The Seniors have a camera.

What is it? It is a Panasonic Lumix DMC -TZ80. It is a point and shoot camera with a Leica 30x Optical Zoom and 18.1 megapixel resolution. It cost £229 – for the careful spenders this amounts to around 60p per year per member over 5 years.

Why was it bought? To allow the website to carry high resolution pictures. The website was created for free, saving an estimated £600, and requires in the region of 2 hours per week upkeep. The website works better with pictures of a good quality and size. The Committee thought it unreasonable to expect the website manager to continue using his own camera at his own risk for this purpose.

Were there alternatives? The Panasonic is good value for money. Mobile Phone cameras have typically 60% of the resolution of the Panasonic and none of the flexibility of its zoom lens so were deemed not to be adequate for this purpose. In any event it is just as unreasonable to expect a club member to carry around his personal phone let alone his camera for this purpose.

Where is it kept? Currently it is retained by a Committee member.

(Posted 4th December 2018 amended 24th March 2019)