Roll Up Roundup – 17th April 2018

Despite coinciding with the first monthly medal of the season, 30-members played thru near gale-force winds this week but, lucky me, I missed it having only returned from a spring-break in the early hours.   But as ever before the all-important results a few announcements:


  1. We welcome a new member this week, Paul Bastin.
  2. Having mentioned the monthly medal, will all members please note that those competing in the medal only have priority on the 1st tee until 8:26am – the last club tee-time before the scheduled start of the roll-up.   Thereafter the roll-up competitors have priority.
  3. Last week’s first home-match of the season resulted in a hard won 3.5 to 2.5 victory to Carswell.


And so to the results:   This week’s nearest-the-pin competition sponsored by Venessa was won by Mr Accuracy himself, Tony Scrivens, while in the main roll-up the cut-off handicap was 21, and the results were:


    Individual Stableford    
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Peter Ellen 10.8 36
1 2nd Brian Sarahs 20.6 35
1 3rd John Drage 18.7 33
2 1st Richard Dewar 24.8 34 c/b
2 2nd Roland Syphas 27.2 34 c/b
2 3rd Mike [Chuck] Berry 24.0 32 c/b


Congratulations one and all.


Next week is the first in the series for the Casuals  Division One Cups.   To remind you these are ‘qualifiers’ meaning that we will be playing off CLUB handicaps and all cards will be submitted to the handicap secretary.   All I hope is that the weather holds, I’m getting used to it already!!!!!


Enjoy the sun