Captain’s Newsletter – 21st January 2018

Carswell Seniors Newsletter

January 2018

Welcome to this the first monthly newsletter, the object of which is to provide a little more background than the weekly Results & Notes that you have been used to with, I hope, the occasional bit of humour thrown in.

The Course 1 – Management

There have been some comments about the fallen trees that have yet to be cleared from the course.   In case you were not aware, Mark’s ‘team’ comprises of just him and one other currently, so given that all fairways, greens & tees are clear, please bear with him if the debris is not speedily removed elsewhere.

Having spoken to Jerry after Tuesday’s roll-up he advised that his intention is to find a replacement for JD and is well advanced in negotiations with the likely party.   However, until contracts are signed then by mutual agreement he will not identify the party concerned beyond saying that they are known to the club.


At a meeting of the Men’s section on 11th January, the final position on qualifiers for the coming season was agreed, and a notice setting out the criteria will be posted in the locker room from 14th inst.   This confirms that Seniors’ qualifiers, regardless of whether they are played off white or yellow tees, will meet the required criteria provided they are:  “played over 18-holes on a measured course not reduced/increased by more than 100-yards”.

The further requirement to qualify for any of the Club’s major competitions is that a member must have played a minimum of 5-qualifying competitions in the preceding 12-months.   A full list of these Major Competitions are given in the notice referred to above, but the good news is that for the coming season at least our ‘qualifiers’ will meet the required standard for ALL club competitions


The first golfing event on the horizon is an ‘Awayday’ in late March.   A sign-up sheet providing full details is already on the Seniors’ notice board, but to summarise:   When?   Thursday 29th March.   Where?   Bowood Golf Course Nr Calne [SN11 9PQ].   What?   18-holes of golf preceded by coffee and bacon roll, and a meal after golf.   All this for the bargain price of £37 per player, this to include the sweepstake prize fund.

The other event that is already ‘set’ is our Pairs Open 2018 on Thursday 6th July.   All the details are very much as for 2017, including the give-away price of £17.50 for members, and £27.50 for non-members – entry forms will be circulated shortly.   As I’m also sure that you are just bursting to know how you can help to make it a success, some ideas for you:   firstly, by raising sponsorship at £25/hole, or more of course, so do canvas the retailers/car-dealers you have used for the new dining room suite and/or Lamborghini purchase, and:   secondly telling all your golfing chums who are not Carswell members what a great day they will have if they enter.

The Course 1 – Winter Rules

Winter rules obviously apply at the moment, but given the current particularly inclement weather in addition to the usual options [pick, clean replace on fairways, etc] let’s clarify the ‘extras’ often announced at the roll-up:

  1. The bunkers are not at their most pristine at this time of year [I say nothing] so if they’re waterlogged or in any other way deemed unplayable, with your playing partners’ agreement you may take relief with a free drop within the bunker if possible, but if not at the nearest point outside the bunker that is no nearer the pin
  2. Temporary greens will inevitably be used on occasion during the winter months, and to keep the game moving the 2-putt rule applies – i.e. score a maximum of 2-putts once you are within the marked circle PROVIDED THAT your first does not run out.

Slow Play

I’m sure this will prove a favourite of the newsletter, and will probably be a special feature when, as agreed at the AGM, Gregg reports back with his ideas on the subject.   But just to demonstrate how little things can help, a couple of ideas just to begin:

  1. When putting-out, always park your trolley/buggy at the exit point from the Green – there’s nothing worse when you’re approaching a green than having to wait while A N Other goes for a stroll from one side of the green to the other – invariably to the front of it.
  2. Actually, there is something worse – i.e. when the group on the green stand around discussing their respective scores. There really is not need when you can simply move toward the next tee, verifying the scores as you go, and mark cards while your playing partners are driving-off.

It’s not rocket science, but it will help – honest!!!

Heard on the Course

Golfer 1:          Did you know that they wanted to film ‘Lord of the Rings’ in Antarctica?

Golfer 2:          So why didn’t they

Golfer 1:          They thought it was uninHOBBITable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blame our treasurer for that one – I just write them down.