Roll Up Roundup – 22nd May 2018

A very eventful day on Tuesday what with Gotzl & Geko matches teeing-off in the lead-up to the main event; the roll-up featuring the over 70’s & over 80’s Veterans’ Cup Competitions.

However, a more disconcerting matter to deal with first:   I was advised after the roll-up that a shot was fired into the [15th ?] green while a greenkeeper was working on it!   I would hope that the culprit was not a senior member, but if it was can I point out the obvious and say that this is not only discourteous but could be bloody dangerous, and as a minimum would ask that a full apology be made the greenkeeper in question.

Moving on to more pleasant news, the results:   There was no BoB winner this week, and so next week we progress to the 13th – now what could be easier than that!!!

As for the roll-up, the results were:

Individual Stableford incorporating Veterans’ Cups
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Roger Bates 12.0 39
1 2nd Bob Howard 18.0 37
1 3rd Ray Duckett 12.0 34 c/b
1 4th Stuart Bambury 19.0 34 c/b
2 1st Tim Hoiles 24.0 36
2 2nd Peter Metcalfe 22.0 35
2 3rd Arthur Strain 25.0 33
2 4th Laurence Waters 26.0 32 c/b

And the all-important [but yet to be ratified] Veterans Cup results were:   Over 70’s winner Roger Bates, and:   Over 80’ winner Doug Jackson.

Congratulations to all, but particularly Roger & Doug, and not forgetting Ken Beal who celebrates his 84th birthday today – Ken doesn’t win a trophy, but he was presented with a humungous slice of coffee cake instead!!!!!

I’m leaving the reminders for our forthcoming events for you to find on the website: but one brief appeal for raffle prizes to be used at the Seniors Open [5th July] and the BBQ [27th July] – anything expensive would do!

Next week it’s another qualifier, the second round of the Casuals & Division 1 Cups – i.e. club handicaps and full tee positions will apply, so best take it easy over the bank-holiday.

Enjoy the weekend.


Captain’s Newsletter – 15th May 2018

Hi everyone,

Judging by the lily-white legs which are appearing in ever greater numbers, the weather is obviously warming up, and long may it last – the weather that is.


Cliff Davies 003

Do we have a fun-packed [ish] newsletter to titillate you this month as a quick look at ‘Events’ will demonstrate, but first and foremost we welcome another new member to the Seniors’ section this month, namely, Phil Eltham.   Phil has been a club-member for some time but has now bravely decided to ‘come out’ as a senior!

The Course 1 – Management

Carole is gradually making her presence felt not only with new staff in the office & clubhouse that will improve the way the club operates, and improvements to the range to enhance the experience of those that ‘need the practice’, but with a whole host of ideas to make coming to the club a more worthwhile & enjoyable occasion.   After all, what could be more fun than spending a lovely sunny Saturday watching the latest Royal Wedding – OK, perhaps not the best example to give to a load of G.O.M.

Theft from lockers:     As you will have seen, we are almost there with the intended extra layer of security to the locker-rooms, and I am advised that this should be up & running within the next couple of weeks.


Richard has now firmed-up the arrangements for our first social event of 2018, a summer BBQ on Friday 27th July.   Natali & her team will be providing an even more succulent spread than usual, and the Swanny Lane Duo will provide entertainment guaranteed to get your feet [and any other parts of the anatomy that still work] tapping.   Doors open at 7:00pm, BBQ service at 7:30pm & Swanny’s first set is at 8:00pm – all this for just £13/person.   All club members & their guests are welcome and tickets are now on sale from the pro-shop, clubhouse & Carole’s office.   You will need your tickets with you on the day – the reason is in the number on the reverse side.

Cliff Davies 002

The Seniors Pairs Open:   This major competition in the Seniors calendar takes place on Thursday 5th July, but there are only a few weeks left now before entries close on 15th June.   As for entry conditions, the clue’s in the name but to remind you, the event is open to all male players with an active club handicap and over the age of 55 on/before 1st July.   There are sweep prizes galore [see entry form attached] and a light breakfast will be available before play, with a two-course meal to follow your round.   The entry fee is £17.50 inc, for Carswell members, and £27.50 for non-members.   Do enter as pairs if at all possible, but if not make your interest known and we will do our best to pair you up.

