 2018

Hi Chaps

Has winter arrived, or what!!!!   But despite the cold being exacerbated by a nasty wind, 46-hardy souls took to the course for this week’s team game – bravely done one and all.   But you’ve guessed, before the results it’s the announcements:

  1. Tickets for the Quiz-Night on 30th November are selling well, and it’s good to see some friendly rivalry showing through. To make the evening as inclusive as possible, we have now printed a few extra tickets to give even more of you the chance to join in the fun – don’t worry if you can’t field a team as we will combine like-minded singles & pairs on the night.

We are also still looking for a few extra festive raffle prizes to make what will be our only Christmas social evening a little extra-special, therefore any seasonal contributions you can make would be very much appreciated.

  1. There are still a couple of weeks remaining to enter for the Colin Pedley, and while Bill will continue to ‘mop-up’ the roll-up regulars, if you’re not a regular and haven’t signed up yet, you can always Email your interest.
  2. However, time is running out to make any proposals to the AGM as the cut-off date is 30th November, so if you consider that there are improvements that could be made you will need to submit them PDQ.

Turning to the results:

Still yet another arid week in the BoB, something to do with the conditions perhaps, so next week we will be making things easier by progressing to the 13th.   And while Richard’s not saying the pot is almost too large for the tin, if you should see a large black vehicle with the ‘Securicor’ logo on the side . . . . !!!!!

In what was a fairly high scoring team game, the results were:

  2’s & 3’s  
Position Name Net score
1st Rod Forder 96
  Dave Roberts 96
  Aurther Strain 96
2nd Peter Metcalfe 91
  Brian Ried 91
  Dave Wanless 91
3rd Phil Toms 89 c/b
  Richard Tucker 89 c/b

You’ll notice that in third place we had a pair, what a pair you say, but Phil has asked me to point out that his checking the score-cards had absolutely nothing to do with it!!!

More seriously, congratulations as ever to our winners, and next week you’re flying solo again with an individual stableford.   You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that while temperatures will be similar to this week, the winds will be lighter, and it shouldn’t be as overcast – but then again, what do I know?

Don’t forget those quiz tickets!!!!