Roll Up Roundup – 29th May 2018

Hi Everyone

Obviously a bit of a disaster yesterday as it failed as a qualifier due to a rather liberal interpretation of the correct tee-positions – for reference, if the tee-markers were within 5-metres of the plates indicating the regulation distance, fine, but otherwise the plate position should have been used.   As it was some groups used the tee-markers throughout, even on the third where these were some 100m forward of the plate sited on the mound – to ensure members are not short-changed, we will arrange a further qualifier in the next couple of months.

For similar reasons, the jury is still out on whether the round can be used toward the Casuals & Division 1 cup-competitions, however, the roll-up results will still stand and for ease of reference I have used the intended nomenclature, namely:

    Individual Stableford    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
Div  1 1st Tony Scrivens 9.0 40
Div  1 2nd Tony Dyet 18.0 37 c/b
Div  1 3rd Dave Wanless 19.0 37 c/b
Div  1 4th Brian Rawle 9.0 37 c/b
Casuals 1st Colin Taylor 24.0 37
Casuals 2nd Laurence Waters 26.0 35 c/b
Casuals 3rd Peter Pitts 21.0 35 c/b
Casuals 4th Peter Metcalfe 22.0 34

Congratulations one & all.   By contrast there was no BoB winner this week so the pot rolls over to a third week with the hole being the 17th – not the easiest, but think of that accumulating pot as an incentive!!!!

Fortunately in last week’s report we qualified the Veterans Cup results  as ‘yet to be ratified, and on checking the cards against ages after the event we discovered that Phil Toms had pipped Doug Jackson by a single point in the over-80’s competition – obviously we thought you looked too young Phil.   So commiserations to Doug, and belated congratulations to Phil.   For confirmation of the results for these [and all other] competitions please refer to the oracle, or the seniors website as it is known – :

Next week it is the 3rd round of the Eclectic, and this should be a little less controversial as you can play off the yellow-tees wherever they be!   And the weather? – grey but dry with light[ish] winds.

Have a good one.