Roll Up Roundup -30th October 2018


‘Mea culpa’!!!   A cock-up yesterday when I evidently failed to check one of the cards and, [you’ve guessed it] it was incorrect, meaning that the wrong player was credited with winning group 1.   It was corrected ‘on the spot’ and no one was out of pocket, but apologies all the same – and I thought the dementia was in remission!!!!!

The image above is the nearest I could get to a forgetful old man!

A change of procedure for this report as I’m not going to repeat the announcements made at the roll-up as these will not only be covered in the belated October newsletter, but all the relevant details can be found on the Seniors website:

So, moving swiftly on:   42-hardy souls braved the chilly start to the day, and whether or not the cold was to blame there was no BoB winner this week.   Next week we start the circuit of the course again as we roll over the pot to the 4th.

In the main event where the cut-off was 21, and the results were:

Individual Stableford
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Brian Reid 10.2 35
1 2nd Ricky Braybrooke 14.5 34 c/b
1 3rd John Stiles 11.7 34 c/b
1 4th Rod Maloney 17.2 34 c/b
2 1st Brian Bonfield 22.4 38 c/b
2 2nd Richard Dewar 26.8 38 c/b
2 3rd Keith Arlott 25.3 36
2 4th Richard Tucker 22.7 35

As ever, congratulations to our winners, and next week we enter the world of ‘Strictly’ with a team-game called Waltz 1-2-3.   How to score will be explained on the day as you will need it fresh in your minds!!!

Apologies again for the cock-up!