Captain’s Newsletter – 24th April 2018

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the tardiness & brevity of this newsletter, but an all too short spring break intervened.   The good news is, however, I did bring the fine weather back with me even if it only lasted for a few days.

We welcome another new member to the Seniors’ section, namely, Paul Bastin.   Having spoken to him briefly he tells me that we may not see him often at a Tuesday roll-up, but I’m sure that that will change when he realises that some of us are almost human!!!!!!

The Course 1 – Management

Firstly, a very warm welcome to Carole Avenell now that she is formally ‘on board’.   I’m sure that you have already seen that a few of Carole’s intended changes are in place, and there are certainly more to come as the season progresses, but as her reign is still in its infancy these will obviously take time to filter through

However, Carole has agreed that she is now sufficient ensconced to receive any suggestions on how to improve the facilities and/or course, and I will be Emailing those already received from senior members to her in the coming days.   If you have any that you wish to make could I again ask that you route them through the seniors’ Email address, purely to avoid duplication while also enabling the committee to monitor progress and report back when/where appropriate.

Theft from lockers:     You will not have seen any progress yet on the intended extra layer of security to the locker-rooms, but I can advise that the matter is in hand [in Swanny Lane’s hands to be precise] and a key-pad system should be in place by the time of the next newsletter.

Our Website

As ever, all the latest news & information can be found on our website; and its worth a visit just for some of the photographs – I say no more!

You will also see that we already have some takers for the advertising page announced last month, but don’t forget this can be for selling old kit, advertising an event, or just about anything else golf related, and at just £3 for up to 6-weeks of coverage you can’t really go wrong.   To see how it works just go to the website and Terry will be standing by somewhere in the ether to provide his usual diligent service if you wish to take advantage of this bargain offer.


The Gotzl [singles] & Geko [pairs] competitions are now underway with the preliminary rounds due to be completed by 28th April – so if you are due to play the prelims and haven’t already done so, time to extract your digit!!!!!

The Seniors Pairs Open is now only 3-months away [to remind you – Thursday 5th July] with the closing date for entries set at 15th June.   Not too urgent for member entries just yet perhaps, albeit the earlier the better from an organisation standpoint, but if you are playing at other venues do please take the opportunity to spread the word, and maybe take an entry form or several!!!   Many thanks.

Stop Press 1:

Richard is in the final throes of arranging our first social event for 2018, a barbecue, probably in July, offering the usual mix of great entertainment & succulent food – we hope to have more details in time for the next roll-up report, so hold onto your underwear in the meantime.

Stop Press 2:

Having had a sound start to the new match season [2-home wins & an away defeat thus far], our next two matches are with Cleeve on 3rd May, and Witney Lakes on 10th – both away.   However, we are rather short on numbers so if you would like to play and have a cracking day out at one or both, please get in touch with a member of the committee or, better still, add your name to the team-sheet in the locker-room.

Branded shirts & jumpers

To follow up on the last newsletter, we were let down by JD over supplying same as they didn’t bother getting back to us with prices.   However, Paul is now firmly ‘on the case’ and I can confirm that the make will be Footjoy [the new market leaders, allegedly] and the polo shirts will be white [not as shown] with a navy-blue logo at a discounted price of £28, and the jumpers navy-blue with a white logo.   Paul is looking at two options:   a plain V-neck, and a zip-neck alternative – final prices before 27th inst, honest!

As soon as we have all the prices confirmed [and I will circulate] I would ask those of you that have already expressed an interest to please confirm that you are happy to proceed, but if you haven’t and want to order one, or other or both please let me know PDQ.   And just for those that don’t know their size, Paul should have stock of all items available to try within the next 2-weeks.

The Course 2 – Condition

The improvement in the weather has seen the course recover well with full tees & greens now in play, and of course the lifting of winter rules.   All we need now is for the fairways to dry a little more and there will be absolutely no excuses for any poor scores.

However, Mark is still struggling with staff-numbers so a little more patience will be required until the fruits of the current round of interviews is seen in the form of extra manpower on the course.   In the meantime, we will continue to lean on him [plead] when we have matches and/or key competitions scheduled.

Slow Play

I’m sure that you have all been avidly reading Greg’s post-AGM proposals on slow-play, but as it continues to be an issue then for the forgetful amongst you I will continue to provide a couple in the newsletter – so this month’s picks are:

  1. On the fairway – If you need to make a chip/pitch approach to the green take your putter with you to avoid duplicating trips – this also saves your legs of course.
  2. On the green – As soon as all players have putted-out [or picked-up if you’re having a bad day] move off the green and mark your cards while waiting to play at the next tee.

As logical as ever, I think that you’ll agree!!!

Heard on the Course

Golfer 1:         Did you hear about the chap that took Tippex in mistake for the new liquid Viagra?

Golfer 2:          Really!   What happened to him?

Golfer 1:          Apparently, he woke up with a massive correction!!!

Courtesy of our treasurer Peter Ellen – and I thought he spent his time number crunching!!!