Carswell Golf Club Information Briefing


Dear Members


I am delighted and very excited  to announce I will be joining Carswell Golf Club as an acting Director on Monday 2nd April 2018.  As most of you know I have been a member of Carswell for many years and I can honestly say I am very passionate about the Club and I believe I can make a difference.


Gerry will be assisting myself and Mark with course management.  Our main priority will be focussing on updating and upgrading the course.  Mark, Head Green keeper has been with Carswell for four years and has implemented many positive changes to the course during this time.  I am sure you will all agree Mark has been a valuable asset to Carswell. Mark and his team are fully committed and excited in moving Carswell to a new level which in turn will benefit both the Golf Club and its members.


I am in the process of interviewing for a PGA Professional and will keep you updated on the progress with this. As you can appreciate this is a lengthy process due to the candidates currently in active positions.  The successful Professional will join Carswell and work with the team to achieve our overall goals and vision.


On a lighter note we have many ideas but obviously don’t want to show all our cards at once!


I will work with Jonathan and Joe to ensure a smooth handover takes place during the next month and would like to continue with good relationships with both Jonathan and Joe moving forward.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan, Joe and his team for all their hard work during the last five years, I am sure you will all agree we have seen many improvements at Carswell Golf Club during their time.  On behalf of Carswell Golf Club we wish them every success for the future.


I hope you will all support me in my exciting new venture and the key for me has to be communication and I will endeavour to keep all members of Carswell continually updated.


We look forward to sharing our new experience with you all.



Carole Avenell and Gerry Lisi