Roll Up Report – 2nd October 2018

Hi Everyone

The end of the summer season competitions meant that we were able to mark the change into autumn with a team competition [yellow ball] with varying results.   But before getting into that that inevitably a couple of announcements to begin for the benefit of those not at the roll-up today:

  1. The match with the ladies has now been re-arranged for the 15th inst, so if you were down to play and this presents a problem, or this enables you to play where you previously couldn’t, please let us know ‘as soon as’.
  2. Knowing that some of you will be closet chefs, Carole & Natali are asking for any favourite recipes that you would like to share with them as they are looking for ideas to be used in the clubhouse – you never know we may even see a Carswell cookbook, and finally:
  3. As some of you will know, Paul has now gone freelance, and is offering a 6-week course for intermediates on a Wednesday from 6:00-7:00pm – if you are interest please get in touch with him direct.

And so to the results:   No BoB winner again this week, so clearly you really do prefer to see the pot building – don’t quote me, but I think we progress to the 4th next week.

As for the main event the results were:

Yellow Ball
Position Name Net score
1st Brian Bonfield 94
Tony Dyet 94
Alan Wilkins 94
2nd Mark Baker 85
Tony Belcher 85
Richard Dewar 85
3rd Peter Pitts 82
Jerry Senior 82
Nick Tomaszewski 82


Congratulations to our winners, and I say absolutely nothing about Carswell’s incoming handicap secretary being amongst them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week it’s a straightforward individual stableford, and the weather looks almost identical to this, other than it will probably be a little darker first thing.