Roll Up Roundup – 20th February 2018

I begin this report with some very unwelcome news.   Three members had clubs taken from their lockers, we think between the weekend and Tuesday morning, with one member alone losing 3-Ping woods valued at circa £750.   If any of you keep a locker, I strongly advise that you remove any equipment and/or valuables from same, at least until it is better understood how those responsible gained access to the locker-room.   If you needed a further incentive to follow this advice, I would refer you to the reactive round-robin issued this morning by the pro-shop.

On a marginally lighter note, I was advised this morning that a couple of non-senior member groups gate-crashed the roll-up yesterday, which then interfered with the latter groups starting from the 11th.   We will get onto this today and update on why this was permitted, but in the meantime please be aware that we have a block-booking giving the seniors priority on a Tuesday morning and hence should you encounter a similar situation in the future you have a perfect right to demand to play-through.

A lighter note still, having given ‘Jerry’s rule’ a try [the latest newsletter refers] there was little feedback post roll-up, other than Jerry winning of course, so do let me have your thoughts.   In addition, it has been suggested that we may as a group offer to occasionally rake the bunkers to ensure that they are more representative of the intended hazard.   Again your thoughts on this and whether you are prepared to volunteer would be appreciated.

There have been one or two other suggestions but having wittered-on already I’ll raise them independently, so turning to the all-important results instead:

There was no BoB winner this week so if I have my sums right we progress to the 17th next week – let’s hope for a favourable wind!!!   In terms of the individual competition, I have some ‘egg on my face’ [you probably wondered what it was] as Tim Hoiles’ card was missed in the excitement of the stolen clubs meaning that the adjusted result was as follows:

Individual Stableford
Group Position Name H’cap Score
1 1st Jerry Senior 15.6 39
1 2nd Roger Bates 10.9 35 c/b
1 3rd Steve Maier 10.5 35 c/b
1 4th Jim Cotton 14.5 34
2 1st Tim Hoiles 24.6 39
2 1st Richard Dewar 26.4 38
2 2nd Colin Taylor 21.4 35
2 3rd Brian Bonfield 22.9 32
2 4th Brian Sarahs 20.8 31 c/b

All sweep-prizes will stand, and Tim will receive that that was due on the day at next week’s roll-up – apologies once again Tim.   Talking of next week, the format is 2’s & 3’s – and ideas on what that involves on a postcard, please.

And finally:   a] a reminder that the Awayday is ‘fully subscribed’ but Laurence has started a waiting list in case anyone has to drop-out, so please let Laurence know if you want to be put on standby, and:   b] the closing date for the Geko & Gotzl is now only a couple of weeks away so if you have not yet entered [particularly new members] do let us know either by adding your name to the sign-up sheet or by Email – the entry fee is just £2/player for each and this too must be received by the closing date of 16th March.