The Captains Cup:   Another major competition that’s just on the horizon this one taking place on 26th June.   A stroke-play format played off club handicap guarantees a value-for-money round – lots of strokes that is!   As you will need to register in advance, a sign-up sheet will appear on the seniors notice board shortly, and knowing Bill it’s probably there already.

Ongoing Competitions:

We are now well into the 1st round proper of the Gotzl & Geko competitions but a little rant if I may:   some members still fail to appreciate that all matches MUST be completed on/before the end of the month in order to maintain the flow of the competitions.   Therefore, if you cannot fit your match in by the due date, be prepared to forfeit the match or just toss a coin.

Having had another nonsense Tuesday where the mid-month medal encroached on the roll-up [or vice-versa depending on your outlook], to minimise the risk of a repetition we have agreed a procedure with the management/pro-shop that will apply for future rounds.   As the MMM is an all-day event other than the slot for the roll-up, all Players that wish to start before the roll-up are asked to pre-book a tee-time – but please note that the last pre-roll-up tee-time will be moved forward to 8:10am to ensure that we build in a buffer.   The first tee will then be freed-up ASAP thereafter and released back to the pro-shop for the MMM.

Branded shirts & jumpers:

This is rapidly becoming a soap opera, but at least the samples are now available for you to ‘feel the width’, and we would ask that if you haven’t already done so you try the samples on and confirm your size PDQ    Just to confuse things even more, Paul IS providing the option of a plain V-neck or a quarter zip-neck – the choice is yours, but unless you express a preference it is the less expensive V-neck that will be ordered.

Our Website

A feast of information on all the upcoming events can be found as ever on our website together with application forms for those events where one is required.   You can also find great photographs of the events already completed, and of course these are all tagged with Terry’s cryptic comments – talking of which, all libel suits to be sent directly to Terry please!!!

Another delight that you may have missed are the ‘Words of Wisdom’ pages, and there really are some gems to be found – e.g. “If you think that it’s hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball”.   Mess’rs Bambury & Bates are regular contributors so why not give them a little competition and give it a go yourself.

The Course 2 – Condition

Or ‘daisy, daisy, give me your answer do’.   One wag suggested bringing in kids from the local schools to make daisy-chains, but I think that even that would only scratch the surface.   Clearly the daisies are a major issue at the moment and unless some real money is spent, are likely to remain so for some time to come.   We are making representations, but will it do any good? – answers on a postcard, please1

Slow Play

As threatened we are reprising samples from Greg’s post-AGM proposals on slow-play, not least because the message doesn’t seem to last for very long – this month’s picks being:

  1. On the tee – ‘Go when ready’, this should always be the approach in the roll-up but do have the courtesy to tell your playing partners. The only real exception is [say] when playing in a match where protocol probably dictates otherwise – but still worth asking.
  2. On the fairway – If your playing partner loses his ball, where practical play your shot before going to help look for it – that way you can all move off when the lost ball has been found & played.

Little things, but they really can save a lot of time!!!

Heard on the Course

Cliff D on the 5th tee as a deer shot out from the shrubs on the right:           “Sugar [or words to that effect] did you see that?”

Arthur S, waiting to play his shot:   “Don’t worry it’ll be quite safe as it’s on the fairway”!

As you may have gathered, you find out who your friends are on the golf course!!!

Roll Up Roundup – 8th May 2018

Firstly, apologies to Arthur S & Phil’s T & E for their names not appearing ‘on-screen’ when the draw was made – it was because some of the names were missed when I had to transfer the entry data to the back-up spreadsheet.   No real excuse, but it probably added to the roll-up entertainment.

That said, while 42-members enjoyed the splendid weather that we arranged for yesterday the more discerning will no doubt have noticed the absence from the course of:   the captain – dicky shoulder [still], and:   vice-captain – even dickier knee.   The words anno-domini spring to mind!   Apparently the same cannot be said of Paul Wynn, however, as he made a spritely return [see results below] following the second of his hip replacement operations – perhaps I should ask for his advice on my shoulder!!!!

