Captain’s Report on Seniors Open 2019

Seniors Open 4th July 2019

Thankfully the day started with the sun shining, which is always a worry especially with One hundred players scheduled to play this year.

Along with the golf club staff, Brian Reid and I arrived on site at 07:00 with things to arrange before the players arrived.

At 08:00 our faithful putting competition controller Ron Temple arrived, suitably attired in his usual garb of striped blazer, true to form not one person was allowed past without first donating the statuary one pound, whether they were taking part in the days competition or were just passing his station.

Next to arrive were the ladies who volunteered to control the registration, Jan Crawshaw and Beryl Vann, by the result of the amount of raffle tickets sold no one escaped from their mesmerising control.

The Starter for the day Brian Stepney arrived in time to have his breakfast minus the sausage, he gave strict instructions that the missing sausage was to be served with a coffee at his place of work precisely at 10:30.

It was around 08:00 that the first players started to arrive, this was followed by a steady stream over the next four hours.

Breakfast was well received and the service that was provided by the clubhouse staff was exceptional and worked with military precision.

At 08:50 the first call came from

 Brian Stepney through the PA system, instructing the first group of players to report to the starters position for instructions, this continued at 10 minute intervals until the final group left the tee four hours later, at this point I was informed by Brian that he had achieved in getting everyone away on time but could take no responsibility on the timings of their return.

Around 10:00 Keith Arlott who is still recouping after his knee operation arrived to man the drinks wagon, Keith did a few runs ( in his buggy ) around the course early on, returning on two occasions to replenish his stocks, as the final groups came around to the 10th Keith decided to station himself by the tee, this was I believe to try and get some tips on improving his game!

As the groups progressed around the course it was a relief to see that by restricting the start times by ten minutes rather than the usual eight seemed to work well, there was the odd occasion when groups were held up however these seemed to be few and far between.

Hole 17

This was everyone’s opportunity to show off their golfing skills to our resident Professional Derek Craik, there were One hundred “golfers” playing and only Six managed to win the sleeve of balls, from what I understand now is that Derek is expecting to be busy over the coming months giving lessons, if everyone took part in the competition then it meant that Derek had a 94% success rate, however, having worked in an industry where targets were set by our customers at 99.9% , Derek, we need to see some improvement by next year!

A full list of winners can be found on this website

It now just leaves me to thank all those who helped to make the day a success.







Green keepers





Ron Temple

Brian Stepney

Jan Crawshaw

Beryl Vann

 Keith Arlott

All members who sponsored holes and donated raffle prizes, there are too many to mention ( truth is I don’t want to miss anyone out )

And last but not least thanks to this year’s vice captain Brian Reid who put everything together and achieved not only a record attendance but also a memorable day for all who took part.

The amount raised for our charity will be announced shortly when our financial secretary has finalised the income v the outgoings.