Captain’s Newsletter – 15th May 2018

Hi everyone,

Judging by the lily-white legs which are appearing in ever greater numbers, the weather is obviously warming up, and long may it last – the weather that is.


Cliff Davies 003

Do we have a fun-packed [ish] newsletter to titillate you this month as a quick look at ‘Events’ will demonstrate, but first and foremost we welcome another new member to the Seniors’ section this month, namely, Phil Eltham.   Phil has been a club-member for some time but has now bravely decided to ‘come out’ as a senior!

The Course 1 – Management

Carole is gradually making her presence felt not only with new staff in the office & clubhouse that will improve the way the club operates, and improvements to the range to enhance the experience of those that ‘need the practice’, but with a whole host of ideas to make coming to the club a more worthwhile & enjoyable occasion.   After all, what could be more fun than spending a lovely sunny Saturday watching the latest Royal Wedding – OK, perhaps not the best example to give to a load of G.O.M.

Theft from lockers:     As you will have seen, we are almost there with the intended extra layer of security to the locker-rooms, and I am advised that this should be up & running within the next couple of weeks.


Richard has now firmed-up the arrangements for our first social event of 2018, a summer BBQ on Friday 27th July.   Natali & her team will be providing an even more succulent spread than usual, and the Swanny Lane Duo will provide entertainment guaranteed to get your feet [and any other parts of the anatomy that still work] tapping.   Doors open at 7:00pm, BBQ service at 7:30pm & Swanny’s first set is at 8:00pm – all this for just £13/person.   All club members & their guests are welcome and tickets are now on sale from the pro-shop, clubhouse & Carole’s office.   You will need your tickets with you on the day – the reason is in the number on the reverse side.

Cliff Davies 002

The Seniors Pairs Open:   This major competition in the Seniors calendar takes place on Thursday 5th July, but there are only a few weeks left now before entries close on 15th June.   As for entry conditions, the clue’s in the name but to remind you, the event is open to all male players with an active club handicap and over the age of 55 on/before 1st July.   There are sweep prizes galore [see entry form attached] and a light breakfast will be available before play, with a two-course meal to follow your round.   The entry fee is £17.50 inc, for Carswell members, and £27.50 for non-members.   Do enter as pairs if at all possible, but if not make your interest known and we will do our best to pair you up.

The Captains Cup:   Another major competition that’s just on the horizon this one taking place on 26th June.   A stroke-play format played off club handicap guarantees a value-for-money round – lots of strokes that is!   As you will need to register in advance, a sign-up sheet will appear on the seniors notice board shortly, and knowing Bill it’s probably there already.

Ongoing Competitions:

We are now well into the 1st round proper of the Gotzl & Geko competitions but a little rant if I may:   some members still fail to appreciate that all matches MUST be completed on/before the end of the month in order to maintain the flow of the competitions.   Therefore, if you cannot fit your match in by the due date, be prepared to forfeit the match or just toss a coin.

Having had another nonsense Tuesday where the mid-month medal encroached on the roll-up [or vice-versa depending on your outlook], to minimise the risk of a repetition we have agreed a procedure with the management/pro-shop that will apply for future rounds.   As the MMM is an all-day event other than the slot for the roll-up, all Players that wish to start before the roll-up are asked to pre-book a tee-time – but please note that the last pre-roll-up tee-time will be moved forward to 8:10am to ensure that we build in a buffer.   The first tee will then be freed-up ASAP thereafter and released back to the pro-shop for the MMM.

Branded shirts & jumpers:

This is rapidly becoming a soap opera, but at least the samples are now available for you to ‘feel the width’, and we would ask that if you haven’t already done so you try the samples on and confirm your size PDQ    Just to confuse things even more, Paul IS providing the option of a plain V-neck or a quarter zip-neck – the choice is yours, but unless you express a preference it is the less expensive V-neck that will be ordered.

Our Website

A feast of information on all the upcoming events can be found as ever on our website together with application forms for those events where one is required.   You can also find great photographs of the events already completed, and of course these are all tagged with Terry’s cryptic comments – talking of which, all libel suits to be sent directly to Terry please!!!

Another delight that you may have missed are the ‘Words of Wisdom’ pages, and there really are some gems to be found – e.g. “If you think that it’s hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball”.   Mess’rs Bambury & Bates are regular contributors so why not give them a little competition and give it a go yourself.

The Course 2 – Condition

Or ‘daisy, daisy, give me your answer do’.   One wag suggested bringing in kids from the local schools to make daisy-chains, but I think that even that would only scratch the surface.   Clearly the daisies are a major issue at the moment and unless some real money is spent, are likely to remain so for some time to come.   We are making representations, but will it do any good? – answers on a postcard, please1

Slow Play

As threatened we are reprising samples from Greg’s post-AGM proposals on slow-play, not least because the message doesn’t seem to last for very long – this month’s picks being:

  1. On the tee – ‘Go when ready’, this should always be the approach in the roll-up but do have the courtesy to tell your playing partners. The only real exception is [say] when playing in a match where protocol probably dictates otherwise – but still worth asking.
  2. On the fairway – If your playing partner loses his ball, where practical play your shot before going to help look for it – that way you can all move off when the lost ball has been found & played.

Little things, but they really can save a lot of time!!!

Heard on the Course

Cliff D on the 5th tee as a deer shot out from the shrubs on the right:           “Sugar [or words to that effect] did you see that?”

Arthur S, waiting to play his shot:   “Don’t worry it’ll be quite safe as it’s on the fairway”!

As you may have gathered, you find out who your friends are on the golf course!!!