Roll Up Report – 6th November 2018

Hi Everyone

With the return of summer [almost] 44-members stripped for action today for another of Bill’s team games, the results of which follow these messages:

  1. Thus far the committee has been totally underwhelmed with proposals to the AGM, the obvious conclusion being that you consider everything to be running perfectly. But if you actually consider that things can improved and have a suggestion on how to achieve it, now is the time to say – if you don’t tell us, we don’t know!
  2. Tickets are on sale in the clubhouse for the Quiz-Night on 30th November, and as this is the nearest that we are going to get to a Christmas social evening, do make the effort to join in if you can. You do not have to enter a team, just come along and we will link people up on the night.

And if you would like a warm-up, BHF are holding their annual quiz at the Corn Hall, Faringdon on 16th inst. – see Gordon Blake for details

  1. A number of ‘roll-up regulars’ have already signed-up for the Colin Pedley, and while the event is still some weeks away we would ask you to confirm your interest ASAP to enable us to sort out the catering etc.

And so to the results:

Another dry week in the BoB with no winner, meaning that with the pot building to the extent that we may have to engage the services of Securicor, we progress to the 6th next week – so a good opportunity to build the coffers in time to stock-up the ‘falling down water’ for Christmas.

As for the dancing-class that was the main event, and a close-run thing it was too, the results were:

  Waltz 1, 2, 3  
Position Name Net score
1st Richard Belcher 79
  Richard Bramwell 79
  Phil Eltham 79
2nd Ray Duckett 78 c/b
  Brian Mace 78 c/b
  Jerry Senior 78 c/b
3rd Chris Howard 78 c/b
  Peter Metcalfe 78 c/b
  Peter Wheeler 78 c/b

Congratulations as ever to our winners, and next week you will be fending for yourselves with an individual stableford, and the prospect of a sunny, clement day should provide all the incentive you need to turn out in droves!!!!!

Have a good one!


Captain’s Newsletter – 30th October 2018

Hi Everyone,

It looks as if we have seen the last of the fine weather, and with the clocks having changed winter will soon be upon us!   Consequently this newsletter will be reprising our most recent event while providing a ‘heads-up’ on what is to come to brighten the impending gloom.


Waters Nrst Pin (2)

I am reliably informed that the Awayday at Wrag Barn was a great success, providing a fitting ‘swan-song’ for Laurence Waters who is stepping down as Awayday Secretary.   Very many thanks for a job well done Laurence, and I’m sure that your fellow members will be queuing-up to treat you to the odd glass or two at the clubhouse bar in the weeks to come.


Retiring Awayday Secretary: Laurence Waters


As for the days facts & figures, as well as the much-coveted Jock Strap Trophy there were the usual sweep-prizes to be won with the principal results being:

Winner                        Tony Scrivens                         36 points

Second                        Roger Bates                            35 points

Third                           John Ordish                             34 points

Fourth                         Brian Reid                               33 points

A full list of all the prize-winners can be found as ever on the Seniors’ website:   And for the benefit of those that are not familiar with the valuable trophy named after & modelled on that much lauded Carswell member, Jock McStrap – see image below:



Tony Scrivens, being taken ‘in hand’ for winning yet another trophy!!!


Laurence’s departure serves as a reminder that as we approach the end of the year, it will soon be time to elect the committee members that will take office in 2019, which leads nicely onto:

Forthcoming Events

Captain v Vice-Captain:       This annual match arranged as a thank-you to those that have participated in ‘inter-club’ matches during the year will take place on 1st November.   Those participating will already have been notified of the draw.

Quiz Night:                            An opportunity for a pre-Christmas social get-together on 30th November at the clubhouse.   Doors open at 7:00pm and the entertainment will include the Quiz [hence the name], a 2-course festive buffet, and not forgetting the Christmas Jumper Competition.   All Carswell members and their spouses/partners are welcome, and tickets at just £11.00 per person are now available from the clubhouse & pro-shop office.

Colin Pedley Trophy:           This is the competition that closes the seniors’ golfing year which this year falls on 18th December, the format being an individual stableford played off the white tees and scored using the average of club & seniors handicaps.

The competition will be followed by a roast lunch and the presentation of the trophies & awards won throughout the season.   Cost of entry will be £10.00, payable in advance, to include the entry [£2.00] into the sweep.

