Draft Minutes of Seniors Committee – 3rd October 2019

Present:   Richard Tucker (Captain)
Brian Reid ( Vice Captain)
Peter Ellen (Treasurer)
Terry Clark (Match Secretary)
By Invitation:-
 Bob Howard (Away Day Secretary)
Tony Dyet (Club Handicap Secretary)
Peter Pitts (Past Treasurer)
1 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies received from John Ordish (Secretary) and Bill Baker (Competitions Secretary)
2. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The Minutes were taken as read and confirmed.
Current Situation. D&C Golf Ltd , the Carswell Management company, is going into voluntary liquidation and has ceased trading. Its liabilities considerably exceed its assets. It’s lease of the course and buildings has reverted to Gerry Lisi but he appears to have decided not to reopen the Club.  The Club for all intents and purposes no longer exists.  The members appear to have accepted this and many are joining other Clubs.  A meeting with the Mens Section Committee achieved nothing.  TD is finding out how to transfer Carswell handicaps to other clubs and will inform members if there are any problems.
The Future. The Captain reported that a vast number of Seniors have said they want to retain links with each other and the best way to do this is to form a Golf Society. Everyone concurred with this proposal.
5. NEED FOR GENERAL MEETING. Because the membership is so spread it seemed impractical to hold a General Meeting and all matters requiring members’ approval is to be put to them by way of an email vote.
6. FINANCIAL APPRAISAL AND RECOVERY OF SENIORS ASSETS. The Treasurer is to assess the total assets of the Seniors that include cash, money at bank, pa system, camera, laptop, printer, bench.  RT and BR are to attend Carswell Friday 4th October to retrieve trophies. There are unresolved problems about what to do with the trophies if we can recover them. By the time bills for outstanding activities are paid there is unlikely to be a large amount of cash outstanding.  It will be necessary to allocate  money for the remaining prizes, 6 medals and glass mementoes   It was agreed to put to the members of the Section by way of email vote that remaining assets be transferred to the proposed Society (RT)
7. FORMATION OF CARSWELL SENIORS GOLF SOCIETY It was decided form a Society with those attending this meeting to be responsible for its formation.  RT will ballot members of the Seniors Section.  The Society to meet for the purpose of playing Golf approximately monthly.  Membership of the Society to be eligible to members of the former Section.  The probably name will be the Carswell Castaways Golf Society.  PE volunteered to be the Treasurer of the Society as having this offer in existence was essential to the formation.  There shall be a joining fee of £10 – also to be put to the members by email vote (RT).
8. REMAINING ACTIVIES OF THE SENIORS SECTION The Match at Witney on Thursday 10th October will proceed.  The Captain will attempt to join a few other players into this match. The Captain will enquire with the Captain of the Ladies Section whether the planned match will go ahead but this is unlikely. The Captain v Vice Captain subsidised match will go ahead and will become open to all members.  The date is Thursday 17th October.  BH will try to find a venue firstly at Drayton then at Witney. The Presentation Evening will proceed with the intended date being Friday 13th December 2019.  Likely venue is the Wantage Comrades Club in Wantage.  Likely cost will have to cover the band Wipe Out (already booked), hire of rooms (£50) and food.  TC will make enquires of the Comrades Club.  RT and BR to look at other possible venues such as Southmoor Village Hall or Snooty Mehman.  RT to ask John Ordish to look after the provision of medals and mementoes. The Colin Pedley competition will not be played this year. The website will continue initially as a resource for the members of the Section and then to support the new Society.


D&C Golf suggest enquiries relating to the liquidation of D&C Golf
Ltd. be made to Robert Day and Co at mail@robertday.biz. Click here
for the circular issued by Robert Day outlining the procedure to make

Direct Debits to D&C Golf – make sure they are cancelled NOW.

Credit Card Payers – Contact your card provider.  You should should be
able to get a refund.  Nationwide for instance have said to tell them that
contact with  the merchant D&C Golf has failed there being no reply on the phone or at the clubhouse. You will need proof of purchase (basically your
statement).  With Nationwide you can do the rest by email or they will
send you a form to fill in.  A useful link is  http://www.theukcardsassociation.org.uk/individual/section-75-for-credit-card-purchases.asp However there may be a problem if you are not the primary card holder so beware.


