Captain’s Newsletter – 9th September 2018

Hi Everyone,

As the discerning amongst you will have guessed from the sub-heading above, a bit of a ‘cop out’ on this one as I will be away for a couple of weeks, meaning that I won’t have time to produce individual newsletters for each month – thank gawd for that, I hear Ray Duckett say!

Firstly a bit of breaking news:   Ken Beal has decided to bring his playing days to a close as he is increasingly suffering wth rheumatism.   Ken has obviously ‘had is moments’ in recent years, but has those that know him well will testify he is an extremely good natured chap, and will be a loss to the seniors section, but hopefully we will be able to drag him out of retirement occasionally.


Knighton Trophy winner 2018, Peter Metcalfe [left being presented by

Competitions Secretary Bill Baker


We start with an image of Peter Metcalfe receiving his prize for winning the Knighton Trophy, and for the benefit of those not in the know, the trophy is not actually in the envelope, but gets presented at the end of year awards day.   As you may gather from this, we are now rattling through the competitions and some of the monthly ones are now drawing to a conclusion, but there is still quite a lot to report so do ‘read on’.


The Course 1

As I’m still lame I’m not really in a position to judge, but looking at the scores in recent weeks the course is evidently still playing short, albeit the fairways look a little greener.   Having looked at the monthly forecast for the UK it’s likely to be above average temperatures with very little rain for a couple more weeks yet, so don’t expect to get back to more predictable conditions for a little while yet.


Things are definitely hotting-up in the summer monthly competitions and to summarise the story so far:

Geko [singles] & Gotzl: [doubles]:

Both knock-out competitions are now down to the final round, with Brian Rawle & Glyn Williams contesting the singles, and Dave Roberts & Nick Tomaszewski taking on Terry Clark & Peter Pitts in the doubles.


As the avid readers of the weekly roll-up report amongst you will know, the deciding round was last week and overall it was a close[ish] run thing the final placings being:

1st place with a score of 61-points                     Dave Roberts

Joint second with 58-points                              Brian Stepney & Nick Tomaszewski

4th place with 57-points                                     Rod Forder

Division 1 & Casuals Cups:

The final round is due to be played on 25th September, and this too looks as if it could go down to the wire, but rest assured, as soon as we know, you’ll know.

A couple more for you all to compete in this month:   the final round of the Mid-month Medal on the 25th, and the Morgan Pairs on the 11th.   For the newer members, the former is exactly what the title says, while the latter is played to the usual Stableford format in groups of three, with the pairs being selected after the event by pairing the highest & lower handicapped players, then the second highest & second lowest and so on.   If that sounds confusing it probably is, but don’t worry as it will be sorted by the registration team – sigh of relief all round I’m sure.


Laurence has arranged the Autumn Awayday for Thursday 18th October at Wrag Barn – south-east of Highworth if you don’t know it!   Full details are on the website and the sign-up sheet is on the notice board.

After done a stalwart job as Awayday Secretary for some years now, Laurence Waters has decided he will step-down at the end of the season and let someone else take on the roll.   More on this in the weeks to come, but do let one of the committee know if you are prepared to give it a go.

And one final one:   Richard is in the process of putting together a quiz night to be held in October.   Again more on this in the next few weeks, but do keep your diaries clear as it would be good to see another good trun-out.

The Clubhouse

As you may have noticed, the clubhouse is now offering a lunchtime special for the Seniors’ roll-up, usually a discounted selection from the normal lunchtime menu.   If you have sample one yet, do give it a go as not only does it help support the club, but will also add to the social side of our golf days.

Slow Play

After breaking from the intended ‘reminders’ on slow-play in the last newsletter, we are again reprising samples from Greg’s post-AGM proposals on slow-play – this month’s picks being:

  1. On the tee – ‘Go when ready’, this should always be the approach in the roll-up but do have the courtesy to tell your playing partners.   The only real exception is [say] when playing in a match where protocol probably dictates otherwise – but still worth asking.
  2. On the green – If your playing from off the green and need to chip on, do take your putter as well – there is nothing more frustrating than waiting to play in, and watching the group in front wandering [usually dawdling] back and fore to switch clubs



Heard on the Course

Golfer 1:         As golfer 3 is preparing to tee-off – ‘He’s a scratch golfer, you know!’

Golfer 2:          Falling for it hook, line, etc.    ‘Is he?   He didn’t look it on the last hole.’

Golfer 1:          ‘Yes!   He records all his good scores and scratches out the bad!!!!!!!!!!!!’

They really don’t get any better do they?


Cliff Davies

9th September, 2018