Insurance Scheme 2019-20 carries on despite demise of Carswell Golf Club


Golfguard have said “Just to confirm that you are all still insured as you are covered for playing elsewhere.”

The Seniors Section entered into an agreement with Golfguard Limited to provide Group Liability Cover Insurance for the benefit of members to cover them from 1st April 2019 and lasting for a year.


 The premium was £4.

The summary of cover provided for insured members playing golf at any golf club in the UK and up to 120 days abroad is


1) Unlimited in respect of any one occurrence for bodily injury in respect of UK Road Traffic Act  Liability arising out of the use of a golf buggy hired from the Club whilst playing golf on a recognised golf course.

2) Up to £10,000,000 in respect of legal liability for bodily injury they cause to a third party or damage they cause to third party property while they are playing golf.

ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE Irrespective of legal liability insurers will pay up to £20,000 to make good damage to third party property.

PERSONAL ACCIDENT Up to £15,000 in respect of Death, Loss of Limb(s) or Eye(s) or Permanent Total Disablement.

EMERGENCY DENTAL TREATMENT Reimbursement of emergency dental treatment costs resulting from an accident whilst playing golf up to £300.

CLUB SUBSCRIPTION REIMBURSEMENT Up to £1,000 following an accident whilst playing golf resulting in the insured being unable to play golf for more than 60 consecutive days.

HOLE IN ONE Reimbursement of bar bill incurred on day of achievement during an official medal or stableford competition up to £75.”

  • There is no excess on claims.
  • This insurance does not cover loss of equipment.  If you already have or would prefer more comprehensive insurance with Golfguard they will offer a £5 discount when you renew or take out that insurance.  Other insurers will probably not offer any discount
  • This scheme will not be available unless you have applied to join or renew before 1st March.  We want it to be a once a year job for the Committee. From then on new members to the Seniors will get the option of cover on membership renewal in the following year.
  • All who participate must understand it is their obligation to comply with the law and to inform Golfguard directly about any issues relating to the risk to be insured and/or any claim.  Other Seniors including the Committee are neither the agents of the insured person nor of Golfguard.
  • Participants must notify Golfguard and the Seniors Secretary of any claim straight away.
  • All who participate agree to absolve all other Seniors including the Committee for any negligence in administering the scheme. The Committee is doing this for your benefit and we don’t want to be sued because e.g. we are more useless than you thought and perhaps leave you off the list or mess up a claim.
  • The Committee agrees to administer this form of insurance for the benefit of members.  Golfguard offer incentives to encourage people to participate.  All such benefits, or a cash equivalent, if received by a Committee member will be paid into Senior’s funds.
  • We must have 30 participants or more for Golfguard to accept us on normal terms.  If because 29 or less people want to join or for any other reason the scheme does not take off anyone who has paid will have their money returned to them.

January 2019

Members who have paid:-

Full NamesDueDatePaid
Keith Arlott£422-Jan£4
Mark Baker£408-Jan£4
Stuart Bambury£415-Feb£4
Roger Bates£408-Jan£4
Maurice Bawden£408-Jan£4
Anthony Belcher£408-Jan£4
Richard Belcher£408-Jan£4
Ian Bensted£408-Jan£4
Michael Berry£408-Jan£4
Brian Bonfield£412-Feb£4
Richard Bramwell£408-Jan£4
Terry Clark£422-Jan£4
Martin Clark£408-Jan£4
Richard Dewar£408-Jan£4
Jeff Dixon£408-Jan£4
Anthony Dyet£408-Jan£4
Peter Ellen£408-Jan£4
Philip Eltham£408-Jan£4
Mervyn Emlyn Evans£408-Jan£4
Peter Fisher£409-Jan£4
Rodney Forder£422-Jan£4
Keith Hardinge£401-Mar£4
John Hill£426-Feb£4
Timothy Hoiles£415-Jan£4
Robert Howard£408-Jan£4
Chris Howard£415-Jan£4
Alan Kirkpatrick£415-Jan£4
Martin Kneafsey£401-Mar£4
Ian Arthur Knights£418-Jan£4
Denis Leen£408-Jan£4
Stephen Maier£429-Jan£4
Rod JD Maloney£408-Jan£4
Ian McDougal£401-Mar£4
Peter Murphy£418-Jan£4
Greg Phillips£429-Jan£4
Brian Rawle£408-Jan£4
Brian Reid£408-Jan£4
Stephen Sands£408-Jan£4
Jeremy Andrew Senior£408-Jan£4
Chris Smyth£408-Jan£4
Arthur Strain£408-Jan£4
Rowland Syphas£408-Jan£4
Colin Taylor£408-Jan£4
Nick Tomaszewski£415-Jan£4
Philip Toms£422-Jan£4
Richard Tucker£408-Jan£4
David Wanless£408-Jan£4
Laurence Waters£418-Jan£4
Gordon Westerhof£408-Jan£4
Alan Wilkins£408-Jan£4
Peter Wright£408-Jan£4
Paul Wynn£408-Jan£4
52 x £4 =£208

Ron Jones and Barrie Bunning have been added to the list.