List of those who have applied to join the Carswell Seniors Insurance Scheme effective for 1 Year from 1st April 2018

Everything is in order.  The money and list of names has been sent to Golfguard who have acknowledged receipt and confirmed cover by the issue of a cover note.


Keith                        Arlott

Mark                         Baker

Stuart                       Bambury

Roger                       Bates

Maurice                   Bawden

Ian                            Bensted

Murray                     Blackmore

Denis                       Bray

Martin                       Clark

Terry                         Clark

Keith                        Collyer

Richard                    Dewar

Anthony                  Dyet

Peter                        Ellen

Keith                        Hardinge

John                         Hill

Timothy                    Hoiles

Bob                           Howard

Chris                        Howard

Doug                        Jackson

Alan                         Kirkpatrick

Martin                       Kneafsey

Ian                            Knights

Denis                       Leen

Rod                          Maloney

Ian                            McDougal

Peter                        Murphy

Brian                        Rawle

Brian                        Reid

Stephen                  Sands

Brian                        Sarahs

Jeremy Andrew      Senior

Chris                        Smyth

Arthur                       Strain

Rowland                  Syphas

Colin                        Taylor

Nick                          Tomaszeszki

Philip                       Toms

Richard                    Tucker

Peter                        Walsh

David                       Wanless

Laurence                 Waters

Gordon                    Westerhof

Alan                         Wilkins

Peter                        Wright

Paul                         Wynn




PLEASE REMEMBER that if you have a separate policy from Golfguard and have paid to become a member of this scheme YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A £5 DISCOUNT when you renew your cover with them. Just tell them you are listed with Golfguard as a member of the Carswell Seniors group cover.