There will be a Meeting of Seniors Committee on Thursday to
(a) Find out what is happening after asking Gerry Lisi and Liquidator of
D&C Golf Ltd
(b) If Club is finished to decide what to do with Seniors property.

The Captain of the Mens Section met with Gerry Lisi on Monday 30th Sept
2019. The green keepers have been made redundant. The course is closed unless a buyer can be found. However the gates will be open this Friday 4th October for members to collect any clubs etc that they own.

If you need a handicap certificate (i e to confirm your membership of CGC)
go to Howdidido, click on more, click on handicap, up come your qualifying
results, and there just above your qualifying results (on the top left) there’s
a star for certificate, click and up comes your handicap cert which you can now print.

Roll Up Report – Tuesday 17th September 2019

28 players took part in this weeks roll up playing Individual Stableford with 21 playing in the MMM.

Gordon Westerhof

Gordon and his wife Jacqui are off to pastures new, Gordon has been a member for 15 years and was involved in the introduction of the system we currently use at the roll ups, I’m sure you all join me in wishing them both all the very best for the future.

New Member

Last week we welcomed Doug Varney into the Seniors, Doug has been a member of the club since August 2018.

New (trial) member

Chris Scotcher game along today to sample what the Seniors have to offer, hopefully Chris will become a member before long.

Away Day

Just over two weeks now before we play at Wychwood, there has been a sudden surge of members paying so if anyone is still undecided remember time is fast running out. CLICK HERE TO SEE IF YOU HAVE PAID.

Dates for the diary

October 11th     Race night

November 15th Quiz Night

December 13th Christmas Wipeout

Division one 2019 Winner

Glyn Williams

Casuals 2019 Winner

Richard Bramwell

Winner September Medal

Dave Merrison

Roll up results

    Group 1  
    h/c pts
1st Tony Scrivens 10 42
2nd Peter Pitts 21 37
3rd Phil Figgins 21 36
    Group 2  
    h/c pts
1st Ian Bensted 28 38
2nd Chuck Berry 25 37 c/b
3rd Tony Belcher 32 37

Change to Next Week’s Format

Orange Ball death

Similar rules as Yellow ball, Orange ball plus one other scores, as the names are displayed on the TV screen that is the order of play, however failure to return the Orange ball results in Disqualification so make sure you remain focused when in the hot seat!!

BorB Next Week

 Hole 13

Roll Up Report – Tuesday 10th September 2019

Seniors Roll up 10th September 2019

40 players took part in this weeks roll up playing Morgan Pairs, combined with the Alec Baker Putter contest.

Morgan Pairs winners

Alan Kirkpatrick & Richard Belcher

(Full pairings below)

Alec Baker Putter Competition

Gordon Neilson

Gordon’s score was a total of 23 putts, taking only 9 on the front nine holes.


Congratulations goes to

Brian Reid

Enjoy your winnings Brian I believe you can buy approximately 4 litres of fuel and still have change.

Roll up results

Group 1    
  h/c Pts
1st               Nick Tomaszewski 18 41
2nd               Richard Tucker 19 40
3rd              Martin Clark 12             39 c/b
4th              Alan Kirkpatrick 15 39 c/b
Group 2    
  h/c Pts            
1st     Gordon Westerhof 23              42
2nd    Martin Hinkley 21             41
3rd     Keith Arlott 27 40
4th      Chris Howard 28 39 c/b

