Newsletter 7th July 2017 – Captain’s Report on the Open – Find the Results on News Section

The Open went very well as far as the organisation went for which congratulations got to Cliff as the lead organiser as well as Terry Clark and Peter Ellen who have supported Cliff all the way.We were very lucky with the weather even though there were threats of rain at times.The course was in excellent condition thanks to Mark and his Team.Catering was very well organised; thanks again to Natali and her Team.Once again we are indebted to the Ladies for helping with the registration and selling raffle tickets.Special thanks once again to Ron Temple who successfully coerced players to participate in the Putting Competition.Finally thanks to the Pro-shop for all of their assistance ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for our visitors.

Now for the serious stuff.

Due to slow play we had one team withdraw after the 14th hole. They and the group following took 3:11 hrs to play the first 10 holes. By the time they got to the 14th hole they were in to their 5th hour. Much of this could have been avoided had every group kept pace with the group in front, rather than keeping ahead of the group behind.

I believe we owe it to our fellow golfers to help make their game, as well as our own, as enjoyable as possible. There are certain rules of etiquette that can be seen in the Rules of Golf book which are free from the Proshop that are well worth reading and suggest we all take the time to do so.

It is not important who the culprits were, or the ‘victims’ but suffice to say we could have done better.

In case anyone is not aware there are penalties for slow play which also appear in the Rule of Golf book.

The issue of slow play has been raised during mine and previous Captains tenure but so far has not been resolved. I personally believe that in order to highlight the seriousness/or not anyone who (all members of a group should respond individually) experiences slow play during roll-ups etc should notify me personally where I will maintain a register of each occurrence so that the committee can discuss this with real evidence.

If anyone has any strong views on this please send an email to John Ordish so he can include these on the Committee Agenda.