Captains Newsletter – 6th November 2019


The Future

The Carswell Golf Club is no more but the Seniors Section will carry on to the end of the year and will then become the Carswell Castaways Golf Society with the constitution that you can find on the documents page of the website

Voting for a Committee

Because we do not have a “home” club, voting will be by email or post. We do need to elect a new Committee for 2020 for the Society.The following people have been proposed by the present Committee as the Officers of the Society (i.e. the new Committee).

· Brian Reid (Captain)

· Nick Tomaszewski (Vice Captain)

· Peter Ellen (Treasurer)

· Terry Clark (Secretary)

· Bill Baker (Competitions Secretary)

· Bob Howard, (Venue Organiser)

· Tony Dyet (Handicap Secretary)

Should any member wish to propose some other member for one or more of the Offices you should do so by sending TO ME BY EMAIL OR POST the name of the person and that of a seconder to be received before the 30th November 2019.

If there is a contest for any of these posts then it will carried out before the year end.

Membership 2020

To renew your membership please print off the form attached and deliver it along with a cheque for £10 to the Treasurer or any Committee Member by 31st January 2020.

Note: 1. It has been necessary to set the fee at £10 to reflect the probable extra cost of being without a home club, continuation of the website and any administration costs, This will be reviewed at the end of the year.

2. Cheques only please because with fees being passed from person to person it is essential to provide an audit trail.


Richard Tucker

15 Greenheart Way