A couple of brief announcements before the results and feedback from the day:

  1. Richard has now finalised the last few details of the BBQ, so just to confirm:   it will be on 27th July, the food as succulent as ever, and the entertainment provided by Swanny Lane & Son playing music to get you burning off the calories from all that splendid food.   All this for the excellent, value-for-money price of £13.
  1. The branded clothing is becoming a bit of a soap opera, but I am advised that accounts have finally been arranged with the relevant suppliers and we should now see some results.   Rest assured, however, that while I have closed the book, nothing will be ordered until you have all had a chance to see what you are buying.

I obviously did the right thing in disappearing after registration as apparently Peter Ellen was subjected to a couple of broadsides – the first on how much you enjoyed the game format [not], and the second on the daisies.   As far as the format goes, it was obviously the same for everyone and if I look at the list of winners it represents a good cross section of talents – so maybe it just wasn’t the complainants day!!!!   As for the daisies, the problem has been raised and supposedly it’s due to be addressed in the weeks to come as those that read Mark’s page on Carole’s April brief will have read – my rather cynical conclusion is that we’re stuck with it for a while yet.

And so to the results:

1    The match against Cleeve Cloud was a well contested defeat, Carswell going down 4-2.

2    Rod Maloney won the BoB this week, but as Richard ‘did a runner’ before Rod came in we’ll present it next, and:

3    Paul Wynn won Nick T’s charity nearest-the-pin for a bottle of fizz – so he’s convalescing well, then!


  Killer Yellow Ball  
Position Name Net score
1st Brian Reid ?
  Gordon Westerhof ?
  Nick Tomaszewski ?
2nd Keith Hardinge ??
  Greg Phillips ??
  Brian Stepney ??
3rd Tim Hoiles ???
  Chuck Berry ???
  Laurence Waters ???

As usual, lots more info on our much lauded website and if you have anything that you wish to contribute to either the website and/or the seniors newsletter by all means let’s have it.

Enjoy your golf.

Roll Up Roundup – 1st May 2018

45-seniors enjoyed fine conditions and a rapidly improving course [given recent weather] for today’s roll-up – an individual stableford that was the second round of our Eclectic.   But as usual, before we get to the results, a few announcements:

1                     We welcome another new member, Phil Eltham.   Phil has been a member of the club for some years, but has now plucked up the courage to ‘jump in the deep end’ and join the seniors – or to put it another way he’s turned 55!

2                     The draw for the first round ‘proper’ of the Gotzl was made immediately after the roll-up and Bill has circulated same, while Terry has posted the full draw on the website for the benefit of the more forgetful – The Geko draw will be distributed by Bill as soon as he has compiled it.   May is a long month so no excuses for not completing 1st-round matches before the end date of 31st inst.

3                     Richard has now sorted everything [almost] for the BBQ – it will be on 27th July, and the weather will of course be splendid, the food as succulent as ever, and the entertainment provided by Carswell’s very own Swanny Lane & Son playing music for everyone.   Price to be confirmed but rest assured that with such a line-up it will be a good value-for-money evening.

4                     Members have until Tuesday next [8th inst.] to indicate  whether they wish to purchase a polo shirt or jumper bearing the seniors logo – to remind you we will be ordering Footjoy clothing, and the polo will be white at a total cost of £38, and the jumper navy blue at £48.   If Paul’s info is correct there will shortly be size samples available for those that can’t use a tape-measure!!!   And finally:

5                     Gordon Westerhof has lost a Turnberry pitch–mark repairer somewhere on the course.   I’m not sure whether its value is because it’s diamond encrusted or sentimental, but if you have found it I’m sure that Gordon will thank you accordingly – at the bar that is!

And so to the  results:   No winner [again] of the BoB so next week we roll-over to the 6th – even easier than this week I hear you say!   By contrast, Jim Cotton overcame all-comers to win Venessa’s nearest-the-pin competition – today’s prize being a bottle of whisky that was just the extra incentive needed to push the total raised to over £150.   Final figure to be confirmed when Venessa is next in, but thanks to you all, and well done Jim.

