Captain’s Newsletter – 18th February 2018


Your back!!!   And we hope to see more of you as/when the weather improves.

To begin, we welcome three new members to the seniors’ section since publishing the January newsletter, namely:   Tony & Richard Belcher and Peter Metcalfe – please make them welcome if you are teamed up with them in the coming weeks.

Turning to matters that affect us all:

The Course 1 – Management

I had another audience with Gerry after the roll-up on Friday last [16th inst], and while he is understandably reluctant to provide names and/or commit to timescales, he did advise that a new deal for the operation of the course was imminent and he hopes to confirm the position in the very near future.   This may sound rather similar to the last report, but the situation is evidently being complicated by the involvement of a third party.   However, such matters now appear close to being ironed out and once the deal is finalised Gerry’s intention is to circulate an Email confirming same to all club-members.   The expectation is that Gerry’s Email will be followed quickly thereafter by one from the new management team setting out their intentions and ambitions for the club & course.

Let’s hope for a speedy resolution to the matter, and some long overdue clarity.

The Clubhouse

Natali has beaten me around the head on a few occasions recently [I’m actually beginning to enjoy it] to ensure that I include a reminder about the relaunch of the ‘Clubhouse Sunday Lunches’.

These were always popular ‘back in the day’, and as part of her ongoing overhaul of the clubhouse, commencing Sunday 25th February Natali and her team will be providing a Sunday-roast with a choice of 3-meats.   Doors open at 12-noon, and your options are 1-course for a bargain £8.95, or 2-courses for just £12.45.

All members, and their family & friends are welcome, but to assist Natali would you please book in advance where possible, particularly for larger parties – just think of the “Brownie points” there are to be had by treating ‘er in doors’.


‘Stop-press’ from Laurence [another person beating me about the head, but definitely not enjoyable] – he has just one place available for the ‘Awayday’ on Thursday 29th March at Bowood Golf Course.   To remind you the day includes18-holes of golf preceded by coffee and bacon roll, with a meal to follow your round – all this for just £37 per player including the sweepstake prize fund.   If you’re are interest, please get in touch ‘as soon as’, but do remember the entry fee is payable by Tuesday 27th February at the very latest.

The sign-up sheets for the Geko [singles] and Gotzl [pairs] trophies have been on the seniors’ notice board in the locker-room for some weeks now, and as the closing date for these important club competitions is Friday 16th March time is running out.   To ensure that Bill has sufficient time to organise the draw for each competition, would those of you that want to play and have not already done so please sign-up and pay the entry fee [£2.00/player for each competition] preferably on/before the last Tuesday before the closing date – i.e. 13th March.

Details of these and all other events can be found on the website:

The Course 2 – Condition

With all tees as temporary’s, and over the last few days 16-greens being temporary’s also, we are clearly not best served either by the condition and/or preparation of same.   While it’s almost certainly too late to improve things for this winter, the intention is to put constructive proposals to the incoming management team on how the condition of temporary’s can be improved for the future, so if you have any ideas by all means let the committee have them

Winter rules:   I came in for a modest amount of flack over the ruling on bunkers in the last newsletter but, given that they are not exactly pristine even in good weather and I cannot remember when they were last raked, then as in previous winters I consider it entirely reasonable to gain a measure of relief where appropriate.   To remind you of what was said;

  1. If the bunkers are waterlogged or in any other way deemed unplayable, then with your playing partners’ agreement you may take relief with a free drop, within the bunker if possible, but if not at the nearest point outside the bunker that is no nearer the pin.

However, we have a further suggestion from Jerry Senior that he saw & used on a visit to Wales over the half-term and is probably well worth a try as it may prove a more acceptable/palatable solution, namely:

‘Jerry’s Rule’:       Where the sand in a bunker is unraked & compacted [which is most of them, most of the time at Carswell during the winter months] the player can lift his ball, rake the sand, and replace under ‘supervision’ from his playing partners before playing his shot.  

Our group tried it at the roll-up on Friday 16th and it worked well, although not well enough for us to win!!!  The thoughts of members on this ASAP would be much appreciated.

Slow Play

Greg is still ‘fine-tuning’ his post-AGM proposals on slow-play so you’re stuck with a couple more from me pro-temp, namely:

  1. Go when ready – while it’s ‘good form’ to let the lowest handicap player, or winner of the preceding hole tee-off first, other than in matches/competitions I think that we all know each other well enough to say ‘shall I go’ if the individual in question is not in a position to do so, and something this simple is said to save as much as 10-minutes over a round.
  2. If you/your playing partner hits a wayward shot [a rarity I’m sure but it does happen], you are obviously allowed 5-minutes to look for the ball BUT to save time the ‘non-offenders’ should, where possible & practical, take their next shot before helping in the search. The logic of this is hopefully blindingly obvious.

In conclusion on this topic, and to paraphrase something Mark Baker quoted:   ‘the object always should be to keep up with the group ahead, rather than in front of the one behind’.   I’m still trying to work that one out, but it sound helpful!!!

Heard on the Course

Golfer 1:          How come we don’t see you on a Tuesday then Tony?

Golfer 2:          Well, Tuesday is a funny day for me.

Golfer 3:          So what!   You dress-up as a clown, do you!!!!!!

Courtesy of Jerry [Mr Irony himself] Senior.