Roll Up Roundup – 13th February 2018

Driven on only by the prospect of Natali offering Shrove Tuesday pancakes on completion of the round, 18-foolhardy individuals fought driving rain & hail in this week’s team game “Waltz 1,2,3” – and the pancakes at least were very enjoyable.

So as not to disappoint you less hardy souls, no-one took the BoB on hole-8 this week, meaning that the proceeds will carry forward to an abbreviated hole-13 – i.e. temporary tee & green today, so almost puttable in one!!!!!

As to our dancing [the clues in the name of the game], the results were:

Waltz 1, 2, 3
Position Name Net score
1st Keith Arlott 83 c/b
Rod Maloney 83 c/b
Brain Sarahs 83 c/b
2nd Richard Dewar 83 c/b
John Ordish 83 c/b
Gordon Westerhof 83 c/b

Next week is an individual stableford, when I hope that the weather will be a little more clement, and from this far out it looks it – but don’t quote me on that!!!

And so to the reminders:

  1. Time is now running out for the Awayday & Insurance with entries/applications together with the necessary fees being required no later than 27th inst, BUT to assist Laurence & Terry it would be preferable if these were received by next week’s roll-up if possible.
  2. Entries for the Geko & Gotzl are going very well, and with a few weeks to go it’s certainly not too late to enter.   All we would ask is that you confirm your interest ASAP please, particularly if you are currently away.