As to the main event, the cut-off was 21, and the results were:

    Eclectic [individual stableford]    
Group Position Name H’cap Net score
Div 1 1st Stephen Sands 16.1 40
Div 1 2nd Alan Wilkins 19.4 36
Div 1 3rd Dave Wanless 19.9 34 c/b
Div 1 4th Roger Bates 10.0 34 c/b
Div 2 1st Nick Tomaszewski 22.3 38 c/b
Div 2 2nd David Roberts 26.5 38 c/b
Div 2 3rd Tim Hoiles 23.3 34 c/b
Div 2 4th John Ordish 24.5 34 c/b

Next week it’s a team game, Killer Yellow Ball, and unlike today the weather promises to be really summery – warm & dry with light winds.   What’s Killer Yellow Ball?   Basically it’s Yellow Ball BUT if the yellow ball doesn’t score on a given hole, the team doesn’t score – well that’s cleared that up then!!!!!


Roll Up Roundup – 24th April 2018

A bit of confusion this week for which apologies, but at least it added to the excitement.   To explain:   the Casuals & Division 1 Cups should be to a stableford format, rather than stroke-play as today, and rest assured that your cards will be adjusted retrospectively to avoid compromising your overall chances in the competition – however, this did NOT impact on today’s results given below.   To keep you on tenterhooks over the results a little longer, however, a few announcements:

1 Vanessa has asked me to pass on her gratitude for the monies raised for the Hospice thus far [over £120], but the committee have decided to give it one more push by having a final nearest-the-pin competition next week, and Tony Scrivens has generously agreed to let us ‘raise the stakes’ by using the bottle of whisky he donated back after the New Year scramble as the prize.   With one last effort we should be able to push the total over £150, which would be a great achievement all round – thanks for that.

2 We have at last obtained the long sought after prices for the branded polos & jumpers.   The preferred supplier is Footjoy,  but inevitably the enhanced quality has also enhance the price with the polos [white with a navy-blue logo] now at a discounted price of £28, and the jumpers [navy-blue with a white logo] at £48 on the same basis.   I would ask those of you that have already expressed an interest to please confirm that you are happy to proceed, but if you haven’t and want to order one, or other or both to please let me know PDQ

3 And the last one, news of the first social event of the new season, a barbeque with ‘just the right’ entertainment.   Richard is still waiting on confirmation of the entertainments availability, but it will be in July, and the exact date together with full details of the entertainment, price, etc, will be confirmed in next week’s report.

Enough I hear you say, let’s get on with the results and the first to announce is for the home-match with Kirtlington on Thursday 19th which Carswell won 4-2 – congratulations all round for performing so well on a blisteringly hot day.

Coming to the roll-up:   There was no winner of the BoB this week so next week we advance to the 4th – what could be easier!!!   With Venessa’s nearest-the-pin, the winner of the rare vintage bottle of wine was Terry Clark – well done Terry.

Finally:   for the first leg of the Cas/Div1 Cups the results were as follows:

    Casuals & Div. One Cup [Qualifier]    
Group Position Name H’cap Net score
Div 1 1st Graham Brindley 17.0 67 c/b
Div 1 2nd Tony Dyet 18.3 67 c/b
Div 1 3rd Glyn Williams 14.4 69 c/b
Div 1 4th Peter Ellen 11.0 69 c/b
Cas 1st Richard Dewar 25.1 66
Cas 2nd Maurice Bawden 19.8 72
Cas 3rd Arthur Strain 25.0 73
Cas 4th Gordon Westerhof 21.0 74


As already indicated the scores will be remarked to the stableford format.

Next week we restart the monthly summer cycle with the second Eclectic of the scheduled six, and this really is a stableford!   The weather forecast suggests no rain, and light[ish] winds – what more can you ask for!!!!!

Captain’s Newsletter – 24th April 2018

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the tardiness & brevity of this newsletter, but an all too short spring break intervened.   The good news is, however, I did bring the fine weather back with me even if it only lasted for a few days.

