Roll p Roundup – 13th November 2018

Hi Everyone

It was obviously last week’s forecast of a sunny day that did the trick as 55-members threw off their base-layers and took to the course, but before the results:

  1. Tickets for the Quiz-Night on 30th November are beginning to ‘move’ quite nicely but the more the merrier in terms of numbers, and if you want a little more incentive there is now talk of something to welcome you on arrival – watch this space.

As in essence this IS our Christmas social evening we would like to make the raffle a little extra-special and therefore contributions for raffle prizes would be very much appreciated, and the more festive these are the better.

  1. The number of entries for the Colin Pedley is also building, not least of course amongst the roll-up regulars. If you haven’t signed up yet, Bill will be accepting entries at our Tuesday roll-ups, and roll-up regulars & irregulars alike can always Email their interest.
  2. Your proposals to the AGM continue to be as rare as ‘rocking-horse compost’, which if nothing else augers well for a brief meeting. That said if you consider that there are improvements that could be made we will need any proposals by the end of November.

Turning to the results:

Yet another arid week in the BoB with no winner, so we move smoothly on to the 8th next week.   Richard now has his quote from Securicor to safeguard the expanding pot [the BoB’s not Richard’s], but hopefully someone will save us the expense by winning it.

In the main event, the cream has evidently risen to the top yet again, the results being:

Individual Stableford
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Dave Merrison 15.9 39
1 2nd Rod Maloney 17.1 38
1 3rd Nick Tomaszewski 18.4 34 c/b
1 4th Jerry Senior 13.2 34 c/b
2 1st Phil Toms 21.3 40
2 2nd Time Hoiles 21.9 39 c/b
2 3rd Bob Howard 21.6 39 c/b
2 4th Dave Wanless 19.9 38

Congratulations to our winners, and it would be good to write about a BoB winner next – feel free to oblige!   If you’ve sussed Bill’s scheduling by now you will have guessed that next week we have another team-game; “2’s & 3’s” – he obviously likes his numbers does Bill!!!!!    All will be explained on the day but looking at the forecast you may need to get out the base-layer again – overcast, breezy and a high of 6-degrees.

It’s almost a relief not be playing at the moment – almost!