Newsletter – 19th July 2018

Hi Everyone,

A change of format this month as we start with a little glamour rather than the usual cartoon, namely an image from the Seniors Open:

Open 2018 (44)
Lady Helpers

Carol & Jan in firm control of events


No apologies for putting the Seniors Open at the top of this newsletter, as clearly it’s one of the few events at the club which seeks to attract players from beyond the membership in this way.   Needless to say much more on the ‘Open’ below

The Course 1

Just when we thought the golf was looking attractive and playing well, we now find that mother nature has adopted a scorched earth policy to turn the fairways into tracts of the Sahara, and the greens as hard as billiard tables.   The worst example in recent weeks of course has been the 4th green where the mound evidently attempted to migrate toward what remained of the pond for some relief from the drought.

I think that poor Mark is running short of inspiration and while I haven’t yet seen him performing a rain dance, I’m carrying the camera with me just in case!!!   More seriously, with a limited source of water for the course at his disposal, we will clearly need to cut Mark a little slack until the monsoon arrives.


The Captains Cup:   You will have seen from the roll-up report for 26th June that we had a very good turn-out for the Captain’s Cup and I can now confirm what had been a provisional result when the report was written namely that the winner was Brian Reid with a net round of 69.   Obviously Brian also came first in the Group 1 sweep, while in Group 2 Paul Wyn hit an equally laudable round of 70-net.   Congratulations both, and sorry that we do not have a photograph – we’ll try to make good on that at the presentation ceremony at the end of the year.

The Seniors Pairs Open:   Plenty of images from this of course, and the particularly encouraging news is that, unlike last year, the bulk of the prize-winners came from Carswell.   First and foremost, amongst these were the overall winners of the competition, Keith Hardinge & Graham Brindley, but it was close as their score of 48 only pipped Bernard Smith & Dave Morris [two ‘aliens’ as Peter Ellen refers to them from Bicester] on countback.

Open 2018 (101)
Brindley Hardinge Open Winners 2018

Keith & Graham ‘laughing all the way to the bank’

Thanks once again to all those that sponsored the event and/or donated raffle prizes, your contribution will certainly benefit our chosen charity come the end of the year.   Thanks also to:   Natali, Mark and the rest of the clubhouse team for looking after everyone so well:   Carol & Jan for their smooth running of the registration desk while also selling the all-important raffle tickets:   Ron Temple for providing exactly the right welcome & start to the day, and last but by no means least:   thanks to Richard Tucker for his stalwart efforts in putting the day together – it’s very much appreciated one & all.

An I’m sure that you’ve guessed already that the full complement of results & photographs can be found on the Seniors website just go the Seniors Open page or to the Gallery for photos.

The Summer BBQ:   Yes, we’re still pushing it as while the tickets have sold well, we do have some left and would like to make the event as inclusive as possible   Just to remind you, and Richard would never forgive me if I didn’t:   doors open at 7:00pm, BBQ service commences at 7:30pm & Swanny’s first set kicks off at 8:00pm – all this for just £13/person and All club members & their guests are welcome.

Whether or not you can join us ‘on the day’ if you could contribute a raffle prize that is a little different to compliment those that we do have, that too would be welcome

Branded shirts & jumpers:

Yes they’re in, but some of you don’t appear to have received the message – if you ordered a shirt or jumper and haven’t yet collected it, do trot along to the pro-shop where your order will be freshly packed and waiting for you – but do remember that it’s payment on collection.

And Finally

Given that I’m on page three already [now what does that remind me of???] I’m skipping the usual closing items but one more image of a lucky Open winner I couldn’t resist:

Open 2018 (87)
Bob Howard Winner of Something Worth £1

A tearful Bob Howard overwhelmed by his Raffle Prize

Now you know why we’re looking for something better for the BBQ, but if it’s any consolation Bob, it’s more than I won!!!!!!