We welcome another new member to the Seniors’ section, namely, Paul Bastin.   Having spoken to him briefly he tells me that we may not see him often at a Tuesday roll-up, but I’m sure that that will change when he realises that some of us are almost human!!!!!!

The Course 1 – Management

Firstly, a very warm welcome to Carole Avenell now that she is formally ‘on board’.   I’m sure that you have already seen that a few of Carole’s intended changes are in place, and there are certainly more to come as the season progresses, but as her reign is still in its infancy these will obviously take time to filter through

However, Carole has agreed that she is now sufficient ensconced to receive any suggestions on how to improve the facilities and/or course, and I will be Emailing those already received from senior members to her in the coming days.   If you have any that you wish to make could I again ask that you route them through the seniors’ Email address, purely to avoid duplication while also enabling the committee to monitor progress and report back when/where appropriate.

Theft from lockers:     You will not have seen any progress yet on the intended extra layer of security to the locker-rooms, but I can advise that the matter is in hand [in Swanny Lane’s hands to be precise] and a key-pad system should be in place by the time of the next newsletter.

Our Website

As ever, all the latest news & information can be found on our website; and its worth a visit just for some of the photographs – I say no more!

You will also see that we already have some takers for the advertising page announced last month, but don’t forget this can be for selling old kit, advertising an event, or just about anything else golf related, and at just £3 for up to 6-weeks of coverage you can’t really go wrong.   To see how it works just go to the website and Terry will be standing by somewhere in the ether to provide his usual diligent service if you wish to take advantage of this bargain offer.


The Gotzl [singles] & Geko [pairs] competitions are now underway with the preliminary rounds due to be completed by 28th April – so if you are due to play the prelims and haven’t already done so, time to extract your digit!!!!!

The Seniors Pairs Open is now only 3-months away [to remind you – Thursday 5th July] with the closing date for entries set at 15th June.   Not too urgent for member entries just yet perhaps, albeit the earlier the better from an organisation standpoint, but if you are playing at other venues do please take the opportunity to spread the word, and maybe take an entry form or several!!!   Many thanks.

Stop Press 1:

Richard is in the final throes of arranging our first social event for 2018, a barbecue, probably in July, offering the usual mix of great entertainment & succulent food – we hope to have more details in time for the next roll-up report, so hold onto your underwear in the meantime.

Stop Press 2:

Having had a sound start to the new match season [2-home wins & an away defeat thus far], our next two matches are with Cleeve on 3rd May, and Witney Lakes on 10th – both away.   However, we are rather short on numbers so if you would like to play and have a cracking day out at one or both, please get in touch with a member of the committee or, better still, add your name to the team-sheet in the locker-room.

Branded shirts & jumpers

To follow up on the last newsletter, we were let down by JD over supplying same as they didn’t bother getting back to us with prices.   However, Paul is now firmly ‘on the case’ and I can confirm that the make will be Footjoy [the new market leaders, allegedly] and the polo shirts will be white [not as shown] with a navy-blue logo at a discounted price of £28, and the jumpers navy-blue with a white logo.   Paul is looking at two options:   a plain V-neck, and a zip-neck alternative – final prices before 27th inst, honest!

As soon as we have all the prices confirmed [and I will circulate] I would ask those of you that have already expressed an interest to please confirm that you are happy to proceed, but if you haven’t and want to order one, or other or both please let me know PDQ.   And just for those that don’t know their size, Paul should have stock of all items available to try within the next 2-weeks.

The Course 2 – Condition

The improvement in the weather has seen the course recover well with full tees & greens now in play, and of course the lifting of winter rules.   All we need now is for the fairways to dry a little more and there will be absolutely no excuses for any poor scores.

However, Mark is still struggling with staff-numbers so a little more patience will be required until the fruits of the current round of interviews is seen in the form of extra manpower on the course.   In the meantime, we will continue to lean on him [plead] when we have matches and/or key competitions scheduled.

