Roll Up Roundup – 20th November 2018

Hi Chaps

Has winter arrived, or what!!!!   But despite the cold being exacerbated by a nasty wind, 46-hardy souls took to the course for this week’s team game – bravely done one and all.   But you’ve guessed, before the results it’s the announcements:

  1. Tickets for the Quiz-Night on 30th November are selling well, and it’s good to see some friendly rivalry showing through. To make the evening as inclusive as possible, we have now printed a few extra tickets to give even more of you the chance to join in the fun – don’t worry if you can’t field a team as we will combine like-minded singles & pairs on the night.

We are also still looking for a few extra festive raffle prizes to make what will be our only Christmas social evening a little extra-special, therefore any seasonal contributions you can make would be very much appreciated.

  1. There are still a couple of weeks remaining to enter for the Colin Pedley, and while Bill will continue to ‘mop-up’ the roll-up regulars, if you’re not a regular and haven’t signed up yet, you can always Email your interest.
  2. However, time is running out to make any proposals to the AGM as the cut-off date is 30th November, so if you consider that there are improvements that could be made you will need to submit them PDQ.

Turning to the results:

Still yet another arid week in the BoB, something to do with the conditions perhaps, so next week we will be making things easier by progressing to the 13th.   And while Richard’s not saying the pot is almost too large for the tin, if you should see a large black vehicle with the ‘Securicor’ logo on the side . . . . !!!!!

In what was a fairly high scoring team game, the results were:

  2’s & 3’s  
Position Name Net score
1st Rod Forder 96
  Dave Roberts 96
  Aurther Strain 96
2nd Peter Metcalfe 91
  Brian Ried 91
  Dave Wanless 91
3rd Phil Toms 89 c/b
  Richard Tucker 89 c/b

You’ll notice that in third place we had a pair, what a pair you say, but Phil has asked me to point out that his checking the score-cards had absolutely nothing to do with it!!!

More seriously, congratulations as ever to our winners, and next week you’re flying solo again with an individual stableford.   You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that while temperatures will be similar to this week, the winds will be lighter, and it shouldn’t be as overcast – but then again, what do I know?

Don’t forget those quiz tickets!!!!