Seniors AGM:                       This is being held on 8th January following the first roll-up of the New Year.   The reason for the switch from the previous December date is that an AGM should always be held after the close of the financial year, and ours runs from 1st January to 31st December.

The AGM will include the election of the Seniors’ committee and will also provide an opportunity for members to make proposals for changes and/or improvements in the way we operate.   Notices calling for nominations and/or proposals for discussion have now been posted on the notice board – but please note, you will need to submit your proposals on/before 30th November, and nominations by 18th December.   The AGM agenda including a list of proposals will in turn be posted by 14th December.

An optional buffet lunch will also be available at a cost of £8.00


Heard on the Course

Golfer 1:         With some 120-yards to the 18th green having played a very poor round – “do you think I’ll reach with my 7-iron.

Golfer 2:          “Eventually!!!!”


Roll Up Roundup -30th October 2018


‘Mea culpa’!!!   A cock-up yesterday when I evidently failed to check one of the cards and, [you’ve guessed it] it was incorrect, meaning that the wrong player was credited with winning group 1.   It was corrected ‘on the spot’ and no one was out of pocket, but apologies all the same – and I thought the dementia was in remission!!!!!

The image above is the nearest I could get to a forgetful old man!

A change of procedure for this report as I’m not going to repeat the announcements made at the roll-up as these will not only be covered in the belated October newsletter, but all the relevant details can be found on the Seniors website:

So, moving swiftly on:   42-hardy souls braved the chilly start to the day, and whether or not the cold was to blame there was no BoB winner this week.   Next week we start the circuit of the course again as we roll over the pot to the 4th.

In the main event where the cut-off was 21, and the results were:

Individual Stableford
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Brian Reid 10.2 35
1 2nd Ricky Braybrooke 14.5 34 c/b
1 3rd John Stiles 11.7 34 c/b
1 4th Rod Maloney 17.2 34 c/b
2 1st Brian Bonfield 22.4 38 c/b
2 2nd Richard Dewar 26.8 38 c/b
2 3rd Keith Arlott 25.3 36
2 4th Richard Tucker 22.7 35

As ever, congratulations to our winners, and next week we enter the world of ‘Strictly’ with a team-game called Waltz 1-2-3.   How to score will be explained on the day as you will need it fresh in your minds!!!

Apologies again for the cock-up!


Roll Up Report – 23rd October 2018

Hi Everyone

You obviously liked the sound of this week’s team-game as we had 51-members turn out, boosted of course by the ‘larger than life’ return of Peter Wright from foreign climes – welcome back Peter.   Nevertheless, we start with the ever-popular announcements:

  1. A good day was had by all on the Awayday at Wrag Barn, where Tony Scrivens won the much coveted ‘Jock Strap’ Trophy – if you want to see a whole host images from the day then just follow the links on the website: https://carswellseniors.comh

As this was Laurence’s ‘swan song’ as Awayday Secretary particular thanks to him for a great day, and I’m sure that I speak for you all in congratulating Laurence on a job well done during his tenure.

  1. We could do with one more player for the Captain v Vice-Captain match on 1st November, so if you qualify and want to play, please get in touch with Richard PDQ. The draw can then be made/published by the end of the week.
  2. We have now firmed up the arrangements for the Quiz Night on 30th The price will be £11/person to include a 2-course festive buffet, and all members and their guests will be welcome.   Full details will appear in poster form on the Seniors notice-board on/before next Tuesday, when tickets will also be on sale in the Clubhouse and Club Office.

Moving swiftly on, no winner this week in the BoB, meaning that next week the pot rolls-over to 17th hole.    In the roll-up where Bill had arranged another team game, the results were:

  Texas Scramble  
Position Name Net score
1st Tony Belcher 64.9
  Graham Flew 64.9
  Tony Scrivens 64.9
2nd Roger Bates 65.2
  Brian Rawle 65.2
  Jerry Senior 65.2
3rd Maurice Bawden 65.4
  Rod Maloney 65.4
  Brian Reid 65.4

Congratulations to our winners.

Next week you will have to ‘fend for yourselves’ as it’s an individual stableford – and the weather?   Still dry but a little fresher, so maybe an extra layer will be the order of the day.

Have a good one!

