Roll Up Report – 9th October 2018

Hi Everyone

Judging by the post-round comments, an entertaining day was to be had trying to read the ‘under-repair’ greens this week, but as some jester observed “it’s the same for everyone” – just not reflected in all the scores, evidently!!!   But before they’re revealed the inevitable announcements:

  1. Match v The Ladies – Carole is having a few problems gathering sufficient numbers, but as some of you have indicated your willingness to help them out, final team selection [to be drawn from a hat] will be made/notified by the end of the week.
  2. The sign-up sheet for the Cap v Vice-Cap match on 1st November is now on the notice board, but please remember that this is only open to members that have played in prior matches over the course of the summer season.
  3. A pre-Christmas quiz-night with seasonal buffet and other goodies will be held in November [either 16th or 30th] but we are waiting on clarification on which from the clubhouse. As soon as this is finalised we will provide full details.
  4. And finally, a little way off yet but the Colin Pedley, followed by lunch and the awards presentation will take place on 18th December, while the AGM will follow the first roll-up of 2019 on 8th January – more detail in the next couple of weeks.

Moving swiftly on, yet again there was no winner of the BoB this week, so we roll the pot over to next when the target will be the 8th.   As for the main event where the cut-off handicap was 21 and above, the results were:


Individual Stableford
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Peter Ellen 9.8 38 c/b
1 2nd Tony Dyet 20.7 38 c/b
1 3rd Brian Reid 11.1 36
1 4th Tony Scrivens 9.0 34 c/b
2 1st Tim Hoiles 23.2 41
2 2nd Chris Curd 22.4 38
2 3rd Brian Stepney 49.3 35
2 4th Richard Dewar 26.8 34


Congratulations to our winners, and particularly good to see a few different names amongst the ‘usual suspects’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week we have one for the card-sharps amongst you, 3-card brag – it will all become clear on the day, honest!!!   As for the weather, still mild for the time of year but with some cloud – well you can’t have sunshine all of the time, it is October..