Roll Up Roundup – 15th January 2019

Roll up results 15/01/19

52 players turned up to play individual stableford this week and looking at the results some did much more than just turn up, unfortunately I am not included in this group.

The BorB is still intact so we move on to hole 13 next week which I’m told is possibly the easiest of the par 3s.

We welcome a new member this week. Barrie Bunning,  I’m sure he was more than impressed by the quality of golf!

It was brought to my attention yesterday that some members were interpreting the new rules incorrectly, it involved grounding your club in a bunker, the rules state “ that you cannot touch the sand with your club in front or behind the ball”, there are exceptions about touching the sand which you can read on page 66 of the players edition of the rules of golf available in the pro shop.

I’m sure all are aware now that we have the divot bags, as responsible golfers we should show others that as a group we will do our best to protect our course.


Group 1

1st           Tony Dyet                           h/c 20    Pts 43

2nd          Jerry Senior                        h/c 14    Pts 41 c/b

3rd           A Kirkpatrick                       h/c 13    Pts 41 c/b

4th           Roger Bates                        h/c 11    Pts 41 c/b

Group 2

1st           Jeff Dixon                            h/c 30    Pts 45

2nd          Arthur Strain                      h/c 25    Pts 44

3rd           Richard Belcher                 h/c 24    Pts 42

4th           Gordon Westerhof         h/c 25    Pts 41

Next Weeks game is Yellow Ball

The Competition Calendar and the Book of Competitions for 2019 is now on the DOCUMENTS page of the website