Roll Up Roundup – 6th March 2018

Despite the confusion emanating from the pro-shop yesterday, the course was open and 40-seniors enjoyed almost clement conditions – although perhaps ‘basked-in’ may be more appropriate given the scores below!!!

Firstly, however, you will all by now have seen the ‘round-robin’ on the restructure of the course management, but like me you probably thought it still left a number of unanswered questions, and inevitably the gossip has been flying thick & fast.   To ensure we get the right information I’ve already floated the idea of a meeting with Carole but clearly she will have a lot to deal with in the short term.   Nevertheless, and picking up on Carole’s penultimate paragraph in her ‘briefing’ where she suggests that communication will be key, I intend to invite her along to brief either the committee or the full assembled cast of members after a roll-up ASAP.   I’ll get back to you as soon as I have anything to report on this.

Moving smoothly on, there will be a committee meeting held after next week’s roll-up, so if you have anything you consider needs to be discussed by all means let one of the committee know – but bear in mind we would like to get home before the witching-hour, so please keep it relevant.   The other thing to mention is that a few of you have yet to pay for the Awayday, which is causing Laurence palpitations.   If you intend to go would you please pay by next week at the latest [you can always leave it at the pro-shop for Peter’s, Richard’s or my attention], but if not please let Laurence know immediately if not sooner as he has a waiting list.

So who won what you ask?   Ray Duckett won the BoB, and as it was a multiple rollover-pot he is probably booking the world cruise as I write!!!!!   As for the main event, the eye-wateringly high-scoring results were:

Individual Stableford
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Maurice Bawden 17.5 47
1 2nd Bill Baker 18.5 46
1 3rd Chris Smyth 14.6 43 c/b
1 4th Roger Fletcher 18.1 43 c/b
2 1st Doug Jackson 25.5 48 c/b
2 2nd Phil Toms 19.6 48 c/b
2 3rd Keith Arlott 27.0 46
2 4th Richard Dewar 25.0 45 c/b


Next week’s roll-up is a team-game, namely, Yellow Ball and the weather is forecast to be similar to yesterday but a little breezier – i.e. no excuses.

And finally, a big thank-you to Tim Hoiles for producing some very upmarket markers to be used for the longest drive and/or nearest the pin course competitions during the seniors’ trophy competitions while also keeping the sheet dry.   As I made a total hash of trying to describe them at yesterday’s roll-up I won’t try here, go instead to the website where Bill & Terry have conspired to reproduce a rather stunning photograph of same.   Many thanks Tim, I’m sure that all the members will now be queuing up to buy you a drink!!!!!!!