Next weeks format



Individual stableford

BorB next week

 Hole 13

Morgan Pairing results

First Name Surname 10/09/19 H’Cap Score First Name Surname 10/09/19 H’Cap Score Total
Alan Kirkpatrick 14.6 39 Richard Belcher 26.7 39 78
Nick Tomaszewski 17.9 41 Richard Bramwell 25.7 33 74
Richard Tucker 19.4 40 Colin Taylor 22.0 33 73
John Stiles 14.0 37 Phil Eltham 27.0 35 72
Peter Pitts 20.3 37 Gordon Blake 21.4 35 72
Ricky Braybrooke 14.0 31 Keith Arlott 27.2 40 71
Bill Baker 19.0 28 Gordon Westerhof 22.8 42 70
Gordon Neilson 8.2 36 Tony Belcher 31.3 33 69
Jerry Senior 12.5 30 Chris Howard 28.2 39 69
Jim Cotton 15.6 33 Dave Roberts 26.1 36 69
Philip Toms 20.6 28 Martin Hinkley 21.2 41 69
Tim Hoiles 18.7 32 Mark Baker 25.7 36 68
Alan Wilkins 20.7 28 Phil Figgins 20.7 38 66
Roger Bates 7.0 34 Doug Varney 39.0 30 64
Ron Jones 20.6 37 Ernie Trimble 20.9 26 63
Peter Fisher 13.6 34 Barrie Layfield 27.5 28 62
David Stroud 18.9 27 Paul Wynn 24.8 35 62
Dave Merrison 14.8 36 Richard Dewar 26.5 25 61
Brian Reid 9.2 33 Roland Syphas 28.9 27 60
Martin Clark 11.8 39 Julian Morris 28.8 13 52

Roll Up Report – Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Seniors Roll up 3rd September 2019

39 players took part in the last round of the Division one & Casual cup games this week which was brought forward because of course maintenance planned later in the year.

Away Day

A number of players who have signed up for this event are still to pay, this needs to be done in order that we can confirm numbers, if you have signed up then please let Peter Ellen know your intentions on whether you intend to play or are withdrawing.


Congratulations goes to

Terry Clark

This weeks Results

Group 1

                                                                             h/c             pts

1st               Glyn Williams                     14              41

2nd               Ricky Braybrooke               17              38 c/b

3rd              Brian Reid                                      12              38

4th              Rod Maloney                      16              36 c/b

Group 2

                                      h/c             Pts

1st     Arthur Strain                       24              37 c/b

2nd    Peter Pitts                                      21              37

3rd    Richard Belcher                           21              36

4th    Jeff Dixon                                       29              35

Next weeks format

Morgan Pairs


Alec Baker Putter trophy

BorB next week

 Hole #8

Roll Up Report – Tuesday 27th August 2019

Seniors Roll up  27th August 2019

37 players took part in the penultimate Division one, casual cup games this week, as stated following the game, next week will also be the same format this is because the scheduled game which was planned for September 24th clashes with course maintenance.

Players starting on the 11th

Management have requested that should those players who have started earlier in the day come around to the the 11th whilst the roll up players are yet to tee off, must be allowed to play through, this only happens rarely and should not have too much of an impact on members.

Nearest the pin charity raising

The winner of the donated club

Glyn Williams

We thank all those who contributed to the charity nominated by the family of Ross Standing, a total of £200 being raised for

“Scotty’s Little Soldiers”

This weeks Results

    Group 1  
      h/c   pts
1st Nick Tomaszewski 18 39 c/b
2nd Brian Reid 12 39
3rd Tony Dyet 15 37
4th Alan Kirkpatrick 14 36
    Group 2  
    h/c                    pts
1st Richard Bramwell 26 39
2nd Arthur Strain 24 38
3rd Gordon Westerhof 22 36
4th Paul Wynn 23 35 c/b

Next weeks format

Division one & Casual Cup

BorB next week

 Hole #6

Roll Up Report – Tuesday 20th August 2019

Seniors Roll up  20th August 2019

23 players took part in the roll up this week with 22 entering the MMM.


We had two instances this week that members should be aware of, one was where a four ball were booked immediately before the first tee time allocated for the MMM, we understand that this is perfectly legitimate however not ideal, in the past members playing a four ball match have teed off the 11th after the last group in the roll up and this works well.

Secondly a tee time was booked for 08:34 which is within the allocated times for the roll up, we have agreed with the Pro shop that in the future no similar requests will be allowed, should anyone have a reason for such a request please contact either the Captain or Vice Captain stating the reason for this and then they will try to accommodate the request.

