Captain’s Newsletter – December 2018

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to this the final newsletter of 2018, and possibly for some considerable time – I say nothing!!!   So as well as reflecting on the Colin Pedley, there will also be a summary of the year’s awards, but first of course [did you doubt it] an announcement – but just the one:  

The Seniors AGM,           which is being held on 8th January following the first roll-up of the New Year and sustenance in the form of lunch will be available at a cost of £8, but please note: unlike with the Pedley this will be optional meaning that if you wish to take advantage either let me know in advance via Email or by using a sign-up sheet that will be in the clubhouse on the day – in either event, payment must be made to the clubhouse BEFORE starting your round.

Colin Pedley

The weather proved the most influential factor ‘on the day’ as strong winds and, for those with a late teed-time, the rain conspired to make in an interesting if not challenging round for all concerned.   In the end it was the cunning ‘low-flight’ technique of Dave Wanless’ driving that paid dividends, as Dave won through with a blistering score of 41.

Colin Pedley 2018 Winner – Dave Wanless

And for those that missed it, the full results were:

Colin Pedley:                 Winner                                    Dave Wanless            41

                                       Second                                                Jerry Senior               36 c/b

                                       Third                                       Jeff Dixon                  36 c/b

                                       Fourth                                     Peter Metcalfe           34 c/b

On-course:                     Nearest-the-pin [13]                Chris Smyth

                                       Nearest-the-pin in two [18]     David Stroud

                                       Longest drive [5]                    Brian Reid

The ‘Pedley’ was of course followed by a hearty lunch and our annual awards ceremony, and once everyone had refuelled & thawed-out, a generally good time was evidently had by all as the following images clearly show.

2018 Monthly Medal Winners – but what had Brian said to upset the others???

A rather outnumbered Natali – do you think they’re hungry?

The Results for the Year

Seniors’ Monthly Medal Winners

April                                          Martin Clark

May                                           Dave Wanless

June                                           Colin Taylor

July                                            Brian Reid

Aug                                            Gordon Westerhof

Sept                                           Jerry Senior

Seniors’ Annual Competition Winners

Eclectic [medal]                         Dave Roberts

Morgan Pairs                             Brian Reid & Roland Syphas

Veterans Cup                             Roger Bates

Old Oak                                     Phil Toms

Geko   [singles]                          Glyn Williams

Gotzl   [pairs]                             Dave Roberts & Nick Tomaszewski

Casuals Cup                               Paul Wynn

Division 1 Cup                          Tony Dyet & Glyn Williams [joint]

Captains Cup                             Brian Reid

Knighton Trophy                       Peter Metcalfe

Colin Pedley                              Dave Wanles

And finally the moment you’ve [allegedly] been waiting for;

Heard on the Course

Golfer 1:         My wife had a bad habit of biting her nails but I cured her.

Golfer 2:          How did you do that?

Golfer 1:          I hid her teeth!!!!

Common’   It could only be Tommy Cooper

A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all, and please give Richard & Brian all the support you can when they pick up the reins – you will have heard it before but believe me, it’s a pretty thankless task.

Cliff Davies

21st December, 2018