August Quiz – Answer

Rules Quiz
Dave hits his ball from the tee just off the
fairway on the 2nd
. However, when they
get to where the thought it had rested no
one could find it in the short rough. Dave
wastes no time and while his playing
partners continue to search, he runs back
to the tee and hits another ball which he
declared as ‘provisional’. On the way back
up the fairway, one of his colleagues
shouts that he has found the original ball
within the five minutes allowed. Which
ball should Dave play?
a) He should play the original ball
because it was found within the
five minutes.
b) He can choose which ball to play,
(declaring his first ball lost)
remembering that his ‘provisional
ball’ will be his 4th shot
c) He must play the second ball.

Rules Quiz Answer The answer is c The second ball struck from the tee immediately becomes the ‘ball in play’. It can only be ‘provisional’ if struck while the player is still on the tee before going forward to look for his original ball.