Roll Up Report – 16th October 2018

Hi Everyone

As you will have gathered, the approach of the winter season and the end of our matches & competitions means competitions secretary, Bill Baker, can throw a few extra team-games into the roll-up calendar – and hopefully today’s choice didn’t over-tax your mathematic skills when scoring!!!   But before the results, as you’ve probably guessed, it’s the announcements:

  1. Richard has revealed that Brian Reid is to be his Vice-Captain for next year. I’m sure that all members will join with me in wishing them both a very successful 2019.
  2. We now have some further details for the Captain v Vice-Captain match on 1st November: Coffee/tea will be available prior to golf, and a two-course buffet meal served after.   As this is intended as a thank-you to members that have competed in the inter-club matches, we will subsidise the cost so that the entry fee will be just £5.   The sign-up sheet is already on the notice board – and members that have played in prior matches and wish to play, are asked to indicate their interest ASAP
  3. The date of the pre-Christmas quiz-night has now been confirmed as 30th We are awaiting some further feedback from the clubhouse on the quiz night & the Colin Pedley, but when received full details for both will be posted in all the usual places – hopefully by next week.
  4. And finally, Ray Duckett has posted the R&A?USGA rule changes that take effect next year on the main [not the seniors’] notice-board in the locker room, and these will also be posted on the website and circulated to all members in the next couple of days.

Surprise, surprise!   Not one, but two winners of the BoB this week, so congratulations to Ray Duckett & Alan Wilkins – next week we start again on the 13th.   In the roll-up [as indicated a team game but in the guise of a card-game], the results were:

Three-card Brag
Position Name Net score
1st Ricky Braybrooke 132 c/b
Roland Syphas 132 c/b
Peter Ellen 132 c/b
2nd Dave Wanless 132 c/b
Glyn Williams 132 c/b
3rd Tim Hoiles 121
Peter Wheeler 121
Rod Forder 121

Congratulations to all our winners.

Next week we have another team game, a Texas Scramble, so a reminder to those entering the BOB to be sure to putt out – having first designated the preferred [scoring] ball, obviously!!!   As for the weather – dry but a little fresher.


Roll Up Report – 9th October 2018

Hi Everyone

Judging by the post-round comments, an entertaining day was to be had trying to read the ‘under-repair’ greens this week, but as some jester observed “it’s the same for everyone” – just not reflected in all the scores, evidently!!!   But before they’re revealed the inevitable announcements:

  1. Match v The Ladies – Carole is having a few problems gathering sufficient numbers, but as some of you have indicated your willingness to help them out, final team selection [to be drawn from a hat] will be made/notified by the end of the week.
  2. The sign-up sheet for the Cap v Vice-Cap match on 1st November is now on the notice board, but please remember that this is only open to members that have played in prior matches over the course of the summer season.
  3. A pre-Christmas quiz-night with seasonal buffet and other goodies will be held in November [either 16th or 30th] but we are waiting on clarification on which from the clubhouse. As soon as this is finalised we will provide full details.
  4. And finally, a little way off yet but the Colin Pedley, followed by lunch and the awards presentation will take place on 18th December, while the AGM will follow the first roll-up of 2019 on 8th January – more detail in the next couple of weeks.

Moving swiftly on, yet again there was no winner of the BoB this week, so we roll the pot over to next when the target will be the 8th.   As for the main event where the cut-off handicap was 21 and above, the results were:


Individual Stableford
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Peter Ellen 9.8 38 c/b
1 2nd Tony Dyet 20.7 38 c/b
1 3rd Brian Reid 11.1 36
1 4th Tony Scrivens 9.0 34 c/b
2 1st Tim Hoiles 23.2 41
2 2nd Chris Curd 22.4 38
2 3rd Brian Stepney 49.3 35
2 4th Richard Dewar 26.8 34


Congratulations to our winners, and particularly good to see a few different names amongst the ‘usual suspects’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week we have one for the card-sharps amongst you, 3-card brag – it will all become clear on the day, honest!!!   As for the weather, still mild for the time of year but with some cloud – well you can’t have sunshine all of the time, it is October..



Roll Up Report – 2nd October 2018

Hi Everyone

The end of the summer season competitions meant that we were able to mark the change into autumn with a team competition [yellow ball] with varying results.   But before getting into that that inevitably a couple of announcements to begin for the benefit of those not at the roll-up today:

  1. The match with the ladies has now been re-arranged for the 15th inst, so if you were down to play and this presents a problem, or this enables you to play where you previously couldn’t, please let us know ‘as soon as’.
  2. Knowing that some of you will be closet chefs, Carole & Natali are asking for any favourite recipes that you would like to share with them as they are looking for ideas to be used in the clubhouse – you never know we may even see a Carswell cookbook, and finally:
  3. As some of you will know, Paul has now gone freelance, and is offering a 6-week course for intermediates on a Wednesday from 6:00-7:00pm – if you are interest please get in touch with him direct.

