Roll Up Roundup -7th August 2018

Yesterday’s roll-up, the 5th round of the Eclectic, tempted 50-senior members to brave the sweltering conditions one being a new member, Peter Fisher – Peter joins us from Naunton Downs having recently moved home.

A couple of reminders for those that missed them yesterday:   Bill will be circulating the tee-times for next week’s Knighton Trophy over the coming weekend, and:   Laurence has posted a sign-up sheet for the next Awayday on the notice board, so please register your interest ASAP.

As the more discerning of you may have noticed, the clubhouse are now offering a discounted selection off the ‘a la carte’ lunch-menu especially for the seniors roll-up – next week the selection is:   “Honey Glazed Pork Belly & caramelised apple puree, with watercress & shallot salad” priced at just £5.00.   So why not celebrate what I’m sure will be a stunning round in the Knighton by taking advantage of this great value-for-money offer!!!!

And so to the results:     No BoB winner again this week, and of course we skip the next couple ‘cos of the Knighton & MMM, so plenty of time to practice for 28th inst. when the competition rolls-over to 6th.   However, we did have a winner for the final round of Nick Tomaszewski’s nearest-the-pin competition raising sponsorship for the Marie Curie charity, namely, Gordon Blake.   And in the main event of the day the scores were just as blistering as the temperatures, as follows:

    Eclectic – round 5    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Rod Maloney 18.6 47
1 2nd Glyn Williams 11.8 42 c/b
1 3rd Peter Fisher 14.0 42 c/b
1 4th Brian Mace 18.2 41
2 1st Tony Dyet 22.5 45
2 2nd Phil Eltham 26.9 44
2 3rd Paul Wynn 23.6 43 c/b
2 4th Doug Jackson 25.7 43 c/b

Congratulations to all of the above, and Gordon of course, and a final prompt for those playing in the Knighton next week; please be sure to be at the 1st at least 5-minutes before your designated tee-times – there is even a danger that it could be a little cooler!!!!!

Bonne chance