Roll Up Roundabout – 18th September 2018

Welcome to the new member, Jeff Dixon


32 Seniors played in the roll up, the results of which were:


Group 1

1st. Gordon Blake Hcp 19.5 with 40 points

2nd Maurice Bawden Hcp 18.5 with 39 points

3rd Terry Clark Hcp 17.5 with 37 points on c/b


Group 2

1st. Keith Arlott Hcp  25.3 with 43 points

2nd Dave Roberts Hcp 26.7 with 40 points on c/ b

3rd. Mark Baker Hcp 23.2 with 40 points on c/b


The leading Senior in the mid month medal was Jerry Senior who wins the Seniors September medal.

Roll Up Roundup – 11th September 2018

Results of the Roll up on the 11-09-2018

37 Members signed up to play in the Morgan Pairs & Alec Baker Putter Trophy

The results for the Morgan Pairs was.

In 3rd place with a joint score of 73 Points:   Martin Clark & Brian Stepney

In 2nd place with a joint score of 77 Points:  Dave Merrison & Keith Arlott

In 1st place with a joint score of 81 Points:    Brian Reid & Roland Syphas


The winner of the Alec Baker trophy was.

Jerry Senior with a total of 27 Putts.


2018 Tom Gotzl Pairs

Congratulations go to Nick Tomaszewski & David Roberts who won the this year’s Gotzl Pairs competition beating Terry Clark & Peter Pitts on the 2nd extra playoff hole.

Captain’s Newsletter – 9th September 2018

Hi Everyone,

As the discerning amongst you will have guessed from the sub-heading above, a bit of a ‘cop out’ on this one as I will be away for a couple of weeks, meaning that I won’t have time to produce individual newsletters for each month – thank gawd for that, I hear Ray Duckett say!

Firstly a bit of breaking news:   Ken Beal has decided to bring his playing days to a close as he is increasingly suffering wth rheumatism.   Ken has obviously ‘had is moments’ in recent years, but has those that know him well will testify he is an extremely good natured chap, and will be a loss to the seniors section, but hopefully we will be able to drag him out of retirement occasionally.


Knighton Trophy winner 2018, Peter Metcalfe [left being presented by

Competitions Secretary Bill Baker


We start with an image of Peter Metcalfe receiving his prize for winning the Knighton Trophy, and for the benefit of those not in the know, the trophy is not actually in the envelope, but gets presented at the end of year awards day.   As you may gather from this, we are now rattling through the competitions and some of the monthly ones are now drawing to a conclusion, but there is still quite a lot to report so do ‘read on’.


The Course 1

As I’m still lame I’m not really in a position to judge, but looking at the scores in recent weeks the course is evidently still playing short, albeit the fairways look a little greener.   Having looked at the monthly forecast for the UK it’s likely to be above average temperatures with very little rain for a couple more weeks yet, so don’t expect to get back to more predictable conditions for a little while yet.


Things are definitely hotting-up in the summer monthly competitions and to summarise the story so far:

Geko [singles] & Gotzl: [doubles]:

Both knock-out competitions are now down to the final round, with Brian Rawle & Glyn Williams contesting the singles, and Dave Roberts & Nick Tomaszewski taking on Terry Clark & Peter Pitts in the doubles.


As the avid readers of the weekly roll-up report amongst you will know, the deciding round was last week and overall it was a close[ish] run thing the final placings being:

1st place with a score of 61-points                     Dave Roberts

Joint second with 58-points                              Brian Stepney & Nick Tomaszewski

4th place with 57-points                                     Rod Forder

Division 1 & Casuals Cups:

The final round is due to be played on 25th September, and this too looks as if it could go down to the wire, but rest assured, as soon as we know, you’ll know.

A couple more for you all to compete in this month:   the final round of the Mid-month Medal on the 25th, and the Morgan Pairs on the 11th.   For the newer members, the former is exactly what the title says, while the latter is played to the usual Stableford format in groups of three, with the pairs being selected after the event by pairing the highest & lower handicapped players, then the second highest & second lowest and so on.   If that sounds confusing it probably is, but don’t worry as it will be sorted by the registration team – sigh of relief all round I’m sure.


