Mid Month Medal 11th July 2017

Over the last few months a number of methods for running the roll-up and Mid-Moth Medal together have had disappointing consequences for the organisers.

Last month we attempted to aid those participating in the MMM by arranging for groups of three to tee off prior to the roll-up; however anarchy took over and instead of sticking to the groups we had organised some individuals were encouraged to join people who were already  on the tee. The consequence of this is that those who had been included in a group came back to both complain and to seek another group.

Others had confirmed they were playing in the MMM and were registered in the spreadsheet where tees had been allocated specifically for the MMM but went out before the tee times and groups had been drawn without letting the organisers know. The consequence of this was that we had these people showing in the table but had already tee’d off.

To avoid any possible disruption to the Roll-up anyone wishing to play in the MMM must make their own arrangements via the Pro-shop.

Should anyone wish to volunteer to organise the MMM on behalf of the Seniors please feel free to notify members.

Please note I would encourage all Seniors to participate in the MMM as there is a specific Medal each month for a Senior to win.