Roll Up Report – 19th February 2019

Seniors Roll up Tuesday 19th February.

Forty nine players took part in this week’s game, with the weather unseasonably mild it proved to be an enjoyable walk!

Once again the BorB remained elusive, next week we move on to the 13th


I think it’s worth mentioning that with the arrival of our new chef there has been a marked improvement in the quality and choice of food available, with this in mind I’d like to encourage members to partake so that we can ensure that this area of the golf club remains viable


This is the final reminder for anyone who wishes to join this scheme.


Group 1

                                                h/c             pts

1st     Peter Fisher               15               41

2nd    Tony Dyet                  18              40    

3rd    Rod Maloney            17              38     c/b

4th     Gordon Blake            20              38     c/b

Group 2

                                                h/c             pts

1st     Phill Toms                  21              42

2nd    Paul Wynn                 25              40

3rd    Bob Howard              22              39

4th     Bill Baker                    21              38     c/b

Next week game

Two’s and three’s

Roll Up Report – 12th February 2019

Seniors Roll up Tuesday 12th  February.

Fifty four players took part in a game of 1,2,3 this week, it seemed that everyone was very keen to play which was demonstrated by all players arriving early!

Once again the BorB remains elusive, although I am informed that Alan Wilkins came close, I’m sure we all feel for him, never mind on we go to the next challenge which is hole #8.

Thursday 14th

Valentines dinner

Why not celebrate in the clubhouse and sample the menu of our new chef?

“Race night information”

We have had it confirmed that all runners have passed the test given by our resident vet and that not one suffers from equine flu although there is a possibility of a virus.


Time is running out now for anyone who wishes to join this scheme, the last date being February 28th


1st     Alan Wilkins,             Peter Ellen,                Richard Bramwell    88

2nd    Richard Tucker         Richard Belcher        jerry Senior                87

3rd    Dave Wanless           Tony Belcher             Terry Clark                 86

Next week

Individual stableford

Roll Up Report – 5th February 2019

Seniors Roll up Tuesday 5th February.

Forty five players turned up to take part in a game of individual stableford this week, all seemed pleased to finally throw off the shackles that the weather had thrust upon us.

The after effects of the weather was plain to see, especially on the fourteenth fairway,  I guess that the majority of players second shot landed squarely in a wide patch of snow which seemed hell bent on remaining defiant.

The BorB remains intact, this isn’t surprising really as you would need to have been within an inch or two from the hole to guarantee your putt, anything further away than that would certainly be at the mercy of the terrain. The BorB now moves onto hole six.


Group 1

1st     Roger Bates                h/c   9       pts    40 c/b

2nd    Nick Tomaszewski   h/c   19     pts    40

3rd    Tony Dyet                  h/c   18     pts    39

4th     Tim Hoiles                  h/c   21     pts    37 c/

Group 2

Due to a clerical error it was found that one members card had been missed, therefore it has been decided that the result announced was incorrect and in this case we have decided to pay a 5th place.

1st     Dave Roberts            h/c   26     pts    45

2nd    Chris Howard            h/c   30     pts    40

3rd    Arthur Strain             h/c   24     pts    39

4th     Doug Jackson            h/c   27     pts    37c/b

5th     Brian Stepney           h/c   50     pts    37

Roll Up Report – 29th January 2019

Seniors Roll up Tuesday 29th January 2019

Upcoming events

Race Night

Friday 1st March

 Further details can be found on this website. Click here

Away Day

Wednesday April 24th

The away day information can be found on this website – click here – a sign up sheet is also on the Seniors Notice Board.

Seniors Open

July 4th

Details can be found on the Seniors Notice Board.

Anyone who still wishes to join the insurance scheme should let Terry Clark or any committee member know ASAP.  Terry needs to submit the information to the Insurers, this is a one time opportunity.

Texas Scramble Results

1st     Jerry Senior,     Gordon Westerhof Richard Bramwell    62.2

2nd    Roger Bates,    Dave Wanless,        Ricky Braybrooke    65.6

3rd    Brian Reid,       Colin Taylor,              Alan Kirkpatrick       66.6


In stroke play, a competitor waiting to play to the putting green dropped a ball on the fairway and struck it twice with his putter. What is the ruling?

A- The competitor incurs a penalty of two strokes.

