Roll Up Roundup – 12th June 2018

Good to see after all the furore of the preceding days that 50-seniors had a fairly straightforward day yesterday – apart from the time taken for the later groups that is!   The problem being that some good-natured souls let a couple of 2-balls that slipped through the net interrupt their round.   Paul has since confirmed that he has now blanked out all Tuesday tee-times until 11:30am meaning that seniors WILL have exclusive use in future, but remember, the roll-up is a competition and hence we do have ‘right-of-way’!!!


The other topic raised yesterday was the length of the ‘eyebrows’ behind the bunkers as this contributed to slow-play [allegedly].   It has been brought to Mark’s attention [again] this morning, but as yet no response – that said, they are of course part of the hazard.   Rest assured, I will report back with any response.


The only reminder this week is that we will need all fees for the Open & Captains Cup paid by Tuesday next at the latest, so if you have a problem in meeting the deadline do get in touch ASAP.   Full details as ever on the website –


And so to the results:   There were no BOB winners this week, so we roll-over what is becoming a very healthy pot to the week after next, it being the MMM next week.   As for the Div. 1 & Casuals Cups [round 3] results, these were:


Division 1 & Casuals Cups
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Nick Tomaszewski 2-.2 37 c/b
1 2nd Glyn Williams 14.3 37 c/b
1 3rd Roger Bates 11.9 36
1 4th Bob Howard 17.7 35 c/b
2 1st Phil Eltham 28.0 40
2 2nd Colin Taylor 23.6 37
2 3rd Ian Knights 21.5 33
2 4th Peter Metcalfe 21.8 30


As indicated above, next week it’s the MMM plus a stableford for those opting for the roll-up, when the new registration & tee arrangements will apply – Roll Up Roundup – 5th June 2018 AND UPDATE (AT THE END) refers.   With the right approach the new structure should work for both groups ensuring that an enjoyable day is had by all – no pressure then!!