Roll Up Report – 4th September 2018

Welcome to this the first online roll-up report that I’m sure you have all been waiting for – not!!!    Nothing really changes, however, as we start with the inevitable announcements.

  1. As both Richard and I are away for the next two weeks [what planning I hear you say], Bill Baker will be stepping into the breach. It is not the easiest of tasks at the best of times, so would you please give Bill a bit of space during registration and save any queries or points you wish to make until after the event.
  2. The numbers wishing to play in the Awayday now exceed thirty, so if you have not yet expressed an interest and wish to play, do let Laurence or myself know [yes I will process Emails while away] or merely sign-up using the sheet on the Seniors’ notice board. For those of you that have signed-up already, would you be good enough pay the fee ‘as soon as’ now so that Laurence can sort out the finance, etc. – many thanks.
  3. So that you are aware, one of the most popular matches on our calendar “Seniors v Ladies”” will take place on Monday 1st October.  If you would like to play would you please confirm your interest by using the sign-up sheet posted on the Seniors’ notice-board, and final one:
  4. A reminder about the Celts v Sassenachs’ match being run over the 29th/30th September.  Again, a sign-up sheet has been posted but this time on the Mens’ notice board, and the good news is that it’s open to 5-day members provided you make a £5 contribution to the chosen charity.

Enough of this I hear you say, and so to the all-important results:

There was no BoB winner this week so the pot rolls over to the 13th, while in the roll-up where the cut-off handicap was 20 and over, the winners were:

Eclectic – 6th [and final] Round
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Peter Ellen 10.7 42
1 2nd Roger Bates 10.0 40 c/b
1 3rd Peter Pitts 18.6 40 c/b
1 4th John Drage 18.5 39
2 1st John Ordish 22.4 42 c/b
2 2nd Gordon Blake 20.5 42 c/b
2 3rd Ian Bensted 26.3 42 c/b
2 4th Barrie Layfield 25.2 42 c/b


What this gives in terms of the overall competitions, is:

1st place with 61-points                  Dave Roberts

Joint 2nd with 58-points                     Brian Stepney & Nick Tomaszewski

4th place with 57-points                     Rod Forder

Congratulations to all our winners, and next week we have another exciting competition for you in the form of the Morgan Pairs – for the benefit of the uninitiated it will all be explained on the day, which weather-wise promises to be rather like yesterday.

I now go to pack the bucket & spade – so at least it will be quiet for a couple of weeks!!!!!