Roll Up Roundup – 5th June 2018 AND UPDATE (AT THE END)

Another fun-filled day at the office on Tuesday, what with interlopers & the club ‘professional’ breaking into the roll-up and delaying on-course proceedings – more on which below, but first some important reminders:

  1. Entries for this year’s pairs open will close on 15th June, meaning that next Tuesday is the last opportunity to hand-in entries unless you resort to Email – if you wish to enter but cannot get the form back by this date please let one of the committee know ASAP.
  2. Bill had an excellent response on the ‘Captains Cup’ entries this week but we will be ‘closing the book’ on Tuesday 19th June, so please confirm your entry AND pay the £2 fee by then – remember no fee no entry.
  3. BBQ tickets are now on sale at the clubhouse, club office, and pro-shop so don’t be too tardy in buying them as we will need to limit numbers.

And so back to Tuesdays fun, having had a ‘discussion’ with Paul & Carole, we are seeking to ensure that the course is closed to anyone other than the seniors on a Tuesday until the last group is through the 1st   I think that this was always the case in the past, but with a new management we are seeking to reinforce the ruling – watch this space.

The opportunity was also taken to discuss the problems we had in the two previous rounds of the MMM, and the solution on offer is to switch the medal to a Wednesday.   This appears an entirely logical proposal given that Tuesday’s are invariably busy and we intend to accept, but if you have any violent objections please get back to me PDQ.

And now at long last the results.   Surprisingly as it was the 4th, no one won the BoB this week meaning that the competition and increasing pot proceed to the 8th – no problem there then!   As for the Eclectic, a turn-out of 55-members took to the course and the results were:

Eclectic-round 2
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Ricky Braybrooke 17.6 41
1 2nd Graham Brindley 17.8 37
1 3rd John Stiles 10.1 36 c/b
1 4th Jim Cotton 14.6 36 c/b
2 1st John Ordish 24.6 37
2 2nd Colin Taylor 21.2 33
2 3rd Doug Jackson 25.3 32 c/b
2 4th Gordon Blake 20.5 32 c/b

Next week it’s the third round of the Casuals & Division 1 Cups – for the benefit of new members, this is ‘qualifier’ played as an individual stableford off CLUB handicaps.   Being a qualifier, and to ensure a level playing field, in future the yellow tee-plates will be used regardless of the position of the tee marker posts.

It obviously goes without saying that we have laid-on good weather for the day!!!


Having survived the bombardment [just] following the last attempt at ‘sorting’ the roll-up/medal conundrum, we held meetings today with the Pro-shop and agreed to implement the following regime to take us through the rest of the competition season:

Routine roll-up:   

  1. The Pro-shop will block-out tee-times from 8:10-11:30am to ensure all roll-up groups are able to play through the 1st-tee without interruption.
  2. The seniors will use the 1st, 11th & 15th-tees as now, but with up to 6-groups going off the 1st & 15th and the remainder from the 11th.
  3. The last group off the 11th will be asked to notify the pro-shop when they reach the 1st and before teeing off to release the 1st-tee back for others to use thereafter.

The object here is to avoid a repeat of what we experienced last week with interlopers cutting-in in front of the roll-up groups.

Medal days:   

  1. On medal days the seniors will operate two registration tables in the clubhouse – one for the medal [Richard], the other for the roll-up [Cliff].
  2. Both registration tables will be open from 7:45am [first medal-tee 7:50] and ALL medal entry fees for will be collected in the club-house.
  3. The Pro-shop will block-out tee-times from 7:42-11:00am to ensure that all registered medal/roll-up groups get away from/through the 1st-tee without interruption.   
  4. Earlier tee-times will be available for the medal but MUST be notified to/confirmed with Richard no later than the day before registration.
  5. The medal will have exclusive use of the 1st tee until 9:15am, while the roll-up will use the 11th & 15th-tees only, with up to 6-groups going off the 15th and the remainder from the 11th.
  6. The last group off the 11th will be asked to notify the pro-shop when they reach the 1st and before teeing off in order to release the 1st-tee back for medal use thereafter.
  7. To maximise the available tees, all medal groups must be ready to tee-off at least 5-minutes before their allotted tee-time.

With a little cooperation this should work for everyone and, based on numbers thus far, there should be sufficient time to get all those playing in the medal clear of the 1st-tee before the first roll-up group reaches it.

Finally, Mark has assured us that he will site the yellow tee-markers correctly for all qualifiers & matches, which means no more than 5-metres from the tee-plates.   We have also said that this should be the case for every roll-up, the only exceptions being if/when the tees are badly worn or being treated.

Hopefully the foregoing should enable everyone to play their golf in the right spirit.