And so to the results:   No BoB winner again this week, so clearly you really do prefer to see the pot building – don’t quote me, but I think we progress to the 4th next week.

As for the main event the results were:

Yellow Ball
Position Name Net score
1st Brian Bonfield 94
Tony Dyet 94
Alan Wilkins 94
2nd Mark Baker 85
Tony Belcher 85
Richard Dewar 85
3rd Peter Pitts 82
Jerry Senior 82
Nick Tomaszewski 82


Congratulations to our winners, and I say absolutely nothing about Carswell’s incoming handicap secretary being amongst them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week it’s a straightforward individual stableford, and the weather looks almost identical to this, other than it will probably be a little darker first thing.



Roll Up Report -25th September 2018

Hi Everyone

It’s good to be back – allegedly!!!

Only one announcement this week [shame, I hear you say] and that only for those not present today:   The ladies have requested that we postpone the match scheduled for 1st October, but as yet no firm decision has been made pending Carole’s return from her break [but pencilling in Monday 8th may not be a bad idea!].   If those scheduled to play would kindly bear with us, as soon as we have firmed things up with the opposition we’ll let you know.

With that out of the way it’s all eyes on the results:   As there was no BoB winner this week, the [new] pot will obviously roll-over to next that will hopefully make it even more worth the winning.

Today was the last round of the Division 1 & Casuals Cup competitions – but then you probably knew that already!   The cut-off for roll-up [not the cups] purposes was a rounded 20 and above, and on that basis the all important results on the day were:

    Division 1 & Casuals Cups    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Brian Reid 10.6 39
1 2nd Graham Brindley 14.5 37 c/b
1 3rd Brian Rawle 9.7 37 c/b
1 4th Nick Tomaszewski 18.4 36
2 1st Chris Howard 25.6 37
2 2nd Paul Wynn 21.9 35
2 3rd Maurice Bawden 19.8 34 c/b
2 4th Brian Bonfield 24.9 34 c/b


So what does this mean in terms of the overall competitions, I hear you ask?    In the Division 1 Cup, we actually have a tie for 1st place with Tony Dyet & Glyn Williams level-pegging on 116-points, while the Casuals Cup is much more straight-forward with Paul Wynn out on his own with an impressive combined  score of 118-points – i.e. an average of over 39-points for the qualifying best three rounds.

In fact it’s been a good week for Glyn as he also pipped Brian Rawle in the final round of our last knockout competition, the Geko [singles].   Congratulations to all our winners, both on the day and in the overall competitions.

Next week we lighten the mood with a team game “Yellow Ball”, and although it’s likely to be less sunny than this week the conditions should still be very golf-friendly.

‘Nos vemos’


Roll Up Roundabout – 18th September 2018

Welcome to the new member, Jeff Dixon


32 Seniors played in the roll up, the results of which were:


Group 1

1st. Gordon Blake Hcp 19.5 with 40 points

2nd Maurice Bawden Hcp 18.5 with 39 points

3rd Terry Clark Hcp 17.5 with 37 points on c/b


Group 2

1st. Keith Arlott Hcp  25.3 with 43 points

2nd Dave Roberts Hcp 26.7 with 40 points on c/ b

3rd. Mark Baker Hcp 23.2 with 40 points on c/b


The leading Senior in the mid month medal was Jerry Senior who wins the Seniors September medal.

Roll Up Roundup – 11th September 2018

Results of the Roll up on the 11-09-2018

37 Members signed up to play in the Morgan Pairs & Alec Baker Putter Trophy

The results for the Morgan Pairs was.

In 3rd place with a joint score of 73 Points:   Martin Clark & Brian Stepney

In 2nd place with a joint score of 77 Points:  Dave Merrison & Keith Arlott

In 1st place with a joint score of 81 Points:    Brian Reid & Roland Syphas


The winner of the Alec Baker trophy was.

Jerry Senior with a total of 27 Putts.


2018 Tom Gotzl Pairs

Congratulations go to Nick Tomaszewski & David Roberts who won the this year’s Gotzl Pairs competition beating Terry Clark & Peter Pitts on the 2nd extra playoff hole.