Slow Play

I’m sure that you have all been avidly reading Greg’s post-AGM proposals on slow-play, but as it continues to be an issue then for the forgetful amongst you I will continue to provide a couple in the newsletter – so this month’s picks are:

  1. On the fairway – If you need to make a chip/pitch approach to the green take your putter with you to avoid duplicating trips – this also saves your legs of course.
  2. On the green – As soon as all players have putted-out [or picked-up if you’re having a bad day] move off the green and mark your cards while waiting to play at the next tee.

As logical as ever, I think that you’ll agree!!!

Heard on the Course

Golfer 1:         Did you hear about the chap that took Tippex in mistake for the new liquid Viagra?

Golfer 2:          Really!   What happened to him?

Golfer 1:          Apparently, he woke up with a massive correction!!!

Courtesy of our treasurer Peter Ellen – and I thought he spent his time number crunching!!!



Roll Up Roundup – 17th April 2018

Despite coinciding with the first monthly medal of the season, 30-members played thru near gale-force winds this week but, lucky me, I missed it having only returned from a spring-break in the early hours.   But as ever before the all-important results a few announcements:


  1. We welcome a new member this week, Paul Bastin.
  2. Having mentioned the monthly medal, will all members please note that those competing in the medal only have priority on the 1st tee until 8:26am – the last club tee-time before the scheduled start of the roll-up.   Thereafter the roll-up competitors have priority.
  3. Last week’s first home-match of the season resulted in a hard won 3.5 to 2.5 victory to Carswell.


And so to the results:   This week’s nearest-the-pin competition sponsored by Venessa was won by Mr Accuracy himself, Tony Scrivens, while in the main roll-up the cut-off handicap was 21, and the results were:


    Individual Stableford    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Peter Ellen 10.8 36
1 2nd Brian Sarahs 20.6 35
1 3rd John Drage 18.7 33
2 1st Richard Dewar 24.8 34 c/b
2 2nd Roland Syphas 27.2 34 c/b
2 3rd Mike [Chuck] Berry 24.0 32 c/b


Congratulations one and all.


Next week is the first in the series for the Casuals  Division One Cups.   To remind you these are ‘qualifiers’ meaning that we will be playing off CLUB handicaps and all cards will be submitted to the handicap secretary.   All I hope is that the weather holds, I’m getting used to it already!!!!!


Enjoy the sun

RollUp Roundup – 10th March 2018

It was Tuesday Morning and as I looked out of the window I was amazed to see the sun shining, it was then that I heard a strange ringing sound, opening my eyes I realised it was just a dream as I reached across and turned the alarm off.

Once again we were met by a grey damp morning at Carswell,.

Before unpacking my kit I did the usual walk to the pro shop to find out if the course was open.

You can imagine my surprise to find that it was not only open but we were playing off the main tees and there was only one temporary green.

It was decided that because we were on a full course we would play the Eclectic which had been cancelled from a previous week

As 27 of us trudged out to do battle, I like many others raised my umbrella, and as if by magic the rain stopped, not to tempt fate I left my brolly in the raised position for the entire game and not a drop of water did we see.

It was during the round that I realised that there must have been a superior force in action, it then dawned on me Gordon Blake had turned up to play and as we all know He doesn’t do wet.

The Result of the Game against Bicester last week was 4 – 2, unfortunately we were the 2.

This week the game is against The Wiltshire so good luck to all the players.

I’m pleased to report that this week we did manage to have some players reach the green for the nearest the pin prize, the winner being Maurice Bawden.

BorB rolls over for another week with the pot now standing at £21

The winners this week were:


Name                    h/c                         pts

Div 1                      1st           J Senior                14                           40

2nd          R Bates                 11                           38

3rd           P Ellen                   11                           37


Div 2                      1st           D Roberts            27                           42

2nd          T Hoiles                24                           39

3rd           R Dewar               25                           37



Roll Up Roundup – 27th March 2018

It was good to be out playing golf again on a Tuesday, albeit Monday’s weather would have been preferable!   But despite the mizzle, and 9-temporaries, 39-players made the most of the course being open.

As we head into April and the start of the competition season, a few announcements for you.

