Roll Up Roundup – 8th May 2018

Firstly, apologies to Arthur S & Phil’s T & E for their names not appearing ‘on-screen’ when the draw was made – it was because some of the names were missed when I had to transfer the entry data to the back-up spreadsheet.   No real excuse, but it probably added to the roll-up entertainment.

That said, while 42-members enjoyed the splendid weather that we arranged for yesterday the more discerning will no doubt have noticed the absence from the course of:   the captain – dicky shoulder [still], and:   vice-captain – even dickier knee.   The words anno-domini spring to mind!   Apparently the same cannot be said of Paul Wynn, however, as he made a spritely return [see results below] following the second of his hip replacement operations – perhaps I should ask for his advice on my shoulder!!!!

A couple of brief announcements before the results and feedback from the day:

  1. Richard has now finalised the last few details of the BBQ, so just to confirm:   it will be on 27th July, the food as succulent as ever, and the entertainment provided by Swanny Lane & Son playing music to get you burning off the calories from all that splendid food.   All this for the excellent, value-for-money price of £13.
  1. The branded clothing is becoming a bit of a soap opera, but I am advised that accounts have finally been arranged with the relevant suppliers and we should now see some results.   Rest assured, however, that while I have closed the book, nothing will be ordered until you have all had a chance to see what you are buying.

I obviously did the right thing in disappearing after registration as apparently Peter Ellen was subjected to a couple of broadsides – the first on how much you enjoyed the game format [not], and the second on the daisies.   As far as the format goes, it was obviously the same for everyone and if I look at the list of winners it represents a good cross section of talents – so maybe it just wasn’t the complainants day!!!!   As for the daisies, the problem has been raised and supposedly it’s due to be addressed in the weeks to come as those that read Mark’s page on Carole’s April brief will have read – my rather cynical conclusion is that we’re stuck with it for a while yet.

And so to the results:

1    The match against Cleeve Cloud was a well contested defeat, Carswell going down 4-2.

2    Rod Maloney won the BoB this week, but as Richard ‘did a runner’ before Rod came in we’ll present it next, and:

3    Paul Wynn won Nick T’s charity nearest-the-pin for a bottle of fizz – so he’s convalescing well, then!


  Killer Yellow Ball  
Position Name Net score
1st Brian Reid ?
  Gordon Westerhof ?
  Nick Tomaszewski ?
2nd Keith Hardinge ??
  Greg Phillips ??
  Brian Stepney ??
3rd Tim Hoiles ???
  Chuck Berry ???
  Laurence Waters ???

As usual, lots more info on our much lauded website and if you have anything that you wish to contribute to either the website and/or the seniors newsletter by all means let’s have it.

Enjoy your golf.