Laurence has arranged the Autumn Awayday for Thursday 18th October at Wrag Barn – south-east of Highworth if you don’t know it!   Full details are on the website and the sign-up sheet is on the notice board.

After done a stalwart job as Awayday Secretary for some years now, Laurence Waters has decided he will step-down at the end of the season and let someone else take on the roll.   More on this in the weeks to come, but do let one of the committee know if you are prepared to give it a go.

And one final one:   Richard is in the process of putting together a quiz night to be held in October.   Again more on this in the next few weeks, but do keep your diaries clear as it would be good to see another good trun-out.

The Clubhouse

As you may have noticed, the clubhouse is now offering a lunchtime special for the Seniors’ roll-up, usually a discounted selection from the normal lunchtime menu.   If you have sample one yet, do give it a go as not only does it help support the club, but will also add to the social side of our golf days.

Slow Play

After breaking from the intended ‘reminders’ on slow-play in the last newsletter, we are again reprising samples from Greg’s post-AGM proposals on slow-play – this month’s picks being:

  1. On the tee – ‘Go when ready’, this should always be the approach in the roll-up but do have the courtesy to tell your playing partners.   The only real exception is [say] when playing in a match where protocol probably dictates otherwise – but still worth asking.
  2. On the green – If your playing from off the green and need to chip on, do take your putter as well – there is nothing more frustrating than waiting to play in, and watching the group in front wandering [usually dawdling] back and fore to switch clubs



Heard on the Course

Golfer 1:         As golfer 3 is preparing to tee-off – ‘He’s a scratch golfer, you know!’

Golfer 2:          Falling for it hook, line, etc.    ‘Is he?   He didn’t look it on the last hole.’

Golfer 1:          ‘Yes!   He records all his good scores and scratches out the bad!!!!!!!!!!!!’

They really don’t get any better do they?


Cliff Davies

9th September, 2018

Roll Up Report – 4th September 2018

Welcome to this the first online roll-up report that I’m sure you have all been waiting for – not!!!    Nothing really changes, however, as we start with the inevitable announcements.

  1. As both Richard and I are away for the next two weeks [what planning I hear you say], Bill Baker will be stepping into the breach. It is not the easiest of tasks at the best of times, so would you please give Bill a bit of space during registration and save any queries or points you wish to make until after the event.
  2. The numbers wishing to play in the Awayday now exceed thirty, so if you have not yet expressed an interest and wish to play, do let Laurence or myself know [yes I will process Emails while away] or merely sign-up using the sheet on the Seniors’ notice board. For those of you that have signed-up already, would you be good enough pay the fee ‘as soon as’ now so that Laurence can sort out the finance, etc. – many thanks.
  3. So that you are aware, one of the most popular matches on our calendar “Seniors v Ladies”” will take place on Monday 1st October.  If you would like to play would you please confirm your interest by using the sign-up sheet posted on the Seniors’ notice-board, and final one:
  4. A reminder about the Celts v Sassenachs’ match being run over the 29th/30th September.  Again, a sign-up sheet has been posted but this time on the Mens’ notice board, and the good news is that it’s open to 5-day members provided you make a £5 contribution to the chosen charity.

Enough of this I hear you say, and so to the all-important results:

There was no BoB winner this week so the pot rolls over to the 13th, while in the roll-up where the cut-off handicap was 20 and over, the winners were:

Eclectic – 6th [and final] Round
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Peter Ellen 10.7 42
1 2nd Roger Bates 10.0 40 c/b
1 3rd Peter Pitts 18.6 40 c/b
1 4th John Drage 18.5 39
2 1st John Ordish 22.4 42 c/b
2 2nd Gordon Blake 20.5 42 c/b
2 3rd Ian Bensted 26.3 42 c/b
2 4th Barrie Layfield 25.2 42 c/b


What this gives in terms of the overall competitions, is:

1st place with 61-points                  Dave Roberts

Joint 2nd with 58-points                     Brian Stepney & Nick Tomaszewski

4th place with 57-points                     Rod Forder

Congratulations to all our winners, and next week we have another exciting competition for you in the form of the Morgan Pairs – for the benefit of the uninitiated it will all be explained on the day, which weather-wise promises to be rather like yesterday.

