Roll Up Report – 7th May 2019

Seniors Roll up Tuesday 7th May 2019

45 members turned up this week playing “Yellow Ball Killer” from the comments made following the game it appeared to be well received, although the curse of the Seniors struck again when a certain player picked their ball up with a shot left and was also the yellow ball player!


The next round for the singles and doubles has been drawn and published on the notice board and the website,

A signup sheet for the Captains cup is also on the notice board, monies will be collected from next Tuesday.

Inter club matches

The rain last week stayed away for the majority of the time although a few of the last groups were unlucky to get caught out, the final result for the match was:

Carswell 2 Cleeve Cloud 4


The BorB moves to the 6th next week

 Date for the Diary

Friday July 12th

BBQ & Entertainment by “the Dave Davies Duo”

Roll up Results


1st     Phil Toms,         Malcolm Higgins,              Roland Syphas                   84

2nd    Nick Tomaszewski,  Martin Hinckley,      Peter Wheeler          82

3rd   Chris Howard,           Ian Bensted,              Paul Wynn                  82 c/b                                     

Please Note: The website is having its annual decoke and will not be updated for another two weeks.

Captains Cup 25th June 2019

The Captains Cup

Tuesday 25th June 2019

Stroke play from the White T`s

All start from 1st T in handicap order Club Handicaps

Open to all paid up seniors with an active handicap

Prizes on the day for 1,2,3 & 4. Plus Nearest the Pin & Longest Drive

The overall winner is presented the cup at the Presentation Lunch

All players are responsible for ensuring their correct handicaps

Please sign up on the Notice Board in the Changing Rooms By 18th June 2019

Roll Up Report – 30th April 2019

Seniors Roll up Tuesday 30th April 2019

52 members turned up this week playing 2s & 3s, with this number of players it meant that two pairs were offered the option to either play individual stableford or use the calculation of a “ghost” player, the latter was chosen.

To explain how this calculation works;

The joint score of the pair is divided by two, this then provides the mean average which becomes the score of the “ghost”.

for example

Player 1 scores 3 points

Player 2 scores 2 points

Ghost allocated 3 + 2 = 5 divided by 2 = 2.5

On par 4s and 5s The two best scores count therefore

Player 1 scores 3

Ghost     scores 2.5

Score 5.5

If playing a par three hole when all scores count

Player 1 scores  3,

Player  2 scores 2

 Ghost           scores 2.5

                       Score   7.5

When scoring the actual figure scored is entered and is not to be rounded up on each hole.


We move onto hole #4 next week.



1st     B Mace,   I Bensted,                   C Howard                   102

2nd R Tucker,    G Westerhof                                              98 c/b

3rd    L Waters, A Wilkins           B Bunning                     98

Roll Up Report – 23rd April 2019 inc Away Day

Seniors Roll up Tuesday 23rd April 2019

46 members turned up this week playing in the first of 2019s  Division 1 & Casual cups.

System input

Unfortunately one member refused to enter his results into the system following the game this week, this is a requirement going forward and refusal by any individual may result in a ban on taking part in future competitions when system entry is required.

Away Day

Thanks go to Bob Howard for organising what was an enjoyable day, we almost managed to avoid the rain although some avoided it more than others, the greens were in excellent condition and proved to what can only be described as challenging, the results were

First                              Peter Ellen

Second                        Roger Bates

Third                            Glyn Williams

Nearest the pin        Richard Tucker

Longest Drive            Brian Reid


Congratulations to Roger Bates on getting the BorB this week, I can confirm that it was an impressive bunker shot which rolled straight into the centre of the cup.

 Next week is hole # 17

Roll up Results

Group 1

                                                h/c             pts

1st     Tim Hoiles                  20              41 c/b

2nd    Brian Reid                  11              41

3rd    Roger Bates               13              39 c/b

4th     Chris Curd                  19              39

Group 2

                                                h/c             pts

1st     Colin Taylor               22              40

2nd    Roger Fletcher          21              38 c/b

3rd    Gordon Westerhof  22              38

4th     Brian Bonfield          25              37 c/b

Roll Up Report – 16th April 2019

Seniors Roll up Tuesday 16th April 2019

29 members turned up this week playing Individual stableford, there were plenty of members playing the MMM attempting to reduce their handicaps, or were they!!

