RollUp Roundup – 10th March 2018

It was Tuesday Morning and as I looked out of the window I was amazed to see the sun shining, it was then that I heard a strange ringing sound, opening my eyes I realised it was just a dream as I reached across and turned the alarm off.

Once again we were met by a grey damp morning at Carswell,.

Before unpacking my kit I did the usual walk to the pro shop to find out if the course was open.

You can imagine my surprise to find that it was not only open but we were playing off the main tees and there was only one temporary green.

It was decided that because we were on a full course we would play the Eclectic which had been cancelled from a previous week

As 27 of us trudged out to do battle, I like many others raised my umbrella, and as if by magic the rain stopped, not to tempt fate I left my brolly in the raised position for the entire game and not a drop of water did we see.

It was during the round that I realised that there must have been a superior force in action, it then dawned on me Gordon Blake had turned up to play and as we all know He doesn’t do wet.

The Result of the Game against Bicester last week was 4 – 2, unfortunately we were the 2.

This week the game is against The Wiltshire so good luck to all the players.

I’m pleased to report that this week we did manage to have some players reach the green for the nearest the pin prize, the winner being Maurice Bawden.

BorB rolls over for another week with the pot now standing at £21

The winners this week were:


Name                    h/c                         pts

Div 1                      1st           J Senior                14                           40

2nd          R Bates                 11                           38

3rd           P Ellen                   11                           37


Div 2                      1st           D Roberts            27                           42

2nd          T Hoiles                24                           39

3rd           R Dewar               25                           37