Roll Up Roundup – 11th December 2018

Hi Everyone

We’reevidently getting something right as 51-seniors pitched-up today [no pun intended] to take full advantage of the benign conditions.

Just two announcements this week, both important to the upcoming events:

  • Bill will be updating the handicaps following this week’s roll-up and thereafter making the draw for the ‘Pedley’ in time to circulate your tee-times by the weekend – at least we hope that’s the case as he’s off on a winter break on Friday.   Have a good one Bill.

As for the day itself, we have arranged with Natali that the buffet service will commence at 1:00pm, and this will be on a rolling basis to keep things moving and so enable us to start the presentation of awards as early as possible.

  • The agenda for the AGM is now on the website and the notice-board along with the one proposal received prior to the closing date [30th November].

Sustenance in the form of a pre-AGM lunch will be available at a cost of £8, but please note: unlike with the Pedley this will be optional meaning that if you wish to take advantage either let me know in advance via Email or by using a sign-up sheet that will be in the clubhouse on the day – in either event, payment must be made to the clubhouse BEFORE starting your round.

Moving on;  the BoB returned to something approaching normal this week as there was no winner, meaning that we will restart in the New Year on the 6th.   As for the roll-up, a prequel to the Pedley being an individual stableford, there were contrasting results between groups 1 & 2, the former being very tight, while the latter was almost orderly, the results being:

    Individual Stableford    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Nick Tomaszewski 18.3 38 c/b
1 2nd Graham Brindley 13.5 38 c/b
1 3rd Gordon Blake 19.5 38 c/b
1 4th Phil Toms 19.7 36 c/b
2 1st Tim Hoiles 20.7 41
2 2nd Gordon Westerhof 25.3 40
2 3rd Richard Dewar 25.0 39
2 4th Jeff Dixon 29.8 38

Congratulations to this week’s winners, and ‘bon chance’ to all those playing in the Pedley, the last trophy event of 2018.   Needless to say we have arranged for it to be dry, albeit it may be a little breezy – well, you can’t have everything!!!!

See you on the day