Newsletter – 18th July 2017

Captains Cup


There has been a delay in determining the result of the Captains Cup due to potential Rules breaches. The Committee has discussed the returned scorecards of 5 players; 3 where the total scores were incorrect and two because of incorrect handicaps. Following a review and application of the relevant Rules (6.6 & 33.5) we have accepted four of the returned scores as fully compliant with the Rules. There is one card where the handicap shown was higher than the actual handicap which meant we had no option but to disqualify the player.

The Committee makes it absolutely clear there was no deliberate attempt by the player to be dishonest in any way. We wholeheartedly believe this was a simple oversight that anyone could have made and, hopefully, will highlight the importance of confirming handicaps before starting any game; whether ‘friendly’ or otherwise.


The final result is:


Captains Cup Winner 2017:


Bob Howard

Gross Score        84

Handicap             20c (20)

Nett Score           64


Congratulations to Bob a deserving winner.




Date Winners Group Position Nett
18/07/2017 John Stiles GRP1 1st 68
18/07/2017 Steve Maier GRP1 2nd 69
18/07/2017 Tony Scrivens GRP1 3rd 69
18/07/2017 Brian Rawle GRP1 4th 70
18/07/2017 Bob Howard GRP2 1st 64
18/07/2017 Maurice Bawden GRP2 2nd 69
18/07/2017 Nick Tomaszewski GRP2 3rd 72
18/07/2017 Peter Murphy GRP2 4th 75


Format next Tuesday – Casuals/Div 1 Round 2


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the specific Rules I have reproduced them below.


6-6. Scoring in Stroke Play

  1. Recording Scores

After each hole the marker should check the score with the competitor and record it. On completion of the round the marker must sign the score card and hand it to the competitor. If more than one marker records the scores, each must sign for the part for which he is responsible.

  1. Signing and Returning Score Card

After completion of the round, the competitor should check his score for each hole and settle any doubtful points with the Committee. He must ensure that the marker or markers have signed the score card, sign the score card himself and return it to the Committee as soon as possible


PENALTY FOR BREACH OF RULE 6-6b: Disqualification


  1. Alteration of Score Card

No alteration may be made on a score card after the competitor has returned it to the Committee

  1. Wrong Score for Hole

The competitor is responsible for the correctness of the score recorded for each hole on his score card. If he returns a score for any hole lower than actually taken, he is disqualified. If he returns a score for any hole higher than actually taken, the score as returned stands. Exception: If a competitor returns a score for any hole lower than actually taken due to failure to include one or more penalty strokes that, before returning his score card, he did not know he had incurred, he is not disqualified.  In such circumstances, the competitor incurs the penalty prescribed by the applicable Rule and an additional penalty of two strokes for each hole at which the competitor has committed a breach of Rule 6-6d. This Exception does not apply when the applicable penalty is disqualification from the competition.

Note 1:  The Committee is responsible for the addition of scores and application of the handicap recorded on the score card – see Rule 33-5.

Note 2:  In four-ball stroke play, see also Rules 31-3 and 31-7a.


Three players submitted cards with the correct gross scores and handicaps but had added up their scores incorrectly. As it is the committees responsibility to add up the scores there was no breach of rule 6-6 and their cards were accepted.

Two players had an incorrect Handicap on their cards. Although the cards were made out by a committee member players were instructed to check their handicaps as it is their sole responsibility to do so.

In the first case the player played to a handicap lower than his actual handicap which meant that he had actually ended up with a nett score higher than if he had used the correct handicap. There is no penalty in this instance and so his card is accepted.

In the second case the player had a handicap higher than his actual, on his card, which meant he ended up with a lower nett score which means he has to be disqualified.



33-5. Score Card

In stroke play, the Committee must provide each competitor with a score card containing the date and the competitor’s name or, in foursome or four-ball stroke play, the competitors’ names. In stroke play, the Committee is responsible for the addition of scores and application of the handicap recorded on the score card. In four-ball stroke play, the Committee is responsible for recording the  better-ball score for each hole and in the process applying the handicaps recorded on the score card, and adding the better-ball scores.

In bogey, par and Stableford competitions, the Committee is responsible for applying the handicap recorded on the score card and determining the result of each hole and the overall result or points total.

Note:  The Committee may request that each competitor records the date and his name on his score card.