Newsletter 20th June 2017

Thank you to everyone (33 in total) who turned up.

Although there was a little disruption to our normal start times an early start did mean most players were back in the clubhouse before midday.

Perhaps when possible we could consider an early start, from all 3 tees, as an option during the periods of early daylight?


There were some very good scores (43) and then there was mine (21).

I’m putting that one down to the weather.





Date Winners Group Position Score Format
20/06/2017 Roger Bates GRP1 1st 41 Stableford
20/06/2017 Steven Sands GRP1 2nd 41 Stableford
20/06/2017 Glyn Williams GRP1 3rd 40 Stableford
20/06/2017 Ricky Braybrooke GRP1 4th 39 Stableford
20/06/2017 Mark Baker GRP2 1st 43 Stableford
20/06/2017 Roland Syphas GRP2 2nd 41 Stableford
20/06/2017 John Ordish GRP2 3rd 39 Stableford
20/06/2017 John Drage GRP2 4th 37 Stableford



Next Weeks Format:


Eclectic Round 6 (final Round)


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