  1. The draw was made for the preliminary round of the Geko [pairs] yesterday with Natali providing the glamour, and Bill doing the technical stuff.              Bill will now post the draw on the notice board, and Terry the website, with all matches to be played on/before the 30th The website?   As you should all know by now, that’s
  2. As mentioned in this month’s newsletter, we are taking orders for T-shirts & jumpers branded with the seniors logo.   The preferred colour for the jumper is navy blue [see below] and if you ask Natali nicely she can show you the real thing, but the T-shirt colour has yet to be decided – puce perhaps?   OK, maybe not!   If you wish to order would you please get back to me with your size& quantity required, and remember, as we are still waiting on the costings you are not committed until the prices are announced and you have confirmed that you still wish to proceed.
  3. And one last one – news of an extra competition to run for each roll-up during April.   Venessa is raising sponsorship for the Helen Douglas House Hospice, and is offering a bottle of wine for a nearest-the-pin competition – hole to be advised on the day.   You have to be ‘in it to win it’ and while there is no entry fee, if you donate less than £1  . . . . . . . !!!!

And so to the moment you have all been waiting for, the results:   We had a winner of the BoB competition this week, Steve Maier, but because Steve is so shy & retiring he didn’t tell anyone before he left the course, so something for next week.   Turning then to the main competition, the results were:

Texas Scramble
Position Name Net score
1st Alan Kirkpatrick 60.2
John Drage 60.2
Ray Duckett 60.2
2nd Brian Reid 60.4
Rod Maloney 60.4
Cliff Davies 60.4
3rd Jerry Senior 61.7
John Stiles 61,7
Bill Baker 61.7


Next week we kick-off the ‘summer season’ [allegedly] with the first round of the Eclectic, and the forecast is for light winds & temperatures bordering on double figures – I refuse to be drawn on precipitation levels!!!!

Captain’s Newsletter – 16th March 2018

Carswell Seniors Newsletter

March 2018


Hi everyone, and to begin some good news, Mark has given up weather forecasting!!!!!


We welcome another new member to the Seniors’ section, namely, Graham Brindley.   I think/hope I have that right, but Graham only joined us on Tuesday [13th inst] so stand ready to be corrected at the next roll-up!

Turning then to the subject that has exercised us all in recent weeks:

The Course 1 – Management

Carole Avenell, our new ‘supremo’ to those of you that have forgotten already, has responded to our queries and, as forecast, her responses are as positive as we could have hoped.   Carole must remain a little careful with detail until she formally takes over, but the story so far:

a] the catering will be ‘business as usual’, so you can still expect Natali to ‘meet & greet’ in her own exuberant way even at 8-o’clock on a miserable Tuesday morning:

b] the roll-up itself remains firmly on the calendar for every Tuesday exactly as now:

c] Carole has confirmed her willingness to support such events as our Pairs Open, albeit details will need to be kept in the ‘pending tray’ until Carole is ‘in post’, and:

d] all suggestions for improving the club & course [see below] will be considered, but don’t be disappointed if you find that they have been thought of already.

As inferred above, it is the management structure & related queries that Carole has to be coy about, not least because there are some matters still being negotiated, and of course she hasn’t even started officially the big day being the 1st April.   Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of Natali & Mark when talking of what is happening in their ‘department’ augers well for us all.


Knowing how shy & retiring you all are [not], rather than see Carole and her new team inundated with suggestions from all quarters, we have decided to adopt a procedure for handling your suggestions.   If any senior member has a suggestion on how the club, course or clubhouse could be improved would you please make them [preferably in writing] to a member of the committee.   We will then review them and forward those that we consider to be appropriate to Carole via Ray Duckett – Ray being the non-executive member of the committee tasked with liaising with other sections of the club.

It is hoped that this will enable us to weed out frivolous suggestions and avoid duplication, thereby ensuring positive suggestions are given the full consideration they deserve.

Theft from lockers:     You will all be aware that some seniors had equipment stolen from their lockers.   One suggestion that has already been made to provide an extra level of security is to fit a key-pad to the locker-room door.   Unfortunately, if the thief is a member [and let’s hope not] this will not help much, but understand that something even more comprehensive is being considered, so the matter is certainly being worked on – watch this space!!!