I now go to pack the bucket & spade – so at least it will be quiet for a couple of weeks!!!!!

Roll Up Roundup -28th August 2018

Firstly an apology to Glyn Williams for missing his name off the ‘roll of honour’ when announcing the runners & riders yesterday.   You will have gathered that there was a problem created by the traffic jam at the clubhouse computer station, but we have a solution in place [we hope] that should avoid a repetition at future qualifiers.

Although both are a little way off yet, a couple of gentle reminders:

Awayday:   If those of you that have ‘signed-up’ for the day at Wrag Barn on 18th October could now pay your fee ASAP that would help Laurence a great deal, and to this end we will be set up to receive your fees next week.   Those of you that have yet to sign-up don’t have to be shy either, as you will be able to sign-up and pay at the same time.

BHF Race-night:   Correction on this as the British Heart Foundation race-night will be held at Faringdon Bowls Club on 6th October rather than as previously announced – full details on the website or have a chat with Gordon Blake

Moving on;   if you saw a few low flying pigs yesterday it’s cos we had winner in the BoB competition, and the honours go to Peter Fisher – well done Peter.   Next week we move onto the 8th, so probably a chance for the pot to start rebuilding!!!!

As for the main event, the corrected results for the sweep prizes were as follows:


    Division 1 & Casuals Cups    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Brian Rawle 10.0 38
1 2nd Glyn Williams 14.0 37
1 3rd Phil Toms 18.0 36 c/b
1 4th Stephen Sands 17.0 36 c/b
2 1st Mike Berry 23.0 42
2 2nd Bill Baker 20.0 41 c/b
2 3rd Nick Tomaszewski 19.0 41 c/b
2 4th Paul Wynn 23.0 40 c/b

Congratulations to Brian Rawle & Mike [Chuck] Berry, and apologies again to Glyn.   Next week we burst into September [already] meaning that the monthly competition cycle starts again with the final round of the Eclectic Trophy and there promises to be a slight recovery in the weather:   part sun, light breeze and temperatures in the low twenties – what more could you ask for.

And finally:   for future reports we will be posting directly onto the seniors website and will merely provide a link by Email when published – in case you were wondering this is to both encourage greater use of the website, while simplifying the processing of reports.   Which also reminds me; if you need to get in touch would you please use the above Email address pending a glitch in the ‘firms’ Email being sorted!!!!

Many thanks, and have a good one

Roll Up Roundup – 21st August 2018

Hi Everyone

We had a bit of a nonsense yesterday when, the number of ‘medal’ competitors being down, we sought to switch a few groups from the roll-up onto the 1st-tee to get you all started ‘as soon as’ only for these groups to then be held by slow-play.   No apologies for that as the aim had been to reduce the wait on 11th & 15th-tees, but as it produced the inevitable bleat from some quarters,  from now on we will stick to the more rigid [less helpful] regime.


No apologies either for leading with the announcements as I have a number from yesterday;

1                     Venessa has advised that her series of ‘nearest the pin’ competitions raised a total of £200 for the “Helen & Douglas House”, a local hospice.   I have a copy of their thankyou letter and will have it available at next week’s roll-up if anyone wishes to see it.

2                     Gordon Blake has asked me to announce that a ‘Race-Night’ will be held at the clubhouse on 6th October in aid of the Faringdon branch of the British Heart Foundation.   Price will be just £5 to include a ‘Ploughman’s’, and I look forward to the images of you horsing about – sorry couldn’t resist it!!!!!!

