Minutes of the previous AGM meeting

Changes to last years minutes. ‘’Handicaps will be reset’’ and noted that Terry Clark is ‘’Match Secretary’’

With these changes they were signed off

Election of Officers 

The following officers were elected.

Cliff Davies                 Captain

Richard Tucker            Vice Captain

John Ordish                  Secretary

Peter Ellen                     Treasurer  (voted in )

Bill Baker                     Competitions Secretary  (voted in )

Laurence Waters          Away day Secretary

Ray Duckett                 Handicap Secretary

Terry Clark                  Match secretary

Captain  Explained the set of non-voting members of the Committee

Budget Status  

Peter Ellen

Peter presented the accounts and a copy was distributed. They were audited and approved by Dave Wanless who was thanked by the members.

The financial year would be from 1st January 2018.

There were 80 members with 40-45 members playing each week

There was considerable discussion regarding the reporting of the accounts. These comments were noted with possible changes for 2018.

Our expenditure was in excess of income. We would need to improve our income for 2018

The meeting voted to accept the finances. This was carried.

Peter was thanked for all his work during the year.


A full list of the proposals submitted and their outcomes is given in appendix 1 below

Colin Pedley.

The results of the Colin Pedley competition were then announced

Winner Tim Hoiles

Nearest pin   Ray Duckett

Longest Drive Dave Merrison

Nearest in two Brian Rawle.

Lawence asked who Colin Pedley was. He was an Oxford Don and Minister. He played golf with the Seniors.

Captains Report

Gordon reported that we had 46 weeks of roll ups, with an average of 44 members taking part and one week of 58 players.

It had been a good year although there were problems with the mid monthly medal matches.

There were also still some problems with the club house.

Go5rdon made a presentation to Natali and thanked her for all the hard work she had put in.

Gordon also thanked The Committee with special thanks to Richard.

It was also hope that more people would come to social events during the coming year.

Finally, Gordon wished Cliff all the best for 2018 and wished everyone a happy Christmas.

Cliff then presented Gordon with the Captains salver.

The meeting then closed.

Appendix 1

Summary of outcomes of the resolutions at the AGM 2017

Please note the resolutions have been abbreviated for this summary.

  • To set up a small group not meet to make recommendations to the Committee to enable to speed up the typical 18 hole round. (Proposer Greg Phllips/Seconder Jerry Senior)

         Resolution passed

  • That the section of the computer system that generates tee times for players should be abandoned to be replaced by a card based system (Barrie Layfield/Phil Toms)

Resolution Lost

  • That the Eclectic series be based on Seniors Handicaps as of 1st January and not subject to change

(Glynn Williams/Steve Maier)

Resolution Lost

  • Seniors handicaps are not reset at the end of the calendar year but roll over year on year

(Cliff Davies/Bill Baker)

Resolution Passed

  • Do we keep the Open or change to a Seniors Championship over 2 rounds

(Bill Baker/Richard Tucker)


  • Amendment/counterproposal : That the Committee explore the possible introduction of a Seniors Championship.


Signed :                                                                     Date :