B – The competitor incurs a penalty of four strokes.

C – There is no penalty.

Correct Answer A.

Explanation: A Player must not make a practice stroke during the play of a hole (Rule 7-2)


Minutes of the previous AGM meeting

Changes to last years minutes. ‘’Handicaps will be reset’’ and noted that Terry Clark is ‘’Match Secretary’’

With these changes they were signed off

Election of Officers 

The following officers were elected.

Cliff Davies                 Captain

Richard Tucker            Vice Captain

John Ordish                  Secretary

Peter Ellen                     Treasurer  (voted in )

Bill Baker                     Competitions Secretary  (voted in )

Laurence Waters          Away day Secretary

Ray Duckett                 Handicap Secretary

Terry Clark                  Match secretary

Captain  Explained the set of non-voting members of the Committee

Budget Status  

Peter Ellen

Peter presented the accounts and a copy was distributed. They were audited and approved by Dave Wanless who was thanked by the members.

The financial year would be from 1st January 2018.

There were 80 members with 40-45 members playing each week

There was considerable discussion regarding the reporting of the accounts. These comments were noted with possible changes for 2018.

Our expenditure was in excess of income. We would need to improve our income for 2018

The meeting voted to accept the finances. This was carried.

Peter was thanked for all his work during the year.


A full list of the proposals submitted and their outcomes is given in appendix 1 below

Colin Pedley.

The results of the Colin Pedley competition were then announced

Winner Tim Hoiles

Nearest pin   Ray Duckett

Longest Drive Dave Merrison

Nearest in two Brian Rawle.

Lawence asked who Colin Pedley was. He was an Oxford Don and Minister. He played golf with the Seniors.

Captains Report

Gordon reported that we had 46 weeks of roll ups, with an average of 44 members taking part and one week of 58 players.

It had been a good year although there were problems with the mid monthly medal matches.

There were also still some problems with the club house.

Go5rdon made a presentation to Natali and thanked her for all the hard work she had put in.

Gordon also thanked The Committee with special thanks to Richard.

It was also hope that more people would come to social events during the coming year.

Finally, Gordon wished Cliff all the best for 2018 and wished everyone a happy Christmas.

Cliff then presented Gordon with the Captains salver.

The meeting then closed.

Appendix 1

Summary of outcomes of the resolutions at the AGM 2017

Please note the resolutions have been abbreviated for this summary.

  • To set up a small group not meet to make recommendations to the Committee to enable to speed up the typical 18 hole round. (Proposer Greg Phllips/Seconder Jerry Senior)

         Resolution passed

  • That the section of the computer system that generates tee times for players should be abandoned to be replaced by a card based system (Barrie Layfield/Phil Toms)

Resolution Lost

  • That the Eclectic series be based on Seniors Handicaps as of 1st January and not subject to change

(Glynn Williams/Steve Maier)

Resolution Lost

  • Seniors handicaps are not reset at the end of the calendar year but roll over year on year

(Cliff Davies/Bill Baker)

Resolution Passed

  • Do we keep the Open or change to a Seniors Championship over 2 rounds

(Bill Baker/Richard Tucker)


  • Amendment/counterproposal : That the Committee explore the possible introduction of a Seniors Championship.


Signed :                                                                     Date :

Roll Up Report – 22nd January 2019

42 players braved the weather to play yellow ball this week

Following a slight problem when the handicap sheet mysteriously disappeared, almost all players managed to get away, I say almost because while waiting to tee off at the 15th a certain member of the committee suddenly realised that either his playing partners had decided not to play or alternatively he was in the wrong place.

Can I remind members that our finance guru is still waiting for those who are yet to pay their yearly subscription, until this is paid he cannot report on the correct number of members for 2019

Anyone who still wishes to join the insurance scheme should let Terry Clark know ASAP, Terry needs to submit the information to the Insurers, this is a one time opportunity.

There will be Race Night in the clubhouse on March 1st in aid of The British Heart Foundation

£10 pp which includes a warm supper.

More details to follow.


1st     Peter Fisher,    Jim Cotton,      Tim Hoiles        88 pts

2nd    Bob Howard,   Rod Forder       Brian Bonfield 81 pts c/b

3rd    Bill Baker          Terry Clark        Peter Ellen        81 pts