3                     A second reminder about the Awayday at Wrag Barn on 18th October.   Laurence has already had a good response and if you want to join in it’s not too late, a sign-up sheet can be found on our locker-room notice board, and more details about this and the Race-Night can be found on our website:

4                     Talking of the website, it really is worth a visit as it provides much more than just details of the events, including:   images of past events and competition winners [with the odd ‘helpful’ caption];   details of all the Trophy competitions;   not to mention past newsletters!!!   More to the point Terry would also welcome your contributions whether images, anecdotes for the ‘words of wisdom’ [or any other] page, funny or serious.   So do visit the website and feel free to ‘chip-in’.

5                     And the last one!   A team-game competition has been arranged for bank-holiday Monday open to all members.   Full details and sign-up sheet are available on the Men’s notice boarder in the locker room, or from ‘the man in the know’ Brian Reid.


I’m flagging already, so finally the results.   No BoB this week because of the medal, but next week we restart from the 6th, while this week the roll-up still attracted 33-competitors and with the cut-off handicap set at 22, the results were:


Casuals Roll-up
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Gordon Blake 21.3 46
1 2nd Brian Mace 17.7 42
1 3rd Phil Figgins 20.8 40
2 1st Arthur Strain 25.5 45
2 2nd John Ordish 23.0 41
2 3rd Keith Arlott 26.3 39 c/b


Well done to all of the prize-winners, and next week we have the penultimate round of the Division 1 & Casuals Cups.   For the benefit of the uninitiated this is a qualifier played-off the yellow tees but using your CLUB handicap, and the good news is that we should have sunny spells, light winds and a tolerable 20-degree temperatures.   We do our best!!!!!

Roll Up Roundup -7th August 2018

Yesterday’s roll-up, the 5th round of the Eclectic, tempted 50-senior members to brave the sweltering conditions one being a new member, Peter Fisher – Peter joins us from Naunton Downs having recently moved home.

A couple of reminders for those that missed them yesterday:   Bill will be circulating the tee-times for next week’s Knighton Trophy over the coming weekend, and:   Laurence has posted a sign-up sheet for the next Awayday on the notice board, so please register your interest ASAP.

As the more discerning of you may have noticed, the clubhouse are now offering a discounted selection off the ‘a la carte’ lunch-menu especially for the seniors roll-up – next week the selection is:   “Honey Glazed Pork Belly & caramelised apple puree, with watercress & shallot salad” priced at just £5.00.   So why not celebrate what I’m sure will be a stunning round in the Knighton by taking advantage of this great value-for-money offer!!!!

And so to the results:     No BoB winner again this week, and of course we skip the next couple ‘cos of the Knighton & MMM, so plenty of time to practice for 28th inst. when the competition rolls-over to 6th.   However, we did have a winner for the final round of Nick Tomaszewski’s nearest-the-pin competition raising sponsorship for the Marie Curie charity, namely, Gordon Blake.   And in the main event of the day the scores were just as blistering as the temperatures, as follows:

    Eclectic – round 5    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Rod Maloney 18.6 47
1 2nd Glyn Williams 11.8 42 c/b
1 3rd Peter Fisher 14.0 42 c/b
1 4th Brian Mace 18.2 41
2 1st Tony Dyet 22.5 45
2 2nd Phil Eltham 26.9 44
2 3rd Paul Wynn 23.6 43 c/b
2 4th Doug Jackson 25.7 43 c/b

Congratulations to all of the above, and Gordon of course, and a final prompt for those playing in the Knighton next week; please be sure to be at the 1st at least 5-minutes before your designated tee-times – there is even a danger that it could be a little cooler!!!!!

Bonne chance

Roll Up Roundup -31st July 2018

Hopefully after the recent rain you found the course a little more responsive today!

We were joined today by a new member, Richard Bramwell, and a returning member, Brian Mace – welcome to you both, and we look forward to seeing more of you!

