Roll Up Roundup – 24th April 2018

A bit of confusion this week for which apologies, but at least it added to the excitement.   To explain:   the Casuals & Division 1 Cups should be to a stableford format, rather than stroke-play as today, and rest assured that your cards will be adjusted retrospectively to avoid compromising your overall chances in the competition – however, this did NOT impact on today’s results given below.   To keep you on tenterhooks over the results a little longer, however, a few announcements:

1 Vanessa has asked me to pass on her gratitude for the monies raised for the Hospice thus far [over £120], but the committee have decided to give it one more push by having a final nearest-the-pin competition next week, and Tony Scrivens has generously agreed to let us ‘raise the stakes’ by using the bottle of whisky he donated back after the New Year scramble as the prize.   With one last effort we should be able to push the total over £150, which would be a great achievement all round – thanks for that.

2 We have at last obtained the long sought after prices for the branded polos & jumpers.   The preferred supplier is Footjoy,  but inevitably the enhanced quality has also enhance the price with the polos [white with a navy-blue logo] now at a discounted price of £28, and the jumpers [navy-blue with a white logo] at £48 on the same basis.   I would ask those of you that have already expressed an interest to please confirm that you are happy to proceed, but if you haven’t and want to order one, or other or both to please let me know PDQ

3 And the last one, news of the first social event of the new season, a barbeque with ‘just the right’ entertainment.   Richard is still waiting on confirmation of the entertainments availability, but it will be in July, and the exact date together with full details of the entertainment, price, etc, will be confirmed in next week’s report.

Enough I hear you say, let’s get on with the results and the first to announce is for the home-match with Kirtlington on Thursday 19th which Carswell won 4-2 – congratulations all round for performing so well on a blisteringly hot day.

Coming to the roll-up:   There was no winner of the BoB this week so next week we advance to the 4th – what could be easier!!!   With Venessa’s nearest-the-pin, the winner of the rare vintage bottle of wine was Terry Clark – well done Terry.

Finally:   for the first leg of the Cas/Div1 Cups the results were as follows:

    Casuals & Div. One Cup [Qualifier]    
Group Position Name H’cap Net score
Div 1 1st Graham Brindley 17.0 67 c/b
Div 1 2nd Tony Dyet 18.3 67 c/b
Div 1 3rd Glyn Williams 14.4 69 c/b
Div 1 4th Peter Ellen 11.0 69 c/b
Cas 1st Richard Dewar 25.1 66
Cas 2nd Maurice Bawden 19.8 72
Cas 3rd Arthur Strain 25.0 73
Cas 4th Gordon Westerhof 21.0 74


As already indicated the scores will be remarked to the stableford format.

Next week we restart the monthly summer cycle with the second Eclectic of the scheduled six, and this really is a stableford!   The weather forecast suggests no rain, and light[ish] winds – what more can you ask for!!!!!