Inter club matches

Last weeks opponents were The Wiltshire, the result being 5 and 1 in the favour of Carswell.

Seniors away day.

We are still waiting payment from some members for this event, if you initially indicated that you intended to play but have now changed your mind please let Bob Howard know ASAP.

Singles & Doubles

Please be aware that the deadline is fast approaching when these must be played


We are on hole #13 next week.


Group 1

                                                h/c             pts

1st     R Tucker                     23               37 c/b

2nd    A Wilkins                    21               37

3rd    T Scrivens                   9                 36

Group 2

                                                h/c             pts

1st     M Berry                       27               45

2nd    R Dewar                      27              44

3rd    I Bensted                    29              43

Next week

Casual, Division 1 cup


Club H/C

Roll Up Report – 9th April 2019

Seniors Roll up Tuesday 9th April 2019

29 members turned up this week playing Union Jack, obviously the weather forecast put some off, however it turned out to be better than what was reported.

Inter club matches

Carswell 1 1/2  Bicester 4 1/2

Seniors Open

Please can those members who have put their name forward to play please pay as soon as possible.


Please be aware that the rules are:

Only members who have paid can take part

Current Seniors h/c to be used, an updated list will be in the locker room

Inform the Pro shop prior to the game and that it is entered on the form.

All players to play off the yellow plate and not the tee of the day

Cards must be left in the pro shop following the game.


The BorB still remains intact, it will not take place next week with it being medal week, we will move onto the 13th on the 23rd.


Tees have been booked starting at 07:40 next week, anyone wishing to take part please report to the registration desk where you will be allocated a time, the roll up will take place in the normal way with the proviso that those playing in the medal will get priority off the 1st tee.


Group 1

                                                h/c             pts

1st     S Maier                       13              39

2nd    R Maloney                 16              37 c/b

3rd    R Bates                        8                 37 c/b

Group 2

                                                h/c             pts

1st     R Bramwell                28              44

2nd    B Howard                             21              39

3rd    P Eltham                     27              37

Next week



Individual Stableford

Roll Up Report – 2nd April 2019

Seniors Roll up Tuesday 2nd April 2019

40 members turned up this week playing individual stableford, we were not quite sure how many finished  because although we had some cards marked N/R we were three short overall. Not handing in cards results in a delay in determining the winners, it is the responsibility of all players to ensure that cards are made readily available at the end of the game.

Away Day

Please ensure that all monies due are now paid by no later than Tuesday 9th of April


The necessary register is now in place in the Pro shop, should anyone who hasn’t registered to play and now wishes to take part in this competition must ensure that they inform Bill Baker beforehand so that the register can be updated.

Shrivenham Academy

There is a possibility of a home game against the Academy on Thursday April 25th this is additional to the published matches, should anyone wish to take part please inform Richard Tucker by no later than Friday April 12th.


With the number of N/R cards this week I thought it important to make it known that if in the future a round  is not completed then any claim for the BorB will not be valid.

The BorB still remains elusive although Keith Arlott did chip in for a birdie this week! we now move onto hole number eight.


Group 1

                                                h/c             pts

1st     D Merrison                15              39

2nd    R Maloney                 17              35

3rd    P Ellen                         9                 33

4th     N Tomaszewski        18              32 c/b

Group 2

                                                h/c             pts

1st     K Arlott                       28              46

2nd    P Eltham                     28              38

3rd    C Curd                         21              36

4th     J Dixon                         31              34

Next week

Individual stableford (Union Jack)

Roll Up Report – 23rd March 2019

52 members turned up to play this week which meant that 48 played  Texas scramble and, as the total number of players wasn’t divisible by 3, 4 members played  individual stableford.

Away Day

There is a list of members on the website showing those who have and who have yet to pay.

Seniors competitions.

With competitions about to start it is the responsibility of individuals to ensure that the games are played in a timely manner which has been  mutually agreed.


The BorB moves onto hole number six


Individual Stableford

Ian Bensted h/c 29 points 39

Texas scramble

                                                                                                h/c             pts

1st     R Bates,              M Evans,           P Figgins            4.9             63.1

2nd    B Howard,        S Sands,             P Wright            6.6             64

3rd    B Baker,             T Clark,               R Belcher          6.0             65.3

Next week

Individual stableford