To start with, a couple of reminders:   Next week [7th August] is the last date for entries into the Knighton Trophy to be run on 14th August – if you haven’t already entered/paid please do so by next week to allow Bill enough time to sort the draw.   Paul [in the pro-shop] has also asked me to remind you all that he is placing an order for a second batch of the Seniors’ branded clothing, so if you’re interested please get in touch with Paul ‘as soon as’.

Of course the ‘big event’ last week was our Summer BBQ, and fortunately we held it on the Friday as the weather turned inclement the following day.   Thanks again to Richard for putting together such a great evening, Jan & Tony [Dyet] for organising the raffle & putting competition respectively, one-half of the Swanny Lane Duo for the entertainment, and not forgetting Carole and the team for the catering  – well done one & all.

And so to the results:   No BoB winner again this week so we roll-over to the 4th next, a mere ‘bagatelle’, I hear you say!!!   But we did have a winner for Nick Tomaszewski’s ‘nearest the pin’ competition – Keith [I can never reach the green] Arlott.   Nick is running another round next week with all proceeds going to the Marie Curie charity, and yes it is also our chosen charity this year, but Nick’s raising sponsorship for a separate event, so please give generously.   As to yesterday’s main event, the results were:

  Team game “2’s & 3’s”  
Position Name Net score
1st Mark Baker 102
  Ian Knights 102
  Richard Tucker 102
2nd Keith Arlott 93 c/b
  Roger Bates 93 c/b
  Phil Eltham 93 c/b
3rd Phil Figgins 93 c/b*
  Stephen Sands 93 c/b*
  * as pair, adjusted score used  

Next week is the 5th round of the Eclectic, when the weather is forecast to be boringly fine again albeit the breeze may be up to provide a little more of a challenge!

Roll Up Roundup – 24th July 2018

An exciting day for all the wrong reasons yesterday as, as most of you will know, we had a fire break out while the roll-up was in progress.   The fire was at the dead tree-stump between the 2nd & 12th fairways [see attached] and although not serious thanks to the alarm being raised quickly, appears to have been started by a discarded cigarette.   For the avoidance of doubt can I remind everyone that due to the sustained dry/hot weather the course is particularly vulnerable at present and for this reason smoking is banned.   In view of what happened yesterday the management  has reluctantly decided that if anyone is seen smoking on the course while the ban is in place disciplinary action WILL be taken.

On a somewhat lighter note, many thanks to all that have contributed raffle prizes for Friday’s BBQ, it is much appreciated.   Judging by ticket sales Friday promises to be a very enjoyable evening, so to remind you;  doors open at 7:00pm;  food service commences at 7:30pm, and;  the Swanny Lane Duo ‘hits the stage’ for their first set at 8:00pm – or at least that’s the plan!!!

One final announcement, because the branded clothing looks so good, [pro-shop] Paul has indicated that he intends to order some more.   If you missed out the last time around [and if so, why?] and wish to take advantage, just let Paul know.

And at last, the results:   There was no BoB winner yesterday despite it being the 13th – we therefore progress to the 17th next, that should enable you to take advantage of the current run on the ball!!!   As for the roll-up, round-4 of the Division 1 & Casuals Cups, the results on the day where the cut-off this week was 19 were:

    Division 1 & Casuals Cups    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Martin Clark 11.0 42 c/b
1 2nd Ricky Braybrooke 16.0 42 c/b
1 3rd Keith Hardinge 14.0 40 c/b
1 4th Glyn Williams 14.0 40 c/b
2 1st Paul Wynn 24.0 43
2 2nd Roger Fletcher 20.0 41
2 3rd Brian Bonfield 23.0 40 c/b
2 4th Ian Knights 22.0 40 c/b

Results will be posted on the website as soon as Terry vacates his ‘darkened room’, and next week it’s a team game “2’s & 3’s” [I’ll leave the explanation ‘til the day] with the forecast showing another fine day albeit a little fresher – but still no need to get out the winter woollies just yet!!!