Our Website

Terry has been beavering away in his shed and come up with another worthwhile reason for using our website –  advertising.   If you have any ‘kit’ that you wish to buy or sell, or an event that you wish to advertise, this is the place to do it and at just £3 for up to 6-weeks of coverage it’s almost as cheap as the roll-up and you know what a bargain that is.

There are already a couple on the site, and to remind those of you that have been in hibernation for the last several months our address is www/     Talking of which:

The Clubhouse

The first person to take up the advertising option was our own entertainment super-star, Peter Wright.   By popular demand ‘An Evening with Pete’ returns to the clubhouse on 23rd March and tickets are on sale from Natali plus other outlets – go to the website for full details.


I was going to use Pete’s own picture, but thought I’d use something serious instead!!!!   Sorry Pete, I couldn’t resist it!


Bill has now closed the book on the Gotzl [singles] & Geko [pairs] competitions.   There are 24-pairs for the Geko, with eight to receive a bye and the remaining 16-pairs playing the preliminary round – the draw to take place after the roll-up on 27th inst.   In the singles there are 39-entries of which twenty-five will receive a bye, leaving 14-players to contest the prelims.   Bill is threatening to post the draw on the notice board on Friday 16th inst, and Terry will be ‘hot-footing it’ to his shed to put a follow-up on the website.

On a related issue, now we have a better understanding of the club’s future we intend to order a batch of branded shirts & jumpers so that you can all look your sparkling best for matches, awaydays, etc.   Both will be of good quality and feature one of the preferred logo designs from the past – i.e. not that that received a kicking last year.  With quality in mind we anticipate a price in the region of £35 for the jumpers, and if you think that you would be interested all we ask is that you let one of the committee know, also confirming your size.   Once we have the prices we will get in touch again, and you will certainly know before we place your order.

The Course 2 – Condition

I don’t intend to return to the subject of the weather but can confirm that I have spoken to Mark about the bunkers and offer to help rake them in particular – I thought it may make a change to his to using the chainsaw.


Currently he is rather stuck for equipment as most of that leased by JD has been removed.   However, he is expecting the replacement machinery [all brand spanking new I am told] before the end of the month – after that I’m sure that there will then be no stopping him!

Winter rules:   With the rain still falling at too regular intervals and even more snow expected, we can obviously expect the winter rules to apply for a little while longer.   Matches & competitions excluded we will therefore continue to use ‘Jerry’s rule’ for the roll-up unless Mark can indeed swing into action with the new machinery beforehand.

To remind you of the rule:

‘Jerry’s Rule’:       Where the sand in a bunker is unraked & compacted [which is most of them, most of the time at Carswell during the winter months] the player can lift his ball, rake the sand, and drop under ‘supervision’ from his playing partners before playing his shot.  


Slow Play

Greg has now issued his long awaited post-AGM proposals on slow-play and these will be posted in full on the website – knowing Terry he’s down the shed already ‘posting’ away.   But for those of you that cannot wait, here’s a couple that I haven’t poached already, namely:

  1. On the fairway – Work out your next shot as you approach your ball and, provided you can do so without interfering with their shot, take your practice swings while waiting for your playing partners to play.
  2. On the green – When on the green don’t wait while another player rakes the bunker, etc, but play on. Similarly, if near the pin put-out rather than marking & waiting, and having finished tend the flag ready to move on.   And of course, if you can’t score, pick-up.

All logical stuff really, and these along with Greg’s other proposals will be revisited each month to refresh your memories throughout the year ahead.

Many thanks

Thanks once again to Tim Hoiles for producing the ‘on course’ competition markers – nearest the pin, etc.   Some wag has suggested that these look rather like large hypodermic needles you should see the pointed end!!!], so be careful when handling, but they should prove invaluable in inclement weather – thanks again Tim.

Heard on the Course

Golfer 1:          The other day my granddaughter asked me if I was a frog!

Golfer 2:          [once he’d stopped laughing] Did you find out why?

Golfer 1:          Yes, Her father had said “when grand-dad croaks, we’ll all be rich”!!!

Courtesy of Terry Clark – best stick to the website do you think Terry?


Cliff Davies

15th February 2018