Nearest the pin charity raising

As stated in a previous report, Dave Merrison has donated a quality Ex  demo chipper and the money raised is to go to “Scottys little soldiers” which we held three weeks ago, the cost for entry is a minimum of £2 but feel free to increase this if you wish.

Dates for the Diary

October 7th Seniors V Ladies

October 17th Captain V Vice Captain, Open to all players who have represented the club at matches.

Sign up sheets will be posted shortly

Away Day

A number of players are still to pay, please do so ASAP or let Peter Ellen or Bob Howard know if you have decided not to attend.

This weeks Results


Alan Kirkpatrick, nett 70

Roll up

                                                                                      h/c             pts

1st               Keith Arlott                                             28              41

2nd               David Stroud                                           20               40

3rd              Ian Bensted                                             28               38 c/b

4th              Gordon Blake                                         22              38

Next weeks format

Division 1,  Casual Cups.

BorB next week

Hole #4

Roll Up Report for Tuesday 6th August 2019

Seniors Roll up 6th August 2019

A total of 46 members turn up for the roll up this week playing 6,6,6, which could now be renamed: “Dementia Prevention”, it certainly seemed to be an issue for even some of our seasoned players.

Away Day

Time is getting short now for anyone who intends to play in this competition, those who have put their name forward now need to pay Peter Ellen at the earliest opportunity. Click here for details

Knighton Trophy

With the numbers playing this year it has now been decided to play off three tees and not two which was announced yesterday, the draw will be distributed shortly.

Ross Standing

Scott’s little soldiers

The total raised for the nominated charity is £140, Dave Merrison has requested that we hold one more nearest the pin as he would like to donate a “Chipper” golf club as the prize, we will do this on the 27th of August.

Seniors V Ladies

The date proposed for this is October 7th further details will be available closer to the date.

Nearest the pin

Congratulations to Arthur Strain who was this weeks winner, Arthur asked for the prize to be returned for use another day,

note to committee we must get better prizes”


I must congratulate myself on a perfect lob wedge shot to win the BorB this week, my thanks goes to Derek for the lesson I had at the clinic this week which takes place every Monday at 13:30.



1st                A Wilkins, R Bates, G Westerhof,               59 c/b

2nd              L Waters, T Clark, B Howard                       59

3rd              I Knights, P Ellen,T Hoiles                                     57 c/b


The next time we play for this will be the 27th as we have the Knighton and then the MMM before.

Next weeks format.

Knighton Trophy

Roll Up Round Up – Tuesday 30th July 2019

Seniors Roll up 30th July 2019

Unbelievably we had 33 members turn up for the roll up this week, what’s more 27 actually went the distance even though the weather was not ideal!.

Away Day

If you intend to play in this competition please ensure your names are entered on the sign up sheet in plenty of time.

Knighton Trophy

The sign up sheet is on the Seniors notice board, please ensure you sign up sooner than later, this year we will be teeing off on more than one tee so that players complete in a timely manner, for the benefit of any new members this competition is in place of the weekly roll up, therefore, if you wish to play then enter now.

Ross Standing

With the reduced attendance this week we still managed to raise £90:70, the winner of the nearest the pin was Bill Baker who generously asked that we use the prize next week to increase the amount that we can donate to the charity nominated by the family of Ross.

We also thank Gordon Westerhof for donating the prize originally and Phil Toms who won last week and has returned the prize to be used again.

Lefties v Righties

Our vice captain has been chosen to captain the “Righties”, for those not familiar with this competition, if you turn right when leaving the club then you’re a Rightie if you turn left then your not.

The competition takes place on Sunday August 18th, if you’re only a five day member but would like to take part then let Brian know and I’m confident he can find a solution for you!.

Results 2’s & 3’s


1st     Dave Wanless, Keith Arlott, Chuck Berry         89

2nd    Roger Bates, Ron Jones, Richard Tucker  86

3rd    Phil Toms, Arthur Strain, Rod Forder                  84 c/b


The BorB rolls onto the 17th next week

Next weeks format.


     Holes 1-6, Texas Scramble

 Holes 7-12, Yellow Ball.

Holes 13 – 18, 3 ball better ball