I look forward to you plying me with ‘sherbet’ on Friday evening – or not as the case may be!!!

Newsletter – 19th July 2018

Hi Everyone,

A change of format this month as we start with a little glamour rather than the usual cartoon, namely an image from the Seniors Open:

Open 2018 (44)
Lady Helpers

Carol & Jan in firm control of events


No apologies for putting the Seniors Open at the top of this newsletter, as clearly it’s one of the few events at the club which seeks to attract players from beyond the membership in this way.   Needless to say much more on the ‘Open’ below

The Course 1

Just when we thought the golf was looking attractive and playing well, we now find that mother nature has adopted a scorched earth policy to turn the fairways into tracts of the Sahara, and the greens as hard as billiard tables.   The worst example in recent weeks of course has been the 4th green where the mound evidently attempted to migrate toward what remained of the pond for some relief from the drought.

I think that poor Mark is running short of inspiration and while I haven’t yet seen him performing a rain dance, I’m carrying the camera with me just in case!!!   More seriously, with a limited source of water for the course at his disposal, we will clearly need to cut Mark a little slack until the monsoon arrives.


The Captains Cup:   You will have seen from the roll-up report for 26th June that we had a very good turn-out for the Captain’s Cup and I can now confirm what had been a provisional result when the report was written namely that the winner was Brian Reid with a net round of 69.   Obviously Brian also came first in the Group 1 sweep, while in Group 2 Paul Wyn hit an equally laudable round of 70-net.   Congratulations both, and sorry that we do not have a photograph – we’ll try to make good on that at the presentation ceremony at the end of the year.

The Seniors Pairs Open:   Plenty of images from this of course, and the particularly encouraging news is that, unlike last year, the bulk of the prize-winners came from Carswell.   First and foremost, amongst these were the overall winners of the competition, Keith Hardinge & Graham Brindley, but it was close as their score of 48 only pipped Bernard Smith & Dave Morris [two ‘aliens’ as Peter Ellen refers to them from Bicester] on countback.

Open 2018 (101)
Brindley Hardinge Open Winners 2018

Keith & Graham ‘laughing all the way to the bank’

Thanks once again to all those that sponsored the event and/or donated raffle prizes, your contribution will certainly benefit our chosen charity come the end of the year.   Thanks also to:   Natali, Mark and the rest of the clubhouse team for looking after everyone so well:   Carol & Jan for their smooth running of the registration desk while also selling the all-important raffle tickets:   Ron Temple for providing exactly the right welcome & start to the day, and last but by no means least:   thanks to Richard Tucker for his stalwart efforts in putting the day together – it’s very much appreciated one & all.

An I’m sure that you’ve guessed already that the full complement of results & photographs can be found on the Seniors website just go the Seniors Open page or to the Gallery for photos.

The Summer BBQ:   Yes, we’re still pushing it as while the tickets have sold well, we do have some left and would like to make the event as inclusive as possible   Just to remind you, and Richard would never forgive me if I didn’t:   doors open at 7:00pm, BBQ service commences at 7:30pm & Swanny’s first set kicks off at 8:00pm – all this for just £13/person and All club members & their guests are welcome.

Whether or not you can join us ‘on the day’ if you could contribute a raffle prize that is a little different to compliment those that we do have, that too would be welcome

Branded shirts & jumpers:

Yes they’re in, but some of you don’t appear to have received the message – if you ordered a shirt or jumper and haven’t yet collected it, do trot along to the pro-shop where your order will be freshly packed and waiting for you – but do remember that it’s payment on collection.

And Finally

Given that I’m on page three already [now what does that remind me of???] I’m skipping the usual closing items but one more image of a lucky Open winner I couldn’t resist:

Open 2018 (87)
Bob Howard Winner of Something Worth £1

A tearful Bob Howard overwhelmed by his Raffle Prize

Now you know why we’re looking for something better for the BBQ, but if it’s any consolation Bob, it’s more than I won!!!!!!