Roll Up Roundup – 30th January 2018

We start with some updates on members that have had health problems, and in this regard it was good to see Ernie Trimble at the clubhouse after the roll-up.   Ernie had been laid-low with a few health problems until recently, but is now ‘on the mend’ and hoping to be netting his fair share of the sweep-money in the not too distant future!!!!

If like me you have missed Mark Baker’s dulcet tones recently, this is because he has some respiratory problems but again is hoping to be back with us shortly.    It’s not such encouraging news with Doug Bayes & Brian Mace, however, as Doug is having trouble with his knees and this may keep him out for some time, while Brian had an operation earlier this month but may need another in a few months time.   Ian Benstead our pastoral committee member will continue to keep in touch with these gents, plus one or two others he has not been able to get hold of yet, both to pass on your good wishes and of course keep you all posted.

Turning then to the all important results, congratulations to Chuck Berry & Dave Roberts who share the Birdie-or-better sweep this week.   Actually Chuck almost didn’t as being so modest he hadn’t bothered to let Richard know.   So a health warning: if you do get the BoB would you please be sure to tell Richard or me – otherwise we may be inclined to spend it at the clubhouse bar!!!!!

As for the roll-up, the results for this weeks Texas Scramble were:

Texas Scramble
Position Name Net score
1st Peter Wright 62.8
Martin Clark 62.8
Rod Forder 62.8
2nd Nick Tomaszeski 63.9 c/b
Ray Duckett 63.9 c/b
Peter Pitts 63.9 c/b
3rd John Ordish 63.9 c/b
Doug Jackson 63.9 c/b
Colin Taylor 63.9 c/b

Moving on, some important reminders for you starting with the Awayday :    Laurence is now keen to confirm numbers to Bowood so if you haven’t already signed-up please do so, or otherwise Email me and I’ll make Laurence aware – Email to :    Gordon is obviously having withdrawal symptoms and in Bill’s absence has volunteered to accept Emails for those wishing to sign-up for the Geko and/or Gotzl -Email to     He will also be on hand to relieve you of the entry-fees on Tuesday next , the 8th February.     All details for these events are of course available in glorious technicolour on the website, namely

And finally, I’ve taken some flak again because we had one pair go out in a team game.   The first thing to say is that the draw is entirely random and although one individual had also drawn the short straw for the recent ‘yellow ball’ it really is the luck [or bad luck] of the draw.   We can rig-it [e.g. when players want an early tee time] but try not to unless it’s necessary, but there is a set formulae in Texas Scramble for pairs and we are as generous as most clubs, and surely the object of the roll-up is to enjoy a convivial round of golf with other members – or have I missed the plot?????

That said, next week is an individual stableford and the forecast is for breezy but dry conditions, so I can probably sleep peacefully for this week at least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!