Roll Up Roundup – 27th February 2018

Hi Everyone, I trust that you are all enjoying the not so clement weather.

Talking of which, 18 of the seniors’ finest [give or take] endured the Siberian winds, and frozen tundra that was Carswell golf course yesterday for a round of 2’s & 3’s – if only the temperatures had got that high!!!!   In terms of results, no one won the BoB, meaning that the ‘pot’ will now carry over [courtesy of Securicor no doubt] to the 4th.

For the main competition the results were:

Two’s & three’s
Position Name Team score
1st Ricky Braybrooke 100
Cliff Davies 100
Chris Smyth 100
2nd Greg Phillips 88
David Roberts 88
Colin Taylor 88

For those of you currently in hibernation, you’ll be pleased to hear that weather next week is forecast to be an almost balmy 6-degrees with only light breezes so we look forward to seeing more of you – I’d hate to win again, honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving on:   Terry has published on the website a provisinal list of those that have paid for the renewal of their golf insurance (it just needs a bit of checking because of absences of certain people through ill health).   If you have renewed yours, then to ensure that you are covered would you please go to the INSURANCE page to verify you are on the list.   If you still wish to apply, you will need to contact Terry Clark by Email as a matter of priority.

And finally, we are now rushing toward the cut-off date for the Gotzl & Geko competitions to run through the summer months.   We could still accommodate more entries, particularly for the Geko [singles], so if you still have not entered and wish to do so would you please Email Bill Baker ASAP.   If you have already entered one or both but have yet to pay the entry fees, unless you have made a special arrangement would you please ensure that these are paid by the roll-up on Tuesday 13th March.

Now where did I put the snow-shoes?