Mid Month Medal and Roll Up Arrangements – 2nd August 2017

MMM and Roll Up :



We are going to trial the following on Tuesday:


As those Seniors wishing to enter the MMM, and have not made their own arrangements, on Tuesday must first of all enrol in the Proshop and then hand your card to the committee member, in the clubhouse, organising the MMM tees.


As soon as there are 3 registered, and paid up, players the nominated starter will call together the players and escort them to the 1st tee and start them off.

This process will continue between 07:45 and 08:20 at which point the starter will have allocated the last remaining MMM group the final 1st Tee start.

All groups of 3 will be set off by the starter at the appropriate times.

The roll up will start at 8.30 with names recorded on the computer as per usual.

The Roll Up will use tee’s 1, 11 and 15 from -8:30 onwards.