Format for the 2019 Eclectic Trophy

The format for this year’s Eclectic is to be played over a maximum of 6 rounds and will take place from April to September (inclusive) giving players the  total flexibility to play each round when it is convenient for them.


  1. All players must be paid up members of  Carswell Seniors Golf Club.
  2. Before taking part in the competition all those wishing to play must register with the Competitions secretary with a one off £2 payment.
  3. The format is stableford and played using Seniors Handicap.
  4. All players must register in the pro shop prior to playing any round of the Eclectic and ensure completed cards are returned to the pro shop.
  5. All players must be accompanied by a member of Carswell Golf Club who will mark and sign their cards.
  6. As to ensure all rounds are equal, all players must play off the yellow plates and not the tees of the day. (This has already been agreed with the ground staff)
  7. All players shall Putt Out, unless they cannot score.
  8. If any of the main greens are closed the round is cancelled and be replayed.
  9. Should a player register to play a round and not return their card then the round will still be counted as one of their six.
  10. No card will be accepted if a player fails to register their intention to play an Eclectic round.
  11. Cards will be collected on a regular basis.