Draft Seniors Committee Minutes – 17th October 2019

Present:   Richard Tucker (Captain)
Brian Reid ( Vice Captain)
Peter Ellen (Treasurer)
Terry Clark (Match Secretary)
By Invitation:-
Tony Dyet (Club Handicap Secretary)
Peter Pitts (Past Treasurer)
1 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies received from John Ordish (Secretary) and Bob Howard (Away Day Secretary)
2. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The Minutes were taken as read and confirmed.
3. OUTLINE OF EVENTS There has been very little change.  D&C Golf Ltd, the Carswell Management company, have gone into voluntary liquidation. Carswell gates remain closed.  Gerry Lisi has refused to return our Trophies until he has spoken to his lawyer.  He is not reopening the course and it is believed he is sanctioning mining for minerals on the course. Today’s Captain v Vice Captain match is likely to be the last competitive function of the Carswell Seniors.
4. FINANCIAL APPRAISAL AND RECOVERY OF SENIORS ASSETS. RT is to attend a further meeting with Gerry Lisi on Tuesday about the Trophies.  If he again refuses to hand them over he and the Liquidators will be sent letters explaining that the Seniors are their sole owners and they should be returned to us.  XXXXXXX REDACTED. Note:   It was agreed to put to the members of the Section by way of email vote that remaining assets be transferred to the proposed Society (RT).  
5. CARSWELL SENIORS MATCHES FOR 2020. It was agreed to inform other Clubs Seniors that the Section cannot honour the fixtures already agreed so as to allow them to use the dates for other purposes.  TC to action.
6. FORMATION OF CARSWELL SENIORS GOLF SOCIETY It had been decided to form a Society with those attending this meeting and Bob Howard to be responsible for its formation.  It is expected that there will be 6 to 8 competitions per year centring on the summer months. The tasks/offices allocated are Brian Reid (Captain), Richard Tucker (Entertainments Secretary), Peter Ellen (Treasurer), Bill Baker (Competitions Secretary), Bob Howard, (Venue Organiser), Tony Dyet (Handicap Secretary), Terry Clark (Secretary).  These positions are created to oversee the formation and there will be elections for officers at the first AGM.   Note: There is to be a ballot of members of the Seniors Section to seek approval of the concept and of the constitution (RT).  TC to draft a constitution that can be put to the members.
7. PRESENTATION EVENING The Presentation Evening is confirmed for Friday 13th December 2019 at the Comrades Club in Wantage.  Cost will include the band Wipe Out (£240 already booked), hire of rooms and cleaning (£25) and food.  It was agreed that there should be a charge of £5 per head for each member and £5 for one guest; additional guests to be charged £10 per head.  TC to devise reply form.  RT to circulate. Note: RT was to ask John Ordish to look after the provision of medals and mementoes.