Roll Up Report -25th September 2018

Hi Everyone

It’s good to be back – allegedly!!!

Only one announcement this week [shame, I hear you say] and that only for those not present today:   The ladies have requested that we postpone the match scheduled for 1st October, but as yet no firm decision has been made pending Carole’s return from her break [but pencilling in Monday 8th may not be a bad idea!].   If those scheduled to play would kindly bear with us, as soon as we have firmed things up with the opposition we’ll let you know.

With that out of the way it’s all eyes on the results:   As there was no BoB winner this week, the [new] pot will obviously roll-over to next that will hopefully make it even more worth the winning.

Today was the last round of the Division 1 & Casuals Cup competitions – but then you probably knew that already!   The cut-off for roll-up [not the cups] purposes was a rounded 20 and above, and on that basis the all important results on the day were:

    Division 1 & Casuals Cups    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Brian Reid 10.6 39
1 2nd Graham Brindley 14.5 37 c/b
1 3rd Brian Rawle 9.7 37 c/b
1 4th Nick Tomaszewski 18.4 36
2 1st Chris Howard 25.6 37
2 2nd Paul Wynn 21.9 35
2 3rd Maurice Bawden 19.8 34 c/b
2 4th Brian Bonfield 24.9 34 c/b


So what does this mean in terms of the overall competitions, I hear you ask?    In the Division 1 Cup, we actually have a tie for 1st place with Tony Dyet & Glyn Williams level-pegging on 116-points, while the Casuals Cup is much more straight-forward with Paul Wynn out on his own with an impressive combined  score of 118-points – i.e. an average of over 39-points for the qualifying best three rounds.

In fact it’s been a good week for Glyn as he also pipped Brian Rawle in the final round of our last knockout competition, the Geko [singles].   Congratulations to all our winners, both on the day and in the overall competitions.

Next week we lighten the mood with a team game “Yellow Ball”, and although it’s likely to be less sunny than this week the conditions should still be very golf-friendly.

‘Nos vemos’