Roll Up Roundup – 24th July 2018

An exciting day for all the wrong reasons yesterday as, as most of you will know, we had a fire break out while the roll-up was in progress.   The fire was at the dead tree-stump between the 2nd & 12th fairways [see attached] and although not serious thanks to the alarm being raised quickly, appears to have been started by a discarded cigarette.   For the avoidance of doubt can I remind everyone that due to the sustained dry/hot weather the course is particularly vulnerable at present and for this reason smoking is banned.   In view of what happened yesterday the management  has reluctantly decided that if anyone is seen smoking on the course while the ban is in place disciplinary action WILL be taken.

On a somewhat lighter note, many thanks to all that have contributed raffle prizes for Friday’s BBQ, it is much appreciated.   Judging by ticket sales Friday promises to be a very enjoyable evening, so to remind you;  doors open at 7:00pm;  food service commences at 7:30pm, and;  the Swanny Lane Duo ‘hits the stage’ for their first set at 8:00pm – or at least that’s the plan!!!

One final announcement, because the branded clothing looks so good, [pro-shop] Paul has indicated that he intends to order some more.   If you missed out the last time around [and if so, why?] and wish to take advantage, just let Paul know.

And at last, the results:   There was no BoB winner yesterday despite it being the 13th – we therefore progress to the 17th next, that should enable you to take advantage of the current run on the ball!!!   As for the roll-up, round-4 of the Division 1 & Casuals Cups, the results on the day where the cut-off this week was 19 were:

    Division 1 & Casuals Cups    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Martin Clark 11.0 42 c/b
1 2nd Ricky Braybrooke 16.0 42 c/b
1 3rd Keith Hardinge 14.0 40 c/b
1 4th Glyn Williams 14.0 40 c/b
2 1st Paul Wynn 24.0 43
2 2nd Roger Fletcher 20.0 41
2 3rd Brian Bonfield 23.0 40 c/b
2 4th Ian Knights 22.0 40 c/b

Results will be posted on the website as soon as Terry vacates his ‘darkened room’, and next week it’s a team game “2’s & 3’s” [I’ll leave the explanation ‘til the day] with the forecast showing another fine day albeit a little fresher – but still no need to get out the winter woollies just yet!!!

I look forward to you plying me with ‘sherbet’